Stellaris Console Commands & Event Triggers for Mods

 Many mods have event triggers that you should use to quickly trigger events to speed things up. What are they though? Well, lookee here! Someone gathered them all!

Stellaris Console Commands & Event Triggers for Mods

Then, there are vanilla commands that are useful, especially in conjuction with mods!

Gigastructure Events

These are the events to use to trigger things for Gigastructural Engineering

  • Discover Galactic Core
    event giga_mega.402
  • Change Black-hole to active quasar to use Quasi-Stellar Obliterator:
    effect set_global_flag = giga_core_qso]
  • Set to inactive black hole to use the Birch World
    effect set_global_flag = giga_core_birch

Giga Rescourse Cheats

Commands in Giga Recourse Cheats, which is a mod that allows you to easily cheat in recourses from Giga Structural Engineering

  • Gain 1 million of all recourses
    event grc_everything.1
  • Gain 1 million Iozodium Crystals
    event iodizium_crystals.1
  • Gain 1 million Planetary Mass
    event planetary_mass.1
  • Gain 1 million Quasaric Energy
    event quasaric_energy.1
  • Gain 1 million Psionic Sublimate
    event psionic_sublimate.1
  • Gain 1 million Quasi-Negative Mass
    event negative_mass.1
  • Gain 1 million Sentient Metal
    event sentient_metal.1
  • Gain 1 million Supertensile Materials
    event supertensile_materials.1

Cybrex Ressurgence Crisis

Cybrex Ressurgence

begin_crisis_cycris = yes

Galactic Bio-Hazard

Crisis- Galactic Bio Hazzard


Loud But Deadly

Loud but Deadly: In country scope (Looking at galaxy map, nothing selected)

effect begin_crisis_lbd_dathnak = yesif you want to do the vanilla chain first, as it modifies this crisis, then select a gas giant, and input
add_anomaly signal_gasgiant_category

Replicators Crisis

Replicators Crisis

effect begin_crisis_replicators = yes

Sleeper Worms

Sleeper Worms

effect begin_crisis_sw22

Storm Cluster Event

The Storm Cluster

effect begin_crisis_scluster = yesAs it requires a "Space Storm", it will take about 16 months (Assuming no storm is going on). It first triggers a storm, waits, then triggers the crisis. If you want to do it quicker, start a storm first with 
effect event_target:global_event_country = { country_event = { id = galactic_features.401 } }

The Crimson Throng

The Crimson Throng

effect begin_crisis_projcrim = yes

The Great Famine

The Great Famine

event Famine.9

The Harvest Engine Crisis

Harvest Engine Crisis

event harvester.100

The Interdimensional Crate- TBA

The Interdimensional Crate

The Prime Flesh

  • The Prime Flesh
    effect begin_crisis_PF22=yes

The Song of Flesh- TBA

The Song of Flesh

Tiyanki Resurgence Crisis

Tiyanki Resurgence Crisis

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