Tier List Equipment, Weapon & Skill

There are a lot of different equipment in game. In this guide, we will examine our tier list with you. The first of these equipment is weapons, the powers and effects of each weapon are different. We have listed the most powerful weapons for you. Also here is the tier list of the most powerful armors, abilities, accessories.

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Updated on: 01.9.2023 Tier List Equipments, Weapons & Skills

Choosing a weapon in can be hard, but extremely important. So before you make your choice, this guide will help you a lot. Your main weapon should always be the first evolution skill you gain, so choosing the right one is the foundation of any success.

Weapon Upgrade Tier List

Yes, you get your investment in prints back when you want, but still, upgrading a weapon is a lot of hustle in, looking at that upgrade graphic. Tier List Equipments, Weapons and Skills Tier List Equipments, Weapons and Skills Weapon Tier List (Best Weapons)

Weapons in are available in multiple tiers; normal, good, better or excellent. Players can further increase the DMG output of these weapons by upgrading them through leveling or fusing. The following best weapon ranking ranks all weapons in four tiers;

The Tier hierarchy is as follows:

  • S Tier: Most Powerful Weapons in the Game.
  • A Tier: Powerful Weapons in the Game.
  • B Tier: Medium-powered weapons.
  • C Tier: Entry Level Weakest Weapons

S Tier Weapons

The most powerful weapons you can get in the game are s tier weapons. We have listed the most powerful weapons in order below.

Lightchaser [S+ Tier]

The Lightchaser made it top of the list right out of the box. Well, not too surprising looking at other Habby games like Archero where new heroes and items are also stronger than anything else upon release. Anyway, this is about and the new Lightchaser weapon is simply insane. It offers more damage off the start, more percentage scales and with the sword array it’s simply unstoppable.

  • Unstoppable blade of light manifested from Eternal Crystals’ power.
    • Strength: Massive Damage.

The Kunai is simply great. Good damage, auto-aim to closest enemy and every star you gain will add one extra Kunai and damage as well. Super weapon to run in with only one downfall – the EVO skill is the one that gives more EXP which you absolutely not need at all so you will waste that one ability slot. But that still makes it the 2nd beast weapon in the game for me.

  • Kunai is another one of the best weapons in
  • Your character will throw Kunai to inflict Damage on the enemies
    • Strength: Damage + Auto-Aim.

A Tier Weapons

A tier powerful weapons are listed here, A tier weapons can never be as powerful as S tier weapons, but they are closest to their strength.

Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat really shines on vertical maps and is an incredible weapon for the earlier stages in It deals a lot more damage than the Katana or Shotgun at the same level and also the knockback can be really handy. I also like that it shares the EVO skill with the Brick so you can add one additional ability.

  • Good weapon for early game.
  • Smash down the enemies with a baseball bat and knock back away.
  • Short-range.

B Tier Weapons

B Tier weapons are listed here. These weapons are medium-powered weapons and are preferred mostly because of the sounds or effects they make.


The Revolver is in the B Tier for the simple reason it’s really difficult to run. It deals a ton of damage, especially when evolved and you can deal insane hits with it. The problem is, it has no auto-aim and you have to align and the range is limited. Still, some player pull off insane damage output with this weapon.

  • Not auto-aim, poor range.
  • Damage is decent, but the aim is bad.

C Tier Weapons

The weakest weapons in the game, which are not generally preferred, are listed as c tier. It’s beginner level. We do not recommend using.


The Shotgun is kind of weird for multiple reasons. You have to aim and with the additional bullets you get with each star skill for it makes a nice spread and the most positive thing I can say is that it uses the increased ATK as EVO skill that gives a good punch. But, the aiming is super annoying, especially in lower Star levels you will find yourself running around all the time. And when you get the EVO skill, it turns into a single-line machine gun without auto-aiming so you have huge problems with mob waves and even bosses are really annoying to deal with as you need to constantly re-position and aim.

  • One of the main reasons for the shotgun being this low is because of its aim. You will have a hard time aiming at the enemies.
  • Use Gatling skill to turn shotgun into machine gun.
  • Short-Mide range.

The Katana is right now the worst weapon, in my opinion but simply the mechanics to hit back and forth, the EVO that doesn’t really seems to add much to it and the fact that you need to get the damage reduction skill as EVO skill makes it by far less viable than the other weapons in

  • Slash your enemies with the Katana blade
  • Nothing extraordinary Evo Skills Tier List

In the game, apart from the normal skills, they also have their evo states. Here you can see the tier list of evo skills. Listed from best to worst.

S Tier Evo Skills

  1. Thunderball Power Cell – Supercell
  2. Caltrops
  3. Demon Blade
  4. Spirit Shuriken
  5. Lucille
  6. Gatling

A Tier Evo Skills

  1. Defender
  2. Whistling Arrow

B Tier Evo Skills

  1. Sharkmaw Gun
  2. Quantum Ball
  3. Fuel Barrel
  4. Dumbell – 1 Ton Iron
  5. Destroyer
  6. Death Ray – Matrix

C Tier Evo Skills

  1. Magnetic Rebounder
  2. Pressure Forcefield

Normal Skill Tier List

When it comes to weapon skills, there’s really one that stands out above the rest: Lightning.

This simple bolt from the heavens works at practically ever level of the game regardless of how much you’ve managed to upgrade it. It’s not going to clear the room like a bomb, but with enough power and speed, it’ll strike enough to demolish grounds of tanky targets you manage to kite into a neat little ball. And bosses? They don’t stand a chance.

We have listed the normal skills in our tier list here. Our list goes from best to worst.

S Tier Skills

  1. Guardian
  2. Molotov
  3. Forcefield
  4. Drill Shot

A Tier Skills

  1. Soccer Ball
  2. Durian

B Tier Skills

  1. Lightning Emitter
  2. RPG
  3. Type A Drone
  4. Type B Drone
  5. Laser Launcher
  6. Brick
  7. Boomerang

Descriptions of Skills

Energy Drink

  • Restore 15% HP /5s
  • Pretty handy to grab one of these as it will start to restore your energy over time, get this multiple times in a game to see an increased effect.

Energy Cube

  • All attack intervals are decreased
  • Basically this will increase the firing rate of all of your weapons! Get in there! This is a great choice to positively affect all of your weapons skills.

Fitness Guide

  • Increases Max HP
  • Good when used in conjunction with energy drink. Gives a nice HP boost whne you initially get the Fitness Guide and on all upgrades.

Hi Power Bullet

  • Attack +10% to 50%
  • Upgrade this more to increase further the attack power of bullets.

Ninja Scroll

  • Increase the EXP you receive from collecting the colored dots on the screen. Allows the upgrade of the Kunai to Shuriken.

Sports Shoes

  • Increased movement speed.
  • Upgrade this skill to move even faster.

Exo Bracer

  • Overtime effect duration increases.

HE Fuel

  • All ammo and weapon range increased.
  • Upgrade this one more to get even more range. This is great to make sure that zombies stay well away!
  • Also makes the projectiles/weapon itself bigger! The down side is that it also increase the reach/targeting radius of the drones, which in corridors maps like the bridge will make your left and right missiles go out of bound and they won’t hit any zombies. (thanks to reader for this tip)

Ronin Oyoroi

  • Decreased damage received.
  • This will give you some added protection on the map.

Hi Power Magnet

  • Increases loot range.
  • Upgrade this skill to increase the range that you can grab the green and blue dots from.

Ammo Thruster

  • Bullet flight speed increased.
  • Hit the zombies faster with this increased bullet speed skill. Very useful when you have a hoard of zombies bearing down on you!

Oil Bond

  • Will increase your gold collection during the map

It’s really important to pick up a diverse range of skills, not just weapons, and not HP and defense. Here is our recommendation for a decent skill lineup:

  1. Forcefield Device: Essential to keep the zombies away.
  2. Brick: Very strong weapon skill, especially when it becomes the dumbbell.
  3. Molotov: Another great damage dealer across a ton of zombies at the same time.
    • These are the best three weapons in the game I think, then then final slots are depend upon what you want. Sometimes you’ll need quick movement, so get the football, otherwise more damage, sot he rocket and lightning would be better.
  4. Lightning: Will deal a lot of damage to bosses as well as taking out a load of zombies
  5. Durian: Starts off powerful, and get’s even better with the upgrades, and evolution level, it turns into Caltrops and the damage dealt is significantly higher across a broader range of zombies.
  6. Laser Launcher: Will create a powerful weapon around you when it reaches evo level. Also shares the same evo skill pairing as Lightning, the Energy Cube, so you just need this to be able to get both lightning and lasers to evo level.
  7. A note on the Drones: Drones are a great skill weapon choice too. But you have to get both of the drones for them to work well. You can only take the drones to evolution level when you have both maxed. You don’t need a supplies skill. So effectively you are free to choose your favorite supply skill if you grab these two drones.

Equipment Tier List in

Here we’ve lined up what’s best for equipment slots. so in this list, we can say the equipment tier list. You can also use the term Best in Slot(BiS), which you are familiar with from other games.

 Chest Armor Tier ListA TIERS TIER S+ TIER
Eternal SuitBAS
Traveller’s JackerFDC
Protective SuitFDC
Full Metal SuitCBA
Army uniformDCC
Necklaces Tier ListA TIERS TIERS+ TIER
Eternal NecklaceBAS
Bone PendantDCC
Trendy CharmCBA
Emerald PendantFFD
Metal NeckguardCBB
Army NameplateFCC
Eternal BeltBAS
Leather BeltFFF
Stylish BeltBAA
Broad WaistguardFDD
Waist SensorFDD
Army BeltFDD
Eternal GlovesBAS
Fingerless GlovesDBA
Protective GlovesFFF
Shiny WaistguardFDC
Army GlovesDCB
Leather GlovesDCB
Eternal BootsBAS
Prosthetic LegsDCC
High BootsDCC
Layered ShowshoesFDD
Light RunnerCBA
Army BootsDCB Equipment Tier List

For this one, we’ve stuffed the equipment tier list into a single table split into each different equipment slot. The official tier list ranks things from SS-D before going to down to F, but to keep up with our other tier lists, we’ve converted this down to cap out at S.

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