Squad MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0]

Hi i made this guide to make our armor guides accessible to everyone on squad and also because the other guides are relatively low effort (false information, didnt even bother verifying by themselves in game, plagiarized AND WRONG information, heavily lacking in information or just out of date.)

Like seriously the only other guide is a simple “shoot here” and provides no other context on where else you can potentially shoot. you can give them benefit of the doubt perhaps since their guide is years old.. yes, there is more content but a lot of it contains errors or doesnt give you any more information than just a “shoot the mantlet bro” (which is lazy af) when you could 2HK by ammo racking the enemy tank winning you the tank duel.

Squad MBT Armor Gunnery Guide

Scroll down to see what we’ve compiled. tested on live server, Thanks to Incompetent Legion [IL] for letting us use their event server and XDT.

Gun mantlets are a universal weakspot for all the tanks.

Tank Rating (IMO)


Really puts into perspective when everything you need to make a competent guide is on one reddit post


  • UFP = Upper Frontal Plate
  • LFP = Lower Frontal Plate


MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

Note for turret cheek shots (marked in orange) : we tested at 250 meters, reliable penetration. at 300 basically all shots bounced. we didnt bother finding the exact distance where penetration stopped being reliable so just assume 275ish xd.

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

front on view, to be used in conjunction with above provided graphic

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

Yes, i know the chart makes us look wrong but we tested and the turret cheek is a reliable pen up to 300 meters. 250 meters reliably penned, 300 meters had a pretty much guarantee bounce chance

the chinese tank may the best tank in the game at range as youd only have the gunner sight and mantlet that can be penned past 300 meters and considering that they are quite small targets. and also that its EXTREMELY hard to ammo rack whereas the Abrams, Challenger and T-72 have pretty accessible ammo racks. (as you will see in this guide)

BUT the ztz has awful sights and every other tank has better sights so..

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

Here you can see why the ammo rack is a pixel shot


Featuring multiple angles for viewer’s pleasure

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

Most detailed version

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
less detailed version

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
tldr version

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]


MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]Ammo rack doesnt extend that low my fault og

Refer to image below to get a reference on how low ammo rack actually goes

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]cheatsheet img
MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]Red – Ammo Rack
Blue – Impenetrable Plate
Green – Engine
MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

Shoot orange spots to ammo rack frontally, lower frontal plate grants more reliable results as not hitting the viewport smack on will result in a bounce.

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
TL;DR version.

  • ORANGE = AMMO (ammo should be to scale, relatively)
  • RED = impenetrable or very low chance of pen
  • YELLOW = reliable pen
  • GREEN = reliable pen premium

Note: That this assumes you are fighting the challenger on level ground

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
1:1 chart of Challenger ammo rack location and armor rating
(not made by me)

Leopard 2A6M – CAF

One of the easiest tanks to kill in game, so we will leave this in back log for now.
If you don’t know yet, essentially just shoot the right hull of the Leopard. it has a HUGE ammo rack hitbox. Also, quite easy to penetrate.

If hull is inaccessible, switch targets to the mantlet. (universal weakspot wow!)

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

T-72S / T-72B3 – MEA/RUS

Again, one of the easiest tanks to kill in game. When engaging head-on just try and go for the middle of the hull. If hull is inaccessible, go for mantlet. AFAIK only pennable part on the turret.

Turret roof is green, yes but with what limited testing has shown us, it is a unreliable pen as it is an extreme angle.

MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]


MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]
MBT Armor Gunnery Guide [v4.0] [XDT]

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