Nova Drift Build: Searing Star

Nova Drift Build Searing Star

Hello Drifters, This is a guide for my Searing Star build which carried me the longest way – over wave 250.

First of all, i have no idea if someone posted that alredy or if the name is taken, it just sit in my head over night – it might also happen this is fairly common build.

This build is focused around shield Halo, shield radius, shield power, max shields, shield cooldown, global damage and damage scaling from thrust, which will ultimately end in using no weapon at all thanks to Super Mod: Hidden Power.


  • Weapon – This doesn’t matter, pick whatever you are comfortable with, i started with Split Shot
  • ShieldHalo. This is the ultimate damage in this build, and it’s 360 degree radius ensures it will hit everytime no matter of positioning
  • ShipSentinel, since he’s giving +25% shield effect radius, +10% shield effect power and +10% shield damage resistance ( -10% rate of fire doesn’t matter)


  • Shield Durability > Reflexive Shields > Omni Shield – For maximum shields and shield dmg resistance and effect power of Omni
  • Shield Effect Radius > Radiant Shield > Weaponized Shields – This is for maxing out shield range and effect power/damage
  • Candescence > Corrosion > Purification – This will add up to the damage by raising your burn damage, ignite duration and some teeny tiny hull and shield steal for each burning enemy
  • Shield Cooldown – ehm … for shield cooldown (Volatile Shield is optional for extra 5% of shields)
  • Efficiency > ConversionEfficiency will make your cooldown faster since you won’t be firing a weapon and Conversion for sqeezing max shields from your hull
  • Hull Strength – to boost Conversion
  • Improved Thrusters > Deadly WakeSentinel is slow, so pick this, and Deadly Wake will help you unlock Hidden Power

Wild Mods

  • Galvanic Outburst – Mainly for shield effect power, it will also do some serious damage when struck, so stack that up
  • Energized Shields – This is key mod – it’s making your shield cooldown faster and adding damage depending on how fast you move

Super Mods

  • Hidden Power – +40% global damage, +5% maximum hull, maximum shields, shield effect radius, shield effect power, and thrust, 10% faster shield cooldown and regeneration rate – only drawback is that you can’t use your weapon which you don’t need anyway

Optional Mods

  • Bravado – for having better Sentinel in general (i had one and it was enough)
  • Transmogrification – if you want to find those wild mods faster, watch out, since you lose all of your rerolls
  • Evolutionary Niche – for upgrading your ship’s stats – stack that as you wish
  • Ataraxia – i went for that in the end, it’s just matter of preference. If you don’t want it, just keep stacking Wild Mods

Last Words

And that’s about it. I had a blast playing like this, it was something new – for me.

Keep in mind that your damage is bigger the faster you are going, so don’t be shy, and circle/zig – zag/Drift around enemies, to burn/scorch/singe the Nova out of them. Also the bigger your shield is, the longer cooldown it has, so stack accordingly.

You shouldn’t lose your shield at all – since how big it is, atleast it didn’t happen to me. Just dodge for a while if that happens.

This is not meant to be a crash build, so avoid contact damage at all costs. If something slams into you, or shoots you, it’s fine, just don’t let it be a constant.

Build: Searing Star

Build: Searing Star

As you can see, only reason why i ended here was because i absolutely didn’t expect those huge vag … hammers to pincer me in between.

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