Tower Unite Casino Phase 2 (infinite money glitch)

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Are you bored of only having 300k in your bank? Do you want to earn 3.6+ million in a single go with some patience? Then this guide is for you. If you already have loads of cash, sorry lad this guide won’t do you much good. With a simple trick I discovered in the Casino Phase 2 update, you can finally put the brokeness behind you.

Casino Phase 2 (infinite money glitch)

If you’re anything like me (a compulsive gambling addict), you probably have sat down in the gutter a couple times before, completely broke without a single cent to your name.

That is exactly what happened to me too, during this new casino phase 2 update. I got a bit too frisky with my gambling and went from a nice clean 800k in the bank down to $7500 worth of old coins in my purse. At that point I was desperate for some money.

Of course I didn’t go and earn that money the legitimate way, nah. I went and sold anything I could get my hands on to get some cash and go right back to the roulette table to continue my gambling and hope I could score a couple lucky wins. However that is where I noticed something, I only had around 20k in my bank account at the time but I could bet well over 200k worth of chips? The roulette table didn’t limit the amount of bets you could do based on your total money, you only need to be able to afford the first chip.

For example if I only have 5000 cash, I can’t bet a 10k chip. However if i have 10k cash on me, I can bet however many 10k chips I want up to 200k worth, and I will only lose that initial 10k worth of cash even when the bet subtracts -200k from your bank account because my balance will be 0.

At first glance I thought nothing of it, however it turned out to be very useful. Me and my 20k put 200k chips on red, and won. Boom, instantly I received 400k in my bank account when I only used 20k of my own money to get it.

And then I noticed another thing.. I lost all my money betting again and went over into my inventory to sell some scraps and go at it again. However what I saw immediately turned some cogs in my head. Whenever I sold something, anything, I got the money back I used to bet, temporarily. It doesn’t matter how much sale value the thing has that you’re selling, I sold something worth $100 and I got my 20k back. Now I could use this exploit to bet as much as I want without much monetary risk, and I could just keep on betting full amounts on green to hopefully get that 35:1 payout.

Don’t worry. If this is all a bit confusing due to my rambling, I’ll fully explain step by step how to do this and how YOU can get rich just as I did. 😉

Step 1: Get Prepared.

So. You’ve decided to go the criminal’s way and rob the poor casino owner of all his credits. Nice! 😀

The first thing you’d want to do is stock up on alot of cheap items that you can sell after a bet goes wrong. I went to ”Celebrations”, the store up on the Boardwalk.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

You can basically pick any cheap item you want. I picked the heart balloons under the valentines section. Buyable for $100 each.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

Now. Here’s an important part. This glitch REQUIRES (as far as I know) you to get to 0$ when betting 200k chips. So this means you’d need atleast 10k chips, and under 200k. You can get to this number however you want. In my case, when I started I was already between these two numbers so I was fine, If you have more than 200k chips I suggest you buy some items to get below it.

Step 2: Gamble your savings away! (but get it back temporarily)

At this point you should have a few things:

  • Enough low-tier trash items to sell
  • Above 10k and Below 200k in cash.
  • Patience for the grind to come (if you’re unlucky)

Now here’s the fun part. Pick any roulette table, doesn’t matter which, sit down and bet 200k on whatever you want. In my opinion, the best way to do this is betting 100k on both 0 and 00 greens to diversify your odds.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

As you can see, I only have ~$57k in my bank, however I’m betting 200k. That is exactly what you have to do aswell. Make sure you tick over to 0 whenever the bet goes trough and -200k gets deducted from your account.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

And here is me and my friend betting that 100k/100k split on both greens, to hopefully land that ~3.6M win.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

Woopsie, there go all my credits!
Yes, you are most likely not lady luck herself and the table didn’t land on both green first try. No problem! This is where your items come in.

You lost -200k and now your account is at 0 credits. What you now need to do is go into your inventory, and sell one of those trash items and you will see the incredible happen. In my case I quicky sold my heart balloon, and look what happened!

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I just got back the exact amount of money I bet with. I’m not exactly sure about the properties of this money, if its temporary or permanent however what it DOES allow you to do, is immediately re-bet that cash on that 100k/100k green split. This is your main loop.

You bet all your cash and lose, you sell your trash item, get your cash back and immediately bet again, repeating this until you land a hit.

And then at some point you win! Great! We will discuss what to do in the next step, because you aren’t pleased with just a couple millions are you? 😉

Step 3: Land a hit and launder your ill-gotten gains.

There’s now come a point where the odds have caught up to your incessant betting, and you land on one of the greens. Just like what happened with me.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

Yup, this is me just winning that 200k bet on green and earning a fat 3.6 million coins. But now what? Obviously I’m not satisfied with just a measly 3 million. This is where laundering your money comes in.

You can bet again if you want, but now you’re using your actual cash which you don’t want to do. So, after you win head back to our good old pal: The celebrations store.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

The way we store money is like this: You go back to the same Celebrations store, go to summer events and buy the orbiting sun pet as much as you need to get to that number below 200k. (I sat around 50k at all times.)

There’s only flaw in this method and that is obviously the sale value. It’s cut in half, so you will sell every sun for 50k instead of 100k. However this is no matter because you can just keep gambling until your hairs turn grey. This is the entire grind loop.

You win, you buy 3.6 million worth of suns, you go back, bet again until you win, win, go back to the celebrations store, buy all the suns you can to get under 200k again, go back to betting, repeat.

And when you’re done you simply sell all the suns in your inventory and watch the money flow in 😉

I kept repeating this glitch until I was around 16 million, spent around 3. I had no use for any more money than that.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.


And that’s it! You should now have enough cash lying around to do whatever you want. I don’t know when this will be patched, it seems like QUITE the oversight. But one I will gladly take advantage of. B)

Have fun robbing the casino blind lads, get that bag.

Oh, and here’s me getting EXTRA lucky, and winning a 200k bet on a straight-up number.

CASINO PHASE 2 | A simple guide for an infinite money glitch.

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