Sailing Era How to Order New Ships

Sailing Era How to Order New Ships

Sailing Era How to Order New Ships

Beginner's Guide to Sailing Era

Ordering a new ship to be built can be a little confusing at first so it gets its own section. Also check; Sailing Era Beginner’s Guide.

When Ordering a ship you need to provide a minimum of 4 components; a hull, a mast, canvas and penal. These items are found in Ship Material Stores. Ship Material Stores are not always found in the same ports as shipyards (frustrating, I know). Just another reason to unlock lots of ports. These items are expensive. If you can’t find a decent ship for sale in the shipyard, it may be your only option for an upgrade.

It should be noted that to unlock the Maintenance room blueprint, you need to order 2 ships to be built.

The four components come in different qualities and types. Better qualities are unlocked when the port’s TECH level (see below) reaches different thresholds. The Highest quality components are “Superb” and only unlock at TECH level 1000.

If you provide those 4 components at minimum you will be able to build a random ship. You can get an idea of what ship will be built by looking at how long it will take. 20 days is most likely a small ship. 30-40 days is a medium ship. 40-50 days should be a large ship. The higher quality the components and the higher the TECH level of the port the better the ship will be. You can cancel the building at any time and get a full refund, then try again if you want to attempt to get a bigger ship.

In addition to the 4 required components you can attempt to up the value of the random roll by investing trade goods. Different trade goods add different values to the ship. I will leave that as a discovery exercise for you or for a more indepth guide later.

If you are lucky enough to have found a blueprint for a specific ship type, then it will tell you exactly what you need. Blueprints always require a special component which can be found in Ship Material Stores at certain TECH levels. Blueprints are rare and oftentimes come from special guild missions or side quests. Because of the special component, you cannot build a specific ship without the blueprint because special components can only be used when using a blueprint. If you find a special ship material that is not a hull,

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