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Need the latest codes? Then you are in the right place, we have written all the current gift codes for this content gift codes out and invigorate the more extensive code list. Also, as these honor a lot of in-game treats that could require hours to procure through ordinary ongoing interaction, figuring out how to utilize recover codes and where to get new codes is something you truly ought to do before you pass up a major opportunity.

Updated January 26, 2023

Down underneath, that is precisely exact thing we will accomplish for you. We’ll go over the full rundown of codes, note what they reward you with, show you the number of have terminated (to make sure you know to inquire frequently) and detail precisely how to utilize the codes you go over. Free Gem and Coins

The whole city is under attack from dangerous zombies. The life of the city is in great danger. You are forced to take on the heroic role of defending the city after being awakened by the dream test. The most important thing is that you and the other survivors have to grab your weapons and fight against these horrible and dangerous zombies because you are a human warrior with unlimited potential. The Horde outnumbers you; an error brings problems. You must find a way to survive in a crisis! Codes 2023

Promo codes you can use right now. Codes will become unusable in a short time. Use the codes as soon as possible.

  • LNY2023 – New!
  • LUCKY2023 
  • XMAS2022IO
  • 20Thanksgiving22
  • halloween31
  • pumpkin – Reward: 200 gems, 20.000 gold, 1 revival token and 10 energy.
  • yesranger666 – Reward: Use this code for free rewards!
  • mapleleaves – Reward: Some gems and coins.

Out of Date Codes

Gift codes shared for have a certain expiry date. You can see the previously shared but expired codes here. Even if you try to use these codes, it will not work.

  • MOONCAKE – Reward: for 100 Gems, 5,000 Coins, & 10 Random Design Pack
  • 11survivorio08 – Reward: for 100 Gems, 5,000 Coins, & 1x Army Key
  • stanley888 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • namin1004 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • survivorio811 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • survivoriotop1 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • yesranger666 : Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • ranger666 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • stanley234 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • dinter888 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • dinter777 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • crazyface777 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • stanley888 – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • 811survivorio – Reward: for some gems, coins & more
  • no1zombie – Reward: N/A
  • beryl41 – Reward: N/A
  • orange0818 – Reward: N/A

How to Use Codes

Survivor io Codes free gem & coins NEW
Survivor io Codes free gem & coins NEW

You can find the code redeem page here. Convert your gift code to gems vs coins by following the steps below.

  1. Head over to the game’s official redeem website.
  2. While in-game, head over to the Settings menu and check your Player ID.
  3. Type in your Player ID on the website, type in the code from the list above and the Verification Code.
  4. Tap on the Redeem button.

The code rewards will auto be sent on your in-game mailbox. Claim them from there and enjoy!

Redeeming your new codes can be a bit confusing the first time. But with this guide, you’ll never have to search for another website link ever again. This is because you cannot redeem codes. in-game: You must do this through the game’s official website.

As long as you have stored your user ID elsewhere, you do not need to log in to use codes. You still need to restart your game to get the rewards. Then just follow the steps above and you’ll receive the rewards straight into your account from your redeem code.

If you need to live updated with all of the contemporary redeem codes for, then ensure you bookmark this web page or shop it on your short seek bar due to the fact we are maintaining an eye fixed on all of the recreation’s social media handles and we will replace this listing as quickly as a brand new code is released.

Where are My Rewards?

Since most people redeem gift codes are signed in-game, it may appear as if they were undelivered.

The simple reason behind this should be that you just need to restart the game for your code rewards to appear in the mailbox. You can find the mailbox icon on the middle tab screen in the top right – opposite the gear icon where you found your User ID.

Once you’ve redeemed all working codes, restart the game to receive the rewards from your mailbox. This will refresh your account so they will appear much sooner than if you just waited or played a game.

Where can I find more codes?

Looking for more codes? Don’t worry, everyone is chasing after these gift codes like you. The game’s developers occasionally share new codes. They do these shares from the game’s Twitter or Discord accounts.

But don’t worry, we check both places for you. Drop by here every now and then and get your new code.

When will new code come

We do not determine the new upcoming codes. We only share these gift codes published by the developers of the game with you. The developers of the game regularly share these codes on social media channels and the game’s discord server. Although it is not clear when they shared, we usually see new codes on special days and holidays.

How to get a Discord code

Did you know you can get two monthly codes instead of just one? Although rarely mentioned on the server, anyone using a Discord Nitro Boost on the server can claim a second promo code in the second half of the month.

To boost the server, tap the small down arrow in the top right corner of the server banner image. You can usually find it in the top left of the Discord app, just to the right of your server list.

Boost the server this way and you can use the steps above to claim a code between the 1st and 15th of each month and again from the 15th to the end of the month. Code News is a vampire survivors style mobile shooter that challenges you to survive as long as possible against hordes of attacking undead. Zombies can number in the thousands, but luckily you can find new weapons to help turn the tide against your deadly foes.

Main mechanics of the game:

  • Defeat a whopping 800+ monsters at once and wipe them out.
  • Use one hand to control to clear the map.
  • New, completely unrestricted roguelite skill experience.
  • Experience the fervor of each new stage’s varying difficulties.

Innovations added to the game with the last update:

  1. Added 10 new chapters and their challenge chapters
  2. All-new Daily Challenge feature
  3. Newly added Tech Parts feature
  4. All-new talent: Metabolism Boost
  5. Newly added equipment quality-down feature
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