Scarlet Maiden Controls & Single Handed Gameplay Keybinds

Scarlet Maiden Controls & Single Handed Gameplay Keybinds

Scarlet Maiden – Controls/Single Handed Gameplay Keybinds.

I saw many people complain about keybinds of this game. I kinda agree that default keybinds are not the best. and are def not meant for single handed gameplay which is probably important for many people looking to play this title. So I made my own keybinds for single handed play and decided to share them.

Note: Currently (28/01/2023) this guide is kinda bland. Just a screenshot of my binds.

But either tomorrow or later today I am planning to edit this guide and explain some of my decisions behind the binds I chose.

Left Handed Gameplay

Single Handed Gameplay Keybinds

Walking is as you can expect WASD.

Back Quote is “tilde” button, my keyboard is not English so there are small differences like that but its the button located at the left side of “number 1” at the top. This one can easily be replaced by ESC, I “tilde” is closer to our hand placement so I prefered “tilde” for minimum unnecessary hand movement

Will edit later today or tomorrow to give my reasons on some of the unusual bind choices

Right Handed Gameplay

Will add binds for those who want to play with their right hand instead tomorrow

Might have 2 different version for keyboards with Numpad and ones for without numpad.

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