Spirit of the Island Basic Island Guide

Spirit of the Island Basic Island Guide

  • Notes on the islands accessible by boat.
  • Notes on fighting equipment.
  • Notes on mobs, their difficulty and loot.
  • Notes on plants (some).

Warning: Includes spoilers. That’s the whole point, actually.

Basic Information on Mob Categories

I have arbitrarily decided on three difficulty categories of general enemies : beginner, medium and tough. Plus « very tough » for the bosses.

They do have the “red star”-symbols in-game, but a two-star crab is still a whole lot weaker than the two-star sailor, for instance, so you can’t go by those. The one-star trolls will be significantly weaker than the three-star trolls, of course.

The good news is that in the beginning, the tough enemies won’t attack you as soon as you step off the boat; you have to go looking for them a) in the higher/ mountain regions or b) in caves.

Unless, of course, you’re far out west. Since you will need the highest tier boat to get there, I suppose the game thinks you can handle anything.

Spider poison and wizard ghost spells will slow you and give continuous damage regardless of your armour (skull sign), like bee’s poison. Only for longer.

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There seems to be a chance percentage of loot drops for some common enemies; for instance, trolls will drop leather and may drop shards and sailors will drop gold and maybe tea, wine or juice.

I don’t know whether the treasure drops are always the same (besides the books).
I don’t suppose they are.

Basic Information on Equipment

Please note that you need to plan for damage output and defence.
For instance, a golden sword deals 300 damage, while the thunder sword deals 800 damage.
A brutal shield has a defence value of 40, while the long shield has a defence value of 220.
The explorer armour has a defence value of 200, but the ancient armour has a defence value of 600.

Generally speaking, upgrading your equipment is always better.

Then again, the fire sword, the ice sword and the thunder sword all deal the same damage.

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The bosses have thousands of HP and a very high damage output, but with a good sword and the best shield and armour equipped, they are no trouble.


The spirit ring takes the same slot as a shield. And yet, it seems a lot less useful, since it’s supposed to heal you for some HP after you kill a monster, but won’t shield you from its attacks. On the other hand, if you are wearing high-tier armour, you might as well profit from the bonus. It’s up to you.
Of all the necklaces, I’ve only built the emerald one. As expected, it does exactly nothing and also takes the shield slot. So, no recommandation there, either.

I have yet to find tangible uses of shoes other than the combat boots. Those are good for 200 defence points.

Btw, the Big Potion doesn’t heal you 100% (as it says on the box). It heals 100 HP. Same with the Elixir.

Map Overview

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Boar Mountain Island


  • Lower regions: Some wild boars, lots of crabs, bees. Beginner.
    On the mountain: 1 mountain troll (medium difficulty) and 1 elite troll (tough).
  • Monster Loot: Fur, fat, map pieces, crab claws and shells ; 1 dark troll leather and 1 green troll leather, maybe shards.
  • Interesting Flora: Lots of pine trees, palm trees, orange mushrooms.

Forever Ruins Island

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  • Outside: Bees, dead hunters/ zombies (easy, medium).
  • Ancient Cave: with 3 poisonous spiders (medium) and one ancient spider (tough) if you don’t back out in time.
  • Monster Loot: Infected bones, gold, shards,
    spider silk, jelly, treasure.
  • Interesting Flora: All kinds of fruit trees, pine, flowers, cherries, reed
  • Remember: Antidote

Golden Swamp Island

  • Enemies: Circa 4 green (swamp) trolls. Medium
  • Monster Loot: Fine troll leather
  • Interesting Flora: Swampy décor. Reed, cherries and apples.
  • Remember: Your go-to-spot if you need fat

Golem Eye Island

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  • Sailors/pirates: medium Labyrinthine/ difficult access to higher parts
  • (It’s south-east): Pirate Prince: Tough
  • Monster Loot: Gold, wine, tea infusion, sweet juice.
  • Pirate Prince: Book of Nature, 3 precious stones (ruby, emerald or possibly diamond)
  • Interesting Flora: Apples, cherries, purple mushrooms, oranges, bananas
  • Plus: If you’re looking for rare fish, you can catch swordfish and sharks from the eastern coast

Good Old Flies

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  • Enemies: Sailors/ pirates (tough), two elite trolls. (tough)
  • Monster Loot: Gold, wine, sweet juice, tea; green troll leather, treasure.
  • Interesting Flora: Very few trees, some bushes.
  • Plus: Lots of loot boxes.

Green Valley Island

  • Enemies: Wild boars (beginner)
  • Monster Loot: Fur, fat, map pieces.
  • Interesting Flora: Nothing much. Pine trees, cherry bushes.
  • Maybe plus: I’ve seen tents, but wasn’t able to use them.

Grey Rocks Island

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  • Sailors/pirates: Medium. Cave System with phantoms. Medium to tough.
  • Pirate King: Very tough.
  • Monster Loot: Gold, wine, sweet juice, tea, ancient leather, jelly, treasure; Book of Creatures, 3 precious stones.
  • Interesting Flora: Nothing special.
  • Plus: There’s a tent you can use to sleep, good ore and a plot element.

Island of Six

That’s a secret, sorry!

Land of Ghosts

  • Enemies: 6 Ancient wizard ghosts (tough); 2 (4?) ancient warrior golems (tough)
  • Monster Loot: Gold, ancient stones, treasure.
  • Interesting Flora: Apple trees, cherries, reed, swamp trees.
  • Remember: Pack some antidote.
  • Plus: Trove of loot boxes on the ledge in the south.,
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Sand Cliffs Island

  • Enemies: Crabs (beginner); some ghosts in the hilly regions (medium)
  • Monster Loot: Crab claws and shells, map pieces, fat; ghost dust, jelly.
  • Flora: Palm trees, cherries.

Sharp Cliffs Island

  • Enemies: Some crabs. Bees. Beginner.
  • Monster Loot: Map pieces, crab claws and shells, fat.
  • Notable Flora: Pine and apple trees, palm trees, banana trees, red mushrooms, cherries, flowers.

Silver Lake

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  • Enemies: 5 ancient stone golems (medium to tough/ 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars)
  • Monster Loot: Gold, stone, ancient stones, treasure.
  • Interesting Flora: Different fruit trees, palm trees, cherry bushes, lots of pine trees.
  • Plus: There’s a waterfall you can walk behind.

Wood Alley Island

Short Island Guide


  • Sailors/ pirates (tough);
  • Pirate Queen (very tough)
  • Monster Loot: Gold, wine, tea, sweet juice, Book of History; 3 precious stones.
  • Interesting Flora: None. Some shipwrecks.

Author’s Comments

Short Island Guide

I know, it’s not a very polished guide. But I got tired of trying to remember which island held what kind of troll leather etc., so I wrote a list.

Plus, as a beginner, I felt very unsure which islands I should go to or whether I would meet my untimely fate abroad because the enemies would be too tough. And then, when I went to a new island, equipped to the teeth, only to find ten crabs that I could have killed with a machete long ago, I got bored…

So, this is for you as well as for me. And if you want to pitch in, tell me what I’ve missed, don’t hesitate. Have fun playing!

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