Tower of Hell Codes 2023 February (Vault & Gifts)

Looking for the latest Tower of Hell codes to help you climb to the top? Then you are in the right place, Tower of Hell game was released in 2018 by YXCeptional Studios on Roblox platform. Tower of Hell codes are a great way to enhance your gaming experience by providing you with useful items and tools to help you succeed. With these codes, you can unlock valuable rewards, gain an advantage over other players, and increase your chances of reaching the elusive Vault.

Only game creators can create new codes. Please do not request new codes from us, because we only publish these codes, we cannot create new codes. In our list of Roblox Tower of Hell codes for vault 2023 you can find all the active codes and what reward they give. Starting from the last code in our list, you can use all active codes and have many free items in-game.

However, some codes may have expired, please let us know. If you want to be notified when new codes are added, you can add the page to favorites with the help of “CTRL+D” combination. Also use “Add to Bookmark” on mobile to favorite this page.

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Tower of Hell Codes 2023 February

All our gift codes are checked by our editors every week. Current and latest Roblox Tower of Hell codes are as follows:

  • 5KMILESTONE – Use it to get the Twthis codeter Minigunner
  • B1RDHUNT3R – Use it to get The Hunter Tower as reward
  • DOUBLEBLOXIES – Use it to get the Cowboy Skin (you must own the Cowboy tower before using the code)
  • ICYFREEZE – Use it to get the IcyTea Freezer (you must own the Freezer Tower before redeeming this code)
  • MYW1F3L3FTM3 – Use it to get Garbage Bad and also Child Support as reward
  • W33KLICODE – Use it to get 65 XP
  • DERHAUSAUFGABE – Redeem this code to get a new stage
  • /freemember – Redeem this code to get 36 hours of free membership

    Important Note: Some codes can only be used by members of the game’s Roblox group. So we recommend you to join the group of the game before using the codes, it is completely free. Also, booster rewards have durations. These boosters can be 15 minutes or 30 minutes, be prepared for this before using.

    Tower of Hell Vault Codes 2023

    • 69420 – Redeem this code to get access to the 1st vault
    • 5164627 – Redeem this code to get access to the 2nd vault

    To unlock the vaults in Tower of Hell, you will need to reach the top of the tower and touch the glowing orb. This is easier said than done, as the tower is filled with challenging obstacles and traps that will test your skills and patience. However, with practice and persistence, you can master each level and make your way to the top. Once you reach the glowing orb, the vault will open, revealing a valuable reward that you can use to enhance your gameplay experience. Keep in mind that each vault has its own unique set of challenges, so be prepared to face a new set of obstacles each time you attempt to unlock a vault.

    Expired Code List

    Every roblox promo code has certain expiration dates. Our codes below have expired. They cannot be used after this time.

    • HAPPY3AST3R! – Use it to get Springtime Commander Skin

    How to Redeem Codes in Tower of Hell

    In this section, we explained how to use the Roblox Tower of Hell codes above. Codes are for single use only and have expiry dates. So be quick.

    Tower of Hell Codes 2023 February (Vault & Gifts)
    Tower of Hell Codes 2023 February (Vault & Gifts)
    • Launch Tower of Hell game from Roblox client
    • Click on the chat window icon located in the upper left corner
    • Type the code you want to use in the chat window that opens. Congratulations!
    Tower of Hell Codes 2023 February (Vault & Gifts)
    Tower of Hell Codes 2023 February (Vault & Gifts)

    When will new Roblox Tower of Hell code come?

    Looking for more codes? Don’t worry, everyone is chasing after these gift codes like you. The game’s developers occasionally share new codes. They do these shares from the game’s Twitter or Discord accounts. We check both places for you. Drop by here every now and then and get your new code.

    Where can I find the Tower of Hell Wiki page?

    You can reach the Tower of Hell wiki page from the link below. This is the page where you can find the most accurate guides about the game. Click for the Tower of Hell Wiki Fandom page.

    Tower of Hell Latest Updates

    In this update section, you can find the latest updates and events of the tower of hell game. Do not miss any developments about the game.

    RB Battles 2022 Event Update

    Tower of Hell is a part of the third Roblox Battles Championship (commonly known as RB Battles). Two new badges are added to Tower of Hell on December 5th, currently named “???” and “RB Battles Championship”.

    On December 14th, Tower of Hell updated to release the Tower of Hell RB servers to the public, allowing the “RB Battles Championship” badge to be obtainable.

    To obtain the “RB Battles Championship” badge, join the Tower of Hell RB servers by touching the RB Battles portals in either a noob tower server, pro tower server, or a private server. The portal is just to the right of the start ladder.

    Once in the server, complete the first section and take one of the two paths on the sides. Complete the two horizontal sections, the two vanilla sections and touch the halo piece at the end. Do the same for the other side to get the second piece. Return to the middle and complete the middle path to get the last halo piece. Continue up the same path to reach the final door at the top. Once you touch the door, your three halo pieces will drop and no longer shine, and the color dots on the door will light up with your corresponding pieces. When all three pairs of lights are on, the door will open. Touch the white door at the end to receive the badge

    PinkLeaf and Jackeryz competed in Tower of Hell RB server on December 14th in the first round of RB Battles. Pinkleaf won and received 30,000 Robux and will progress to the semi-finals to compete against TanqR.

    Christmas 2022 Event Update

    The current event is similar to the previous Christmas event from 2021, with snow particles falling throughout the tower.

    Next to the ladder a snowman was added, when you touch the snowman a pink hat will be equipped onto your avatar. The hat will stay on your head until you die, including between rounds. Behind the snowman, there is a small statue of the YXCeptional mascot Pyx.

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