New World Furnishing Leveling Guide 0-200 2022

The Furnishing Trade Skill gives you the ability to craft a wide variety of furniture, storage items and trophies for your house in New World.

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide 0-200 2022

The resources you’ll be using to create these items will mostly come from your Gathering and Refining skills.

Furnishing can be performed at any one of the Workshops in your settlement. Each of these Workshops have their own Tier level. The higher the tier of the Workshop you are using, the more items you can craft.

This mechanic is very important for Furnishing as all items have their own Tier level prerequisite. This means that you have to be at a Workshop that meets the Tier level requirement of the item to be able to craft it.

You can raise the Tier level of the Workshops by completing Town Projects. And if you don’t want to do that, you can also opt to just find another settlement that has a Workshop that meets the required Tier level.

Each item also has a Furnishing level prerequisite for the player. You need to be at the Furnishing level requirement of an item to be able to craft it.

Leveling up your Furnishing skill isn’t that difficult of a process. It levels up the more you craft Furnishing items. But to be able to level it up quickly, you need to find the perfect items to craft.

Such items would be ones that use readily available resources and give a reasonable amount of XP. The good news is; we’ve found these items for you and we’ll show you how to power level your Furnishing skill using them subsequently.

Materials and Other Relying Skills

The skills we’ve listed below are very important for Furnishing as the resources you need to craft the Furnishing items can only be obtained through these skills:

  • Cooking
  • Harvesting
  • Leatherworking
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Smelting
  • Weaving
  • Woodworking

If you choose to invest in other skills and aren’t able to gather the necessary resources required to craft your Furnishing items, you can try trading for these items with other players in your server.

Benefits of Leveling Up Furnishing

At first glance, Furnishing may seem like an unimportant skill that’s just to be used to create items for aesthetic purposes. However, that’s not the case at all.

Of course, the furniture items that you can create don’t serve any real purpose and are just to be used for decoration, but the storage items and trophies are very important items.

Without storage items, you’ll have no place to store the extra resources and materials that you’ve accumulated. You’ll either have to just get rid of them or use them to craft things you don’t actually need.

If you level up your Furnishing skill and craft some storage items for yourself, you’ll be able to store all of your items in a secure place to use whenever you want.

Trophies are also very useful items. When you place them in your base, they’re actually quite beneficial to you. They give you all bonuses when you use other Trade Skills. Some of them also help you out in combat against specific enemy types.

Having better stats in Furnishing allows you to have more secure storage compartments to use and store your stuff. Also, better and larger units allow you to store more items with convenience.

Trophies and the bonuses they provide allow you to upgrade your trading and make more profits on your items. This allows you to invest in other skills more easily.

The more you level up this skill, the better furniture, storage and trophies you’ll be able to craft.

Crafting Furniture Power Level

I. Level 0-50

The fastest way to reach furnishing level 50 is by crafting 186 units of Ash Wall Shelf. A single Ash Wall shelf can be crafted at a tier-2 workshop using 10x Iron Ingot, 15x Timber, and 1x Ash Stain. You will receive 126 XP for crafting each unit.

After level 35, players can craft Hewn Log Storage Chest to store their gears, and at level 50 players unlock Maple Stain which can be mass-produced to level up quickly.

II. Level 50-100

To reach level 100, craft 1054 units of Warm Iron Sconce- Bright and 1881 units of Maple Stain. You will need 5x Iron Ingot, 15x Timber, and 5x Oil to craft a Warm Iron Sconce. On the other hand, crafting a Maple stain costs 4x Oil, and 10x Weak Solvent and requires a tier-3 Workshop. Each of these crafts will provide you 126 and 84 XP individually.

After reaching level 85, players can craft Iron Storage Chest at a tier-3 Workshop. Reaching level 75/100 will unlock all the “minor” skill trophies and Oak Stain.

III. Level 100-150

The best furniture craft to reach level 150 is Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy. Craft 627 units of the same at a tier-3 Workshop using 20x Steel Ingots, 25x Lumber, 1x Maple Stain, and 25x Life Motes. Creating each unit will give you 1704 XP.

At level 145, players can craft Hope Storage Chest which has a storing size of 400, additionally, reaching level 150 will unlock all the “basic” skill trophies and Mahogany Stain.

IV. Level 150-200

Finally, craft 1067 units of Oval Cerulean Rug to reach level 200. Crafting each unit requires 25x Silk, 25x Layered Leathers, and 15x Wirefiber. Each craft of Oval Cerulean Rug provides 6240 XP for Furnishing skills to the player.

You can always choose this method of mass-producing items and grinding to level up your furniture skill quickly, but if you want to be more economical about it, then craft 2-3 pieces of each item and try to sell them on the trading posts for a profit.

At level 200, players can craft all the furnishing items present in the game, including Golden Steel Storage Chest and all the “major’ skill trophies.

New World Furnishing Leveling Tips Pt.1

Leveling up Furnishing in New World allows for crafting of more types of Furniture, larger Storage Chests and better, more potent Trophies, as well as improving your crafting efficiency and increasing your yield.

As a general rule, sticking to lower tier items is the recommended method for quickly leveling up a Crafting Skill. This is due to the cost of crafting items increasing exponentially as you move up in tiers, with some higher level recipes costing up to double the amount of resources to craft. Another reason to craft lower tier items for leveling is the ease of gathering resources and the relative low market cost should you choose to purchase them instead.

Unlike other Crafting skills, Furnishing requires significantly more experience (almost six times the normal total XP requirement) to level up. This is compounded by the fact that a lot of recipes that give the best XP per craft also require Refining Materials such as Solvent and Crossweave, which can only be obtained from Supply Chests. Fortunately, assuming you will not be going out of your way to gather the Refining Materials or buying them from the Trading Post, there are resource-efficient options at least up to level 100, such as the Rusty Iron Lantern, Warm Iron Chandelier – Bright, Warm Iron Lantern – Bright and Warm Iron Sconce – Bright which are relatively easy to gather materials for. We will try to provide alternatives for when you have a large stock of certain hard-to-farm materials.

The following table details the experience required to reach certain levels in Furnishing, as well as a general count for the amount of Crafted Items required to reach these thresholds. For simplicity’s sake, the table only shows tier milestone levels instead of every single Furnishing level.

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide 0-200
New World Furnishing Leveling Guide 0-200

Leveling in Furnishing will require a Workshop, Smelter and Woodworking Station at Tier II or higher if crafting higher tier items. You will also need Mining at level 20 in order to gather Oil which is required in the recommended recipes.

Level 0 – 50

Of the four options for crafting, three of them use the exact same materials and in the same amounts. Remember to salvage your items after crafting to regain some of the materials used and cut down on gathering time. All four options provide 150 XP per craft.

Rusty Iron Lantern / Warm Iron Chandelier – Bright / Warm Iron Lantern – Bright (156 Total)

  • 2,340 x Iron Ingot: Comprised of 9,360 x Iron Ore
  • 780 x Oil
  • 780 x Fibers

Warm Iron Sconce – Bright (156 Total)

  • 2,340 x Timber: Comprised of 9,360 x Green Wood
  • 780 x Iron Ingot: Comprised of 3,120 x Iron Ore
  • 780 x Oil

Iron Ore can be found in great concentrations around Monarch’s Bluffs and Everfall. Green Wood can be found pretty much anywhere and there are usually an abundance of Young Trees and Bushes right outside settlements, allowing you to easily store your collected materials. Fibers can be gathered from the Hemp plant and a good spot to get them is in and around the river that stretches across the west of Windsward, along the border to Monarch’s Bluffs. There are also farmsteads just next to the border that are also a good source of Hemp and other materials. Oil is the only material here that requires some skill leveling. Oil can be harvested from Seeping Stones starting at Mining Level 20. It is also recommended to have Mining at 45 when farming for Oil as the Seeping Stones can be tracked then. Seeping Stones are most abundant in the marshes of Weaver’s Fen. The nodes are interspersed between monster spawns so it may not be very conducive to quick farming. Other good spots are the northwest pocket of First Light and the marshes north of Cutlass Keys.

Level 50 – 100

For this leveling bracket, you can still make decent headway crafting the same four items above but you will start feeling the diminishing returns and it will soon seem like you are spending too much time gathering for too little payoff. Unfortunately, all recipes from here on out will require some Refining Materials so make it a point to collect chests as much as possible and check out your Trading Post to see how much they’re selling for.

Update: The Patch 1.0.2 Update has fixed an issue which unintentionally reduced the amount and variety of items you can get from Chests and Containers out in the world. This includes Refining Materials such as Solvent and Sandpaper which are used extensively in Furnishing, making it a lot easier to gather large quantities of them and in turn, making it easier to level Furnishing.

Rusty Iron Lantern / Warm Iron Chandelier – Bright / Warm Iron Lantern – Bright (1,054 Total)

  • 15,810 x Iron Ingot: Comprised of 63,240 x Iron Ore
  • 5,270 x Oil
  • 5,270 x Fibers

Warm Iron Sconce – Bright (1,054 Total)

  • 15,810 x Timber: Comprised of 63,240 x Green Wood
  • 5,270 x Iron Ingot: Comprised of 21,080 x Iron Ore
  • 5,270 x Oil

For alternatives, there is a very good avenue that opens up at Level 55 in the form of the Tree Stump Side Table which grants a whopping 1,128 XP per craft. However, leveling efficiently from this hinges on a couple of factors. Firstly, the recipe is not unlocked naturally and is found as a random drop blueprint from chests. Otherwise, you can check your Trading Post for any on sale. Note that the blueprint name does not match the item name. The blueprint is called Schematic: Stump Stool. Secondly, the recipe requires the Weak Solvent and Coarse Sandpaper Refining Materials which as mentioned above can only be acquired through Supply Chests out in the world. If you can gather enough of the materials or purchase them for cheap on the Trading Post, this is the most efficient way for you to level up in Furnishing, all the way to 150, perhaps even to 200.

Tree Stump Side Table (135 Total from Level 55 to 100)

  • 4,725 x Lumber: Comprised of 18,900 x Aged Wood, 9,450 x Timber (or 37,800 x Green Wood), 4,725 x Coarse Sandpaper
  • 1,350 x Weak Solvent
  • 270 x Maple Stain: Comprised of 270 x Weak Solvent, 135 x Oil

For Aged Wood, you will need to have the Logging skill at level 50 in order to cut down Mature Trees. A good spot for Mature Trees is just outside the Brightwood settlement, which has acres upon acres of these thick, older trees.

Coarse Sandpaper and Weak Solvent can be found in Supply Chests in level 0 – 38 Zones. This includes First Light, Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward, Brightwood, Weaver’s Fen and Cutlass Keys. Keep in mind that you will also come across the other Refining Materials such as Tannin, Sand Flux and Crossweave. If you have any of the Refining Skills (Smelting, Leatherworking, etc) at level 50, and if you have some Faction Tokens to purchase Common Material Converters, you can convert the unwanted Refining Materials into Sandpaper or Solvent at a ratio of 20 source material to 15 converted material.

New World Furnishing Leveling Tips Pt.2

Level 100 – 150

For this leveling bracket, you have a choice between Maple Stain or Oak Stain, depending on whether you have more Weak Solvent or Potent Solvent. Keep in mind that Stains are crafted in sets of 10.

Maple Stain (12,715 Sets Total)

  • 127,150 x Weak Solvent
  • 50,860 x Oil

Oak Stain (3,179 Sets Total)

  • 31,790 x Potent Solvent
  • 12,716 x Oil

Potent Solvent can be found in Supply Chests in level 34 – 58 Zones including Weaver’s Fen, Restless Shore, Ebonscale Reach, Mourningdale, Great Cleave and Edengrove. Just as with Weak Solvent, if you have any unwanted Tier IV Refining Materials, you can convert them at a ratio of 20 source to 15 converted. This requires a skill of 100 in any of the Refining Skills and some Faction Tokens to buy Advanced Material Converters.

Alternatively, if you have access to the Tree Stump Side Table recipe from the previous bracket, it is still very good experience.

Tree Stump Side Table (947 Total)

  • 33,145 x Lumber: Comprised of 132,580 x Aged Wood, 66,290 x Timber (or 265,160 x Green Wood), 33,145 x Coarse Sandpaper
  • 9,470 x Weak Solvent
  • 1,894 x Maple Stain: Comprised of 1,894 x Weak Solvent, 947 x Oil

Of course, a combination of all three is viable wherever your materials allow. Hang on to your Stains if you are looking to craft furniture for your home or for selling as these are used in practically every recipe, especially the highly valuable Trophies.

Level 150 – 200

For the final stretch of leveling, it’s tough to beat Mahogany Stain in leveling efficiency. However, this requires Pure Solvent which can only be found in endgame zones in Elite Chests.

Mahogany Stain (4,952 Sets Total)

  • 49,520 x Pure Solvent
  • 19,810 x Oil

Just as with the previous tier of Solvent, you can convert unwanted Refining Materials into Pure Solvent at a ratio of 20 to 15. This requires level 150 in any Refining Skill and Faction Tokens to purchase Masterwork Material Converters.

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