Phasmophobia Cursed Items Guide

Welcome to our Phasmophobia cursed items guide. Below you can see all the cursed items in the game and look at the features. Here is the location of the cursed items.

Phasmophobia Cursed Items Guide

Haunted Mirror

When activated, the player will hold up the mirror and look inside it. The mirror will show a live display of the ghost room (aka favourite room) in the form of a slow panorama. This allows you to easily find the room. Each use of the mirror will drain sanity at a rate of 7.5% per second or 20%, whichever is higher. When the player’s sanity reaches 0% the mirror will crack and activate a cursed hunt. You cannot use the mirror after it has cracked. The mirror can only be used inside the investigation area (like all cursed objects) but it is possible to stand at the entrance, activate the mirror and step outside as it cracks to avoid the hunt

Music Box

The music box will open as soon as you pick it up but don’t worry, this doesn’t activate it. It is activated the same way most objects are with the primary use button (right mouse button by default). After it is activated it will play a song and the ghost will sing along. This can be used to determine the ghost’s current location. When the music box is active and within 5 metres of the ghost, the ghost will appear and walk towards the music box. If the ghost gets close to the player holding the box or walks for more than 5 seconds due to the music box, it will start a cursed hunt. A cursed hunt will also trigger if the music box is thrown away while the tune is playing (although placing it does not trigger this). While the music is playing, it will drain 2.5% sanity per second from any player within 2.5 metres. This totals 75% if the whole song is listened to. The music box can only be used once

Interesting Fact: The tune played is called “Adrift” and the sheet music can be found on the inside of the lid. It was composed by Lavender, one of the developers

Ouija Board

The board can be activated by secondary use button (default left mouse button) when it is on a surface or primary use button (default right mouse button) when held. Players can then ask questions and the ghost will answer, at the cost of sanity. To safely deactivate the board, a player must say goodbye. If no players say goodbye, and there are no players within 5 metres of the board, it will break. Likewise if a player has no sanity left and asks a question (including saying goodbye), the board will break. If the phrase “hide and seek” is said, the board will also break. When the board breaks, a cursed hunt starts

Valid Questions


“Where are you?” – “Where/What is your favourite room?” – “Where/What is your room?”
Ghost will answer with their favourite room e.g. kitchen or basement
Costs 50% sanity

“Are you here/close/near?”
Ghost will answer with yes or no
Costs 20% sanity

Bone Location:

“Where is the bone?” – “Where did you die?” – “Where is your body?”
Ghost will answer with the bone’s room e.g. kitchen or basement
Costs 50% sanity


“Do you respond to everyone?”
Ghost will answer yes or no in correspondence with their shyness
Costs 20% sanity


“How old are you?” – “What is your age?” – “Are you old/young?”
Ghost will answer with an age (their age) between 2-90
Costs 5% sanity
Note: if the ghost is a Thaye, its age will increase over time

Length of Death:

“How long have you been dead/here?” – “How long ago did you die?” – “How many years ago did you die?” – “When did you die?”
Ghost will give an answer between 50-1000
Costs 5% sanity

Method of Death:

“How did you die?”
Ghost will reply with one of: accident, choked, drowned, fell, murder, shot, slipped
Costs 5% sanity


“What is my sanity?”
Ghost will reply with: healthy (>80%), good (60-80%), average (40-60%), bad (20-40%), awful (<20%)
“How crazy/insane am I?”
Ghost will reply with: not very (>50%), very (25-50%), insane (<25%)
“Am I insane?”
Ghost will reply with: no (>90%), maybe (20-90%), yes (<20%)
All cost 5% sanity


“Why are you here?” – “What do you want?”
Ghost will reply with one of: hatred, kill, lonely, lost, love, peace, revenge, scared, trapped, you
Costs 5% sanity


“How do you feel?” – “How are you?” – “Ar you okay?”
Ghost will reply with one of: angry, cold, empty, hurt, sick, strong, weak
Costs 5% sanity

Yes or No:

“Am I pretty?” – “Are we friends?” – “Do you hate me?” – “Do you like jazz?”
Ghost will respond with yes, no or maybe
Costs 5% sanity
Note: please let me know if there are any other valid yes/no questions


“Knock, knock”
Ghost will reply with “Who’s there”
Ghost will reply with “Polo”
Both cost 5% sanity

Hide and Seek:

“Hide and Seek” – “Do you want to play hide and seek?”
Ghost will count down from 5 to 0 and then start a cursed hunt
No sanity cost

Summoning Circle

Lighting all five of the red candles with a lighter will activate the summoning circle. Each candle will drain 16% sanity, totalling 80% for all 5. They can be blown out by the ghost and will also extinguish after a while like regular candles. After lighting all five, the ghost will be summoned to the centre of the circle. It will be motionless for 5 seconds before hunting, however the cursed hunt starts as soon as the fifth candle is lit. If the last candle would bring the player’s sanity to 0 or there is already an on-going hunt, the ghost will not be rendered motionless. The summoning circle can only be used once, even if the candles are all extinguished

Tarot Cards

Each deck of tarot cards contains 10 cards. There are 10 possible cards which can be drawn, each with their own likelihood of being drawn, effects and appearance (listed below)

  • The Tower – Causes an interaction – 20% chance – blue flame
  • The Wheel of Fortune – Gain or lose 25% sanity – 20% chance – green flame (gain), red flame (lose)
  • The Fool – Will appear as another card at first but no effect – 17% (100% during hunts) – light purple flame
  • The Devil – Instantly triggers a ghost event – 10% – pink flame
  • Death – Instantly triggers a cursed hunt – 10% – purple flame
  • The Hermit – Traps the ghost in its room for 1 minute – 10% – cyan flame
  • The Sun – Fully restores sanity to 100% – 5% – yellow flame
  • The Moon – Instantly drops sanity to 0% – 5% – white flame
  • The High Preistess – Revives a random dead player or the next player to die if no players are dead – 2% – light yellow flame
  • The Hanged Man – Instantly kills the player – 1% – no flame

Voodoo Doll

The voodoo doll has 10 uses and each use will drain 5% sanity and force the ghost to perform an interaction.These can include ghost writing, EMF level 5 events, walking through D.O.T.S projectors and touching surfaces to leave fingerprints. If the heart pin is pushed, sanity drops by 10% and initiates a cursed hunt. A cursed hunt is also triggered if a pin would bring sanity to 0%

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