Streamer Life Simulator Basics Guide with Walkthrough

Streamer Life Simulator Basics Guide with Walkthrough

Basics Guide for Streamer Life Simulator.
May contain Spoilers, helpful advice, a Walkthrough, and traces of tree nuts.
I would be happy to accept help with the creation of this guide, even corrections and comments.

Surprise! Bet you thought I would say something weird about surreally crispy, always sugary, barely-nutritive American-style breakfast cereal. Like it is some kind of feel-good panacea which transcends all those dangerous specifics. Pour milk, and instinct takes over: consume it before it goes mushy. Often a cherished first independently-sourced meal for Western kids. Well, if you are expecting a full on cold-cereal rant, the joke’s on you because… What? Oops. nevermind.

Game Basics, Controls, The Phone

In case they disappear, press the ‘J’ key to hide/show the Tutorial Missions.

Do NOT worry about warning pop-ups regarding hunger, toilet, hygeine, etc. Your character is immortal and you only need to fix these problems while you are streaming.

  • Press the ‘Tab’ key to hide/show these character statistics.

While it is technically possible to work low-paying jobs or search dumpsters for ‘valuables,’ I strongly suggest simply saving your starting money to complete the tutorial and begin Streaming instead.


  • Movement uses the standard WASD scheme.
  • Press the ‘I’ key to open the Inventory screen.
  • Pressing the ‘X’ key opens the Streamer Skill Tree screen. You will need significant amounts of money to purchase these skills, as well as ‘Streamer crowns‘ earned by streaming.

The Phone

  • Press the ‘up arrow’ key to open the phone at almost any place and time – even while computing and driving.
  • One phone app notably ‘warps’ to any owned or un-owned player house for $50. For example, the blue (apartment) destination is close to an ATM and the crypto miner salesdude.

Inventory Basics

  • All Items take up oneinventory slot.
  • Your character starts with 4 slots of storage in their backpack.
  • Hold ‘E’ to pick items up directly into an available backpack space. One can even just hold ‘E’ and move the cursor between objects to store many objects quickly.
  • Press ‘I’ to show/hide the Backpack.
  • Note that in addition to the backpack slots, there is a separate ‘hand’ slot.
  • This ‘hand’ slot is used to build furniture and computer components, eat and drink meals, and equip tools.
  • Press ‘E’ to pick up items into the ‘hand’ slot. Placing objects to/from the hand slot from within an inventory screen takes time / causes a delay.

Furniture Building

  • Press LMB to enter build mode for an item currently held in the ‘hand’ slot.
  • Use the ‘Q’ and ‘R’ keys for rotation control of the object.
  • When you have the object aligned, press LMB to place it.
  • Note that Desks can be locked in place by pressing ‘Z’.
  • Sometimes a random item will accidentally be picked up in the ‘hand’ slot, and it can be challenging to find a valid spot to place it down again. Opening inventory with ‘I’ and storing such an item causes fewer bug-like consequences than using RMB to ‘throw’ items around one’s carefully arranged home.
  • When a food item from the ‘hand’ slot is eaten, and while identical food is in the backpack, the ‘hand’ slot will be instantly refilled, allowing multiple items to be eaten quickly.
  • When a food item is in the ‘hand’ slot, it will be consumed when one uses ‘F’ to interact with any other item. This includes other food items, toilets, baths, beds, computers, etc.
  • When interacting with another container such as a car trunk, click on stored items to pick them up or place them into an empty slot.

Computers 101

Building the PC

  • When you place a PC monitor on a Desk, a checklist will appear on the monitor showing which parts are needed to complete the PC.
  • While the keyboard, mouse, and chair are self-explanatory and easy to turn into Green check-marks, the PC case will remain a yellow question-mark icon until it is filled with at least one of each type of internal PC component.
  • Press ‘F’ on the PC case to open the case like any container, and then fill its empty slots from PC parts in your inventory.
  • Once all the icons have become green check-marks, the computer is complete and may be powered up.

Switching on the PC

  • Switch On the PC by pressing ‘C’ on the PC case.

Using the Computer

  • Press ‘F’ on the computer monitor to begin using a currently-operating computer. Your character will sit in the chair and your view will zoom in on the monitor.
  • Press ‘Q’ while using a computer to instantly stand up from it, at any time, without shutting it down.
  • Caution: Pressing ‘E’ key will pick up the PC case or monitor, shutting it down. This was quite frustrating until I developed a technique of ‘E’ key ‘trigger discipline’.

Silly Chair

  • The chair found for free in the starting house has no markings identifying which way one will face when sitting in it.
  • When one uses the computer, the view zooms in on the monitor, so there is no indication of facing then, either.
  • When one finally installs a camera and starts the stream, one often discovers in the preview that their character is facing a rather silly direction.
  • The mighty ambiguity of the featureless square starter chair laughs at your repeated attempts to correct its alignment.
  • I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that my excessive placements of this chair caused my PC table to flip into the air scattering PC parts all over my home.
  • You may wish to buy, literally any different chair with your first camera and place it once.

In-game Web Programs

Essential Programs for StreamingFast Net is my recommended First Stop for any game.

  • Purchasing 4 days of the fastest / right-most internet speed for $30 is an enormous and immediate quality-of-life improvement.

Blender is the in-game streaming website which will eventually pay you the big bucks for having thousands of subscribers and followers.

  • One must permanently Register their Cool Streamer Name with Blender to get a
    4-digit Stream Code and begin broadcasting.
  • Blender will deposit your earnings once every 4 days, and sends you a CMail with the amount.

Blender Dashboard
The left half of the screen shows the health of your Streaming Career.

  • Blender pays you for literally just having Followers and Subscribers.
  • One can run Advertisements (using this screen) while a Stream is running for quick ad revenue. I used this sparingly because it slows or reverses the increase of followers and subscribers.
  • Blender share is a percentage which increases Blender earnings somehow. I think it increases when one meets successive Subscription goals.
  • All that stuff mixes together to form, Captain Expected earnings:!!

The right half of the screen provides choices.

  • One can change the Stream Name here, which can help one track and organize their zoutube uploads.
  • There is a slider to select Ad duration and
    a button to Show ad which becomes available to click during a Stream.
  • You can also pick a different subscriber icon if the purple cat does not please you.

OPS is the program one must run on the PC to stream content to Blender (and record it for upload to Zoutube).

  • It requires your Blender Stream Code and a Specific Bitrate Number to begin.

Bitrate is a measure of internet bandwidth required to carry a stream.

  • One must specify a number for the Stream’s Bitrate to begin streaming. (Using the text box on the left side.)
  • The OPS program allows one to select many options for the Stream. Most such options increase the needed “Recommended” Bitrate. (One can select random options and watch the number in the lower-right corner update.)
  • The Camera and Recording options in the top right are noteworthy yet miss-able.
  • I recommended in the strongest possible vague terms to not set your Bitrate smaller than the Recommended Bitrate.
  • Better internet speeds will let you set this number higher, and you may note that the Real Estate listings handily disclose available internet speeds for each location.

In-game Website DirectoryThe blue ‘WWW’ browser has a homepage with many web programs you will use frequently.
The ‘WWW’ browser often stays on a previously-selected website until one uses the home button (blue circle at top center of browser) or back buttons to explicitly navigate to and open a fresh WWW browser menu.

CMail shows incoming messages, mostly about Blender income deposits and ‘IP addresses’ for CS tournaments you have joined.

Apps Website allows downloads of useful programs. These downloads seem to continue automatically once started, so the browser can be used for other things.

  • Steem allows one to buy and run PC (mini-)Games to stream.
  • OPS is the program one must run on the PC to stream content to Blender (or record it for upload to Zoutube). It requires a Blender Stream Code to work. See above for more.
  • Spotiry is a music player. Unsure if playing them has an in-game impact.
  • Stream Lap is used to accept donations associated with a Blender Stream Code. I run it after every stream for my early-game food-money.
  • Avest is a virus scanner program. It finds and eliminates threats, but I’m not sure it actually does anything.
  • Miner is a utility program to give you another code to link your crypto miners to your portfolio app.
  • VPN allows one to enter The Hacker Website and purchase Things for crypto.

Zorn Hub and Speed Test don’t seem to do anything important.

Bank. This website version notably allows one to acquire a Loan of money, and to withdraw cash to one’s wallet.

Skin Case, Scratch, Horse, Higher Lower, and Blackjack are all sites for gambling. Scratch is popular.

Zamazor is the web-shopping website with three categories of items: computer parts, furniture, and clothes.

Food Shop allows one to order food with Card money. Some advocate eating nothing but the $2.50 soup to save money. I like a bucket of veggies and as many cups of tea as I can carry, simply because they’re at the bottom of the list together.

Crypto EX. is Your Crypto Portfolio. Allows buying, selling, and viewing Crypto Products.
Billboard Co sells advertisements for Your Stream.
Job King allows one to work at low paying jobs, if you can find the correct starting spot and get there on time every day.
DeebWeb is The Hacking Website. One must run VPN to log in to their site, and they only take crypto for payment.

Fast Net allows one to pick between three recurring internet plans available for the current location. One may also pay a daily ‘Boost’ fee to add a temporary increase.

Blender was explained at the top of this section.

Freelancers is a way to earn in-game money by completing some sort of letter-search Puzzle. I had a hard time with the puzzle, so I didn’t use this site.

Zoutube is a website where you can upload and publish recorded streams for more income. Replacing older posted streams with freshly recorded streams seems to earn more money than retaining them.

Real Estate un-surprisingly allows one to purchase new places to fill with furniture. Listings show which locations have better Internet Speeds available.

Tournaments are for the in-game CS game. To use them:

  1. Start Steem and load into the CS Game program. Select the option to enter an IP Address.
  2. Open the WWW Browser and visit this Tournament site to Accept a tournament appropriate for your Rank.
  3. Check the Cmail site for the Tournament message and open it up to view the Tournament’s IP address.
  4. If you’re not into note-taking, grab the top or bottom bar of the Cmail and CS windows to move them around so you can see the IP address and enter it at the same time.
  5. Suggest verifying correct address is perfectly entered before closing Cmail. CS can then be minimized and final preparations made (food, hygeine, lining up ten cups of tea on the desk edge). The Tournament will remain ready to start unless one Sleeps in a bed.

Bills arrive here and must be paid. Tax doesn’t seem to do much, as the Tax Bill arrives in the Bills site.

Pet Shop shows you the many, many types of Dogs available.

Feedback is a way to send message to the development team.

Workers is the site where one Rents Moderators to de-toxify your Stream Chat. I’m not sure whether I’m doing something wrong or missing some crucial concept or piece of equipment, but Chat Toxicity has literally never decreased for me. Unknown if any game impact.

Car Dealer sells cars. The looks of the beginning car and the hungover road-trip to the first player-owned home are good incentive for most folks to spring for a better ride.

Walkthrough parts 1 and 2

Starting Tips

  1. Very Important: Start Thinking of a Cool Streamer Name. You have up to fifteen letters.
  2. In case they disappear on you, the Tutorial Quests can be toggled on and off by pressing ‘J.’
  3. Put your cursor / crosshairs on everything. The pop-up information is strong with this title.
  4. Do NOT worry about warning pop-ups regarding hunger, toilet, hygeine, etc.
    Your character is immortal and you only need to fix these problems prior to streaming.

Walkthrough 1: Talk to Mosi, put computer parts in car trunk, Go home.

  • Talk to Mosi. He is the human, downstairs.
    Keep clicking dialogue options until you get to ‘End Conversation’.
  • You have more PC parts than you can carry. You must put some of them in the car trunk.
    I recommend holding ‘E’ and using the cursor like a vacuum cleaner to fill up backpack space until it gives you an error. Then open the trunk and single-click each carried item then an empty trunk slot to move them quickly.
  • However you decide to store them, be sure you and the trunk have all 9 pieces before driving home.
    4 white PC pieces (case, monitor, mouse, keyboard) and 5 black-boxed Components (mainboard, CPU, RAM, disk, video card).
  • Driving Tip. Instead of going off-road, I recommend following the gravel road from Mosi’s all the way around to the far side of the little town. Under a broken arch on your left, there is a direct path to the first (orange) player house.
  • The orange marker is the precise entrance. Park the car near that.
  • Look at the door and press the ‘Q’ key to exit the car.

Walkthrough 2: Setup and run your computer, Register on the Blender website, Uncheck 1st house from Maps app.Suggestion: Set up Furniture First
Go inside to set up the scattered furniture before unloading PC parts.

  • A bed, poster, shelf, desk, and chair can be picked up and rebuilt.
    Press ‘E’ to take,
    LMB to build, and
    ‘Q’ and ‘R’ for rotation control.
  • Note that the Desk can be locked in place by pressing ‘Z’.
  • That white square thing is a chair to be placed in front of the Desk.

Assembling the PC.

  • Fetch the PC case, monitor, mouse, and keyboard out of the car and
    build them on the desk facing the proper forward direction.
  • If anything bounces around when something is placed, pick it up and place it again. You may need to walk around the side of the desk align the gigantic monitor in a keyboard-friendly way.
  • The monitor will show a PC-completion-diagram once it is placed. A green checkmark shows by each ready component.
  • The PC case icon on this diagram will remain a Yellow Question Mark until it is filled with working parts.
  • Fill your backpack with the black-boxed PC parts from the car trunk. Press ‘F’ on the PC case to open it up like any container. Click component in backpack, click empty slot. There are mouse-over tooltips if you need them.
  • Once you see four green checkmarks on the monitor,
    Press the ‘C’ keyon the PC Case to switch its power ‘on.’

Computer Controls

  • Press ‘F’ on the monitor to begin using a currently-operating computer.
  • Press ‘Q’ while using a computer to instantly stand up from it without shutting it down.
    Useful for snacks and toilet breaks.

Browser Basics

  • Check out the blue ‘WWW’ browser. Don’t sweat the apparent large quantity of the icons, most of them are used infrequently.
  • Note: The ‘WWW’ browser often stays on a previously selected website until one uses the home button (blue circle at top center of browser) or back buttons to explicitly navigate away and open an actual fresh WWW browser menu.

    Instant Quality of Life Upgrade for $30

  • There is a blue icon just to the left of center called Fast Net which sells Less-Slow Internet plans. I highly recommend purchasing the right-most / Most Expensive internet plan for $30 immediately. Do not buy the Boost which lasts one in-game day per purchase.

Register on Blender website

  • Blender is the streaming site which will eventually pay you the big bucks for having thousands of subscribers and followers. To get started, we must sign up and Get a Code for our Stream.
    I hope you are Ready with that Cool Streamer Name.
  • Blender is the Purple icon in the center of WWW menu. Click ‘Register’ in the top right corner.
  • Enter your Streamer Name, then hold LMB on the Fingerprint, and click Complete button.
  • Click ‘Login’ in the top right and repeat the fingerprint thing. Once you’re logged in…
  • Click on ‘Dashboard’ and Note the four-digit Stream Key.
  • Note: This is a Walkthrough, but Blender Dashboard is literally your entire Streaming career and you should check it out later.

Clear the phone GPS

  • If you have not already done so, clear tracking the first (orange) house from the phone’s Map App to activate the next set of tutorial missions. (Open phone, map program, click to enlarge, de-select the circle next to the top destination.)

Walkthrough parts 3 and 4

Walkthrough 3: Download OPS program, purchase a microphone, send money to Card.OPS is the program you run on your PC to transmit your Stream to Blender.

  • Start the download of the OPS program from the Apps website. This type of download will continue automatically once started, so feel free to navigate away from the download page and work on something else.

Buy a Microphone

  • Get back to the WWW home page once more and go to Zamazor, the web-shopping website (green icon, top right area). Find microphones under computer parts, and buy the cheapest one. (See the next paragraph if your payment is declined.)

Send All Money to the Card

  • This objective is to send all the money to The Card. Many services such as food delivery and zamazor shopping require money on the Card, while most income arrives in the Bank Account. You may do this frequently during early-game.
  • You may even need to use this trick to right now to afford to buy that microphone with your Card.
  • Press the up-arrow key to Open your Phone without shutting down and closing everything first. Send the money and watch the ‘purchase’ button instantly update on the in-game website.

Walkthrough 4: Order delivery food, buy a toilet online, and sleep to save the game.

  • Food Shop is a purple icon in the top right of the WWW home page. I recommend purchasing nothing but the $2.50 soup at first to save money. Listen for the doorbell, as the food will be delivered onto the ground of your entryway. Order only what you need at first because uneaten food goes bad and hurts your health.
  • Purchasing a toilet through zamazor is only different from buying a microphone because you will need to select the ‘furniture’ sub-category instead of ‘computer parts.’
  • Sleeping finishes the tutorial missions. Although the game text says sleeping ‘saves’ the game, you will lose fewer assets by sleep-saving and then quitting to the main menu, instead of randomly force-quitting.
  • Sleeping also resets tournaments and accumulates payments for uploaded zootube videos.

Life in a Post-Walkthrough World

Next StepsOnce you ‘sleep,’ zamazor will deliver your toilet and microphone. They arrive outside your house’s entrance near the dumpster in cardboard boxes. Install and use the toilet so we can add the final crucial equipment to our Streaming rig: the Microphone.

  • Place the microphone on your computer desk.
  • Run OPS and enter your Blender Stream Code.

Behold The OPS Settings.

  • On the left is where you set your Stream’s Bitrate, a number representing internet bandwidth / speed.
  • In the lower-right corner is the Recommended Bitrate which is how much capacity you must to provide the Stream to allow it to successfully run with all of your selected features and level of quality.
  • If your Stream’s Bitrate ever dips below the Recommended bitrate, Bad Things happen. It is preferable to avoid this situation.
  • You can safely play around with the many combinations of Stream qualities and features to see the Recommended (necessary) Bitratewithout starting a Stream.
  • Do not forget about the Save Stream (for upload to Zoutube) and Show Cam (for when you buy one) buttons up in the top right area.
  • The first player house only gives 1000 bitrate by default, or 3000 with the recommended (right-most) upgraded internet plan.
  • I suggest to simply Set the Bitrate at an arbitrarily large number like 5000. It will be reduced to the largest number your Internet Connection will actually support once you start the Stream.
  • This would be an ideal time to verify you have not set to Recommended Bitrate too high while you were going all freestyle-DJ on the OPS buttons and knobs.
  • And if you absolutely must change your Stream Title, you can do so back in the Blender Dashboard.

Stream like the Wind, little one!

  • While Streaming, your character’s Energy will drop quickly.
  • When Energy gets below about 10, you will Close the Stream automatically.
  • I take breaks to chug-a-lug tea for Energy to make marathon-length Streams.
  • Bathroom and hygiene breaks can also be handled quickly while the stream is still running.
  • When your Stream is running, those beeps are donations. You can run Steam Lap while Streaming to change it to a different notification noise.

Okay I’m Streaming, what now?

  • Do interesting things on your PC screen.
  • Avoid accidentally picking up your monitor while the PC is turned on.
  • Avoid becoming too tired to continue during a Ranked Match.
  • I ended up playing a lot of those CS game tournaments once I upgraded the PC. That starter PC… Woof!

After the Stream

  • When the Stream finally ends, run Stream Laps to collect donations, and upload the recording to zoutube site if you made one.
  • Blender will pay you automatically, once every 4 days.
  • A camera may increase followers more quickly, and you will need to purchase a bath fairly soon.
  • One successful technique is to Stream as often and for as long as you possible to increase your Follower and/or Subscriber counts. Then it is just a matter of living somewhat frugally until Blender paychecks start to get large.
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