Wigmund Ancient Armor Pieces Locations

Wigmund Ancient Armor Pieces Locations

Locations of ancient armor pieces in Wigmund.

Locations of armor pieces

  • This guide is for anyone who is struggling to find the pieces for the ancient armor pieces quest.
  • Total of 12 pieces can be found and shown in yellow circles below.
  • You acquire the Paladin set when you give 10 pieces and 500 gold to Wyrtha (located in Ruined Towers).
Ancient Armor Pieces

Paladin armor set and usecase

  • This armor set is very useful if you are building the Exorcist skill tree.
  • Armor set bonus and armor pieces have a lot of Faith stat, which increases the damages of exorcist skills (i.e. exorcism and sacrality).
  • Exorcism skill can be acquired by talking to Ceorl at night (house in Settlement, near where npc Gaffer is).
  • Sacrality skill can be acquired in Goblin Mines in the middle of the map (where the boss Goblin is located).
  • Below shows how the armor looks.

Ancient Armor PiecesAncient Armor Pieces

Armor stats:
Set bonus (6): +2 faith
Set bonus (10): +10 faith

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