Walking Zombie 2 Redeem Codes

Walking Zombie 2

Walking Zombie 2 list of redeem codes for free in-game items. Not hacks/cheats.

Walking Zombie 2 Redeem Codes

How to enter codes:
Just press on keyboard “Esc” in game “Options” then click the tab “Others” and then click the “Redeem Code”. Type them in capital letters. Check following images:

The walking zombie 2 redeem codes

Redeem Codes

All redeem codes in Walking Zombie 2.

THANKYOU Gives you 10 Ananas GrenadesExpired
KILLZOMBIEGives you 10 Rugby GrenadesYes
CHRISTMAS2019 Gives you 20 Snow GrenadesExpired
INEEDGASGives you 30 gas. (Works only for version 3.1.0 and later)Expired
GOLDGOLDGives you 20 gold coinsExpired
SILVERCOINSGives you 2000 silver coinsExpired
WIKIFANDOMEncyclopedia (2 Skill Points)Yes
20MELONES3000 silver coinsYes
ZOMBERO40 gold coinsYes
SANTA202210 Snow GrenadesYes
ZOMBIEDAY4 RAD-X suppliesExpired
ZOMBIEBOWL2210 Rugby grenadesYes
SCARYDAY20213 Brain tabletsExpired
NIGHTMARE20223 Brute tabletsYes
PINEAPPLEDAY10 Pineapple GrenadesExpired

You can only use the codes once!

Note: I did not check the codes myself, but got them from the comment section.

Adding New Codes

Please send me a message or comment below, ill keep an eye on various information sources. Ill update the list once i have newer codes.

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