What is the Best Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom 2022

Everyone is looking for the best cookie in cookie run kingdom game. So what really is the best cookie? There is only one answer to this, of course, Hollyberry Cookie. You can find the details in our guide.

The answer to this question may vary from player to player, but the choice of many players is definitely Hollyberry cookies.

What is the Best Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
Best Cookie Hollybery Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie is by far one of the best tanks in Cookie Run Kingdom. Her Oath on the Shield ability deals good single-target damage but, more importantly, absorbs a portion of the damage dealt to allies.

Due to the nature of each cookie being situational, no one cookie is better than the rest. These may be listed from ten to one, but aren’t placed in any particular order. In the right team composition, any one of these cookies can outshine the rest.

These were the best cookies that players are likely to find in the game and will help them progress faster.

Hollyberry Cookie (Korean: 홀리베리 쿠키, holli-beri kuki) is one of the five Ancient Heroes of Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is the second to be released, being made playable alongside Raspberry Cookie in the first part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update (version 2.0.102). She is of the Defense type and her position is prioritized to the Front. Like the other Ancient Cookies, she is briefly playable in the Prologue.

She is the founder of the Hollyberry Kingdom and appears prominently in Episodes 11 & 12 of World Exploration. She is also Royal Berry Cookie’s mother, Jungleberry Cookie’s mother-in-law, and Princess Cookie & Tiger Lily Cookie’s grandmother. Her current position in the Hollyberry Kingdom is that of Queen Mother.

What is the Best Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
What is the Best Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Much like her granddaughter, Hollyberry Cookie has a love for adventure and excitement, often venturing into the wilds on her own. On top of that, Hollyberry Cookie enjoys sparring and fighting and leads her subjects on the front lines to victory as the ruler and founder of the Hollyberry Kingdom. Being a fierce and fiery fighter, Hollyberry Cookie excels in the battlefield, and even emerges victorious in her spars with the Red Dragon, who acknowledges her as the only worthy opponent for them. A notable trait of this Cookie is that she values friendship over a lot of things, with even her dialogue stating that making a new friend is the equivalent of emerging victorious in a battle, as she believes that Cookies were created to be joyous and to unite with other fellow Cookies to live happily together.

Similarly to her close friend Pure Vanilla Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie deeply cares for her kingdom and the citizens within in, vowing to protect them. Her defeat in the Dark Flour War and her failure to protect her kingdom and subjects caused Hollyberry Cookie to withdraw from her kingdom and abdicate her position as ruler out of guilt, even abandoning her mighty shield, feeling that she no longer deserved the love and trust of her subjects.

Aside from being a resourceful and charismatic leader, Hollyberry Cookie has proven herself to be a loving mother and grandmother. She raised her son, Royal Berry Cookie, to be a humble and resourceful leader as the next heir to the Hollyberry Kingdom. But while she loved her son dearly, she also worried about his future, and how he’d accomplish his duties as ruler of the Hollyberry Kingdom.

When Royal Berry Cookie married Jungleberry Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie expressed relief, as she knew that Jungleberry Cookie was just as righteous and humble as her son, sharing a bond of mutual trust with her. Hollyberry also loves her granddaughters dearly, being the Cookie to bless them both as soon as they were born. When Hollyberry Cookie and Princess Cookie were finally reunited, they grew to share a mutual respect for one another.

  • X5 Solid Almond Topping
  • X3 Solid Almond, X2 Swift Choco

The best Hollyberry Cookie Toppings build set in the Cookie Run Kingdom would be X5 Solid Almond Toppings with cd SUBSTATS, which gives more DMG resistance to frontline Hollyberry cookie and a little CD boost from sub-stats.

An alternative topping build for Hollyberry Cookie would be a mix of Solid Almond toppings and Swift Choco toppings; X3 DMG Resist/Solid Almond, X2 CD/Swift Choco. Both the builds are good. We recommend the X5 Solid Almond topping build set with CD Sub-stats.

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