Potion Permit Quick Start Guide

Potion Permit Quick Start Guide

This is a guide I wrote for someone who is just starting the game, knowing basically nothing about Potion Permit. This is both an additional resource to the in-game tutorial and also extra tips to make playing more nice. Whether you are new to Potion Permit or the whole genre of farming/gathering sims, I hope this will be helpful to you in some way. And feel free to suggest things to add in the guide!

Potion Permit Quick Start Guide

So let’s begin~

The Guide

Your main currencies are gold, wood, and stone. These are what you will pay when you want your tools and workshop upgraded, or when you need to repair something. And also the currency for buying furniture. It WILL seem like the potion materials are the most important thing in the beginning to forage but they aren’t. Don’t skip on chopping wood and mining stones. You will need them.

As a continuation: the patients won’t be flooding your clinic every single day so don’t be afraid to make and sell your potions once the option of doing so becomes available. THe game will let you know when you can sell your potions.

Do those part-time jobs. It’s almost 400 gold a day if you do them all in a day (125g/job from Church, Town Hall, and Police Station = 375g ) and when you don’t yet have much income it is substantial amount for those necessary tool upgrades and access expansion quests

Quick Start Guide

Yes, it will feel like you need to chop wood for 10 days to get even a tiniest upgrade when you start but the low level furniture is NOT worth the effort. It’s ugly, full of holes, and you will be able to switch to better furniture soon so be patient and wait for at least the first upgrade on Bulk and Build. You will be glad for it.

The bulletin boards you see around town are important. Maybe like 2 people and a shoelace will come to you to advance the plot and the rest will be found there. You cannot unlock further friendship levels if you don’t do those quests.

Quick Start Guide

And in addition to that: Just keep talking to everyone when you see them and giving them Moon Cloves once that becomes available. Plot will unlock only when you reach those friendship levels.

Use teleportation FOR EVERYTHING. Save yourself the time. You can open the map to teleport from anywhere to the flag points, you don’t need to teleport from flag to flag. Just from somewhere to flag. The village has 3 teleportation points, one next to your home, one in the middle of the village, just north and across the river from the town hall, and one at the entrance of the beach.

The game won’t tell you how much health or stamina a food item replenishes but it’s not much at the beginning, so just teleport back to your house and head to the bath house. It takes 2 hours to replenish all and it doesn’t cost money, only in-game time.

Quick Start Guide

Your dog eats mushrooms, happily. And also corn. It also does eat white and pink meat but you can get both mushroom and corn more efficiently at the beginning while foraging for other stuff rather than going for fishing, which can only be done in one specific spot on the map.

And talking about fishing, you can tap-tap-tap while the fish is angry to stop it from backing away but from my experience the fish will go back somewhat a set amount of distance on the screen anyways and the tapping might just delay it and make the whole process longer for you. Don’t quote me on that one tho, just pay attention to it and do what feels best for you.

And lastly, the job minigames. They might feel stressful and boy, I agree, but they’re not that bad. Just take your time, the time limits are more forgiving than you might think. Also, you can change between a gamepad and a keyboard on the fly so use which ever one you feel more comfortable with for them. I personally use gamepad for playing but change to keyboard for minigames because my keyboard is just more accurate.

To Conclude

Well, this wasn’t a long guide but that was never the idea to begin with. I just made a guide I wish I had myself many times I was playing a game that was entirely new to me, a guide I wish many of the “newbie” guides I saw would have been. It is simple and very basic but I hope it was helpful ^^

Quick Start Guide
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