SnowRunner Tennessee All Watchtowers & Vehicles


Guide showing all watchtowers upgrades and vehicles available on Tennessee map.

In Snowrunner, watchtowers are marked on the map with tower icons. There are now three map states:

  • Discovered: where the player has driven, shown in full color, and nearby tasks and vehicles are clickable.
  • Map-only: area not covered by watchtowers, but not traversed by the player, shown in greyscale, no clickable objectives, but vehicles are shown by their shape.
  • Cloaked: like in previous games, the map is blackened out.

Cloaking behavior is similar to Spintires again, travelling through cloaked areas will reveal them, but on a wider path than was the case in Spintires.

Watchtowers are unlocked by driving into the blue marked area near them, which will allow the player to start a fixed fly-over animation, reveal the map and notify of any tasks or vehicles in the unlocked area. The animation can be repeated for already unlocked watchtowers.

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Tennessee All Watchtowers & Vehicles

  • Total Watchtowers – 4
  • Total Upgrades – 4
  • Total Vehicles – 0
  • Trailers – 7

Tennessee USA – Burning Mill

  • Watchtowers – 4
  • Upgrades – 4
  • Vehicles – 0
  • Trailers – 7
SnowRunner - Tennessee USA All Watchtowers Upgrades and Vehicles
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