Terra Invicta Save Editing

You can provide some advantages by editing the save file in terra invicta game. It could also be called cheating.

Where is Terra Invicta my Save?

Your save can be usually be located at,

  • (Drive usually C):Users(You)DocumentsMy GamesTerraInvictaSaves

In this folder you can view all saves

Note: That it must be an uncompressed file, this is a setting that is changed in game, and the save must be made while deactivated as saves between disabled and enabled states do NOT carry over. (no you haven’t lost your saves, you just need to toggle save file compression) – will verify

But unless you really need the storage, you should leave file uncompressed if you wish to edit saves frequently.

How to Navigate Your Save File

Most file editing software should work, personally I’ve used Notepad++ without issue, and haven’t had any issues.

Now that we’re in our save we can start to look around, which is scary because even new(-ish) saves can have well over 350,000 lines, and save files get bigger the save I’ve been testing on has just shy of 400,000 lines mid 2023.

As such we’ll need to make good friends with the find tool, and be specific with what we search for, no point searching for ‘research’ because that’s an attribute to every; nation, operative, org, hab, and some more I’ve forgotten, (will check and add more later). Instead we can look for a specific tech, In my test case, I wanted to change the progress on the Deep System Skywatch, as the events that it’s completion triggers would’ve messed with my Academy game timings.

It seems the dev’s have chosen to remove spaces inbetween words for the most part instead of using underscores, which just means that to search for Deep System Skywatch, we can instead look for “DeepSystemSkywatch” (capitalisation doesn’t matter as far as I can tell). However most entities in game are referred to by a number. In my case my faction was assigned 4444. To determine things like what our faction is referred to as, and other such mysteries, we can use uniquely named items. For instance, if we can find a global research project and know who has contributed research to the project, we can figure out which factions are assigned which values.

Important note: the game can be left running while we edit the save, as we’re editing the save, not the current game state, this can make it easier to check values if both the game and open save file are windowed.

So I can navigate this mess, now what?

That’s up to you. For me I wanted to change research project completion time, so I changed the values for the project. You may want to edit your operator or org stats (make sure it’s your own op/org, not one that the AI can see), or maybe you want to set an org from not owned (but available) to owned (afaik the orgs you can buy are faction specific, that is all the factions can see and buys different factions at any given time, but change as the markets are refreshed).

That’s all I have for now, and this is very much only the absolute basics. I’ll try to add more info as time goes on. Maybe one day there’ll be a mod to make this redundant (in which case yay I don’t have to look after this anymore, and everyone’s lives are easier)

Thanks for reading an I hope you could learn something.


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