Sailing Era Recruitment Guide

Sailing Era Recruitment Guide

How to recruiting characters in Sailing Era.

Sailing Era Recruitment Guide

Recruiting Aji & Nasser as Andrew

For Andrew, start doing the shipwreck in Gia Dinh and going back to Pattani and grabbing the Rose Banner. If you have not already, you will need to recruit Garaba. While I have not directly confirmed, recruiting them most likely also requires you to be in at least chapter 3 to trigger Garaba’s debt collection event. Find and defeat the Rasmus fleet on the seas just east of Malacca to unlock a commerce guild contract in Malacca. You will need to then complete the commerce guild contract for Nasser in Malacca, which will allow Garaba’s debt collection event to trigger. Following the debt collection event, you will receive a questline from the governor. Steps from here will be broken up into separate spoiler blocks.

  1. It will tell you to first travel to Palembang where you need to translate a book in the library.
  2. After talking to the librarian about the book, you will be sent to Makassar to meet the author.
  3. The author will send you back to Gia Dinh to search for the Rose Garden in the post.
  4. Recruiting Aji requires you to have picked up the key along the bank of the Mekong river. Take it to the Rose Garden.

If you get stuck at any point I would suggest finding the Rasmus fleet on the sea near Malacca and defeating it. I haven’t confirmed if this is strictly required for Andrew but if anything might progress something it would be that or main story progression.

Recruiting Aji & Nasser as Yoshitaka

For Yoshitaka, trigger Garaba’s debt collection event in Malacca after entering chapter 3. After this you get a pretty straightforward questline about resolving Garaba’s debt. Just make sure to pick up the key along the Mekong river and the stuff from the shipwreck and outskirts of Pattani, the questline will lead you through recruiting Nasser and Aji.

Recruiting Aji as Abdullah

For Abdullah, start with the Gia Dinh shipwreck and the Rose Banner outside Pattani. After entering chapter 3 and recruiting Garaba, you can trigger his debt collection event in Malacca. Following this, find and defeat the Rasmus fleet near Malacca to start a questline that leads to recruiting Aji.

  1. Translate the book in the Palembang library. This will require someone who speaks Portuguese so you may be in for a journey.
  2. Speak to Thom Cruz in Makassar to be pointer to the Rose Garden
  3. Make sure you’ve picked up the key along the bank of the Mekong river, then travel to the Rose Garden through the Gia Dinh Post.
  4. Find and defeat the Rasmus fleet one last time to recruit Aji

Recruiting Aji and Nasser as Yun Mu

Both Aji and Nasser are recruited as a part of Yun Mu’s chapter 2 main quest. This quest is straightforward up until the first time you fight Aji outside Malacca. At that point you may need to go back to get Garaba to advance the quest, as like all other characters you must see Garaba’s debt collection event in order to recruit Aji. Garaba is thus necessary to even advance the main quest as Yun Mu. After seeing this event, a side quest, Seashore Problem, will open up.

After travelling to Lopburi and speaking to Nasser:

  1. Search the Gia Dinh shipwreck and find the treasure chest just north of Pattani.
  2. After informing Nasser, defeat Aji one more time.
  3. Travel to the Rose Garden in the Gia Dinh post, to the west of the starting area marked by a white exclamation mark.
  4. Sail a little up the Mekong, the river directly to the west of Gia Dinh, to finish the quest and recruit Aji and Nasser

Recruiting Belegut

Belegut is one of the trickier characters to recruit and his questline contains a softlock so be careful.

First Recruitment:

  1. You must be in chapter 4 of the main quest to recruit Belegut
  2. You must have the Minos hint. This is obtained by hearing about the Minos fleet in a teahouse somewhere in West Africa, and then seeing an event related to them in St. George.
  3. If you’ve done the previous two steps, find and defeat the Minos fleet. They can usually be found along the coast of West Africa around Abidjan, but unless you get lucky this will probably take some patience. They are a random npc fleet that you must attack, there will be no event trigger starting combat.
  4. After defeating the Minos fleet, travel to Sao Tome to hear about the whereabouts of Belegut. Travel to that port to recruit him.

Belegut’s Family Quest:

  1. Level up Belegut to trigger an event at sea where you learn about his ties to Maracaibo. I am not sure of an exact level requirement, but I know that getting his first skill point is sufficient.
  2. Travel to Maracaibo and visit the mansion Belegut used to live in through the post. I am unsure if you need to bring Belegut on the expedition but you might as well. You need to enter the mansion twice to finish up here, this can be done in the same expedition.

Barbary Pirates:

  1. After learning about Belegut’s family, travel to ports around Marseilles or Genoa to learn about Barbary Pirates around Palma.
  2. Sail near Palma to trigger the Barbary Pirates questline
  3. Escort the priest to Pisa and then travel to Algiers. You must now wait until Belegut sends a messenger instructing you to ambush the Barbary Pirates near Syracuse.
  4. After defeating the Pirates, return to Algiers.


  1. After finishing the Barbary Pirates and seeing the event of a burning ship sailing into port in the Mediterranean, travel to Istanbul
  2. You should trigger a questline that leads to you investigating an aqueduct. If you do not see this questline, something is wrong. Do not do the Greek Fire bounty until you have seen this questline or you will softlock out of recruiting Belegut.
  3. Travel a bit north from Istanbul along the European side to reach the aqueduct.
  4. Complete the Greek Fire bounty to really recruit Belegut and also unlock the Greek Fire blueprint
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