My Little Terrarium Shiba Inu Guide

My Little Terrarium

Here you will find everything you need to know about the My Little Terrarium Shiba Inu. How to get a Shiba Inu and what are their favorite foods to avoid getting lost?

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My Little Terrarium Shiba Inu

My Little Terrarium Shiba Inu
My Little Terrarium Shiba Inu Guide

How to get Shiba Inu

  • The shiba inu appears once your Cherry Tree is blooming.
  • The Cherry Tree blooms when all plants in the terrarium are healthy/watered and when there are no weeds.

Note: When the cherry blossom is in bloom, Shiba Inu always comes out.

Shiba Inu favorite food

Shiba Inu favorite/unfavorite food:

  • Favorite: Steak, Tuna Can
  • Unfavorite: Fruits, Salad

Talking to the Shiba Inu

  • Now it’s sad, but time passes and sorrow disappears, my sorrow will turn into joy.
  • When I was a puppy, he bought me warm clothes! He was so kind to me.
  • When I was a puppy, he gave me a delicious snack! I want to eat again.
  • When I was a puppy, I went to the beach with him! Sandy toes. Sunkissed nose…
  • When I was a puppy, I took a walk along the river with him, and the wind smelled like flowers!
  • He told me to wait here for just a minute!
  • You don’t get bored if you’re with me!
  • I wish I had someone to love me.
  • I love him more than I love myself!
  • I like meat! I like fish! I hate fruits! I hate vegetables!
  • Cherry blossoms are overwhelmingly beautiful, but they bloom too short.
  • I’m spending most of my time waiting for him to come back!
  • The blossoms start to fall. I feel little sad.
  • My life is much shorter than yours. I live for the day, the hour, even the moment.
  • Will he change his mind and come back to me?
  • I want to see the next cherry blossom with him!

Shiba Inu Item Conversation

Puppy Cushion:
The riverbank is good because it’s breezy and cool! I wish I could go in a walk with him! I’d like to go on a walk with you, too, but he might come back while we’re away… So instead, I’ll give you this, it looks like me!

Rice Cake:
Thank you for giving me tasty snacks instead of him! Of course, His snacks are better… Oh, never mind! Oh, this is his favorite, sweet rice cake. I’ll give you some.

I know he isn’t coming back, ever… But I still have happy memories here with me. So I can wait a bit longer. This…is a ball he and I used to play with. I feel a bit sad when I have it… Really? Are you sure? … Thanks! I played so much thanks to you! You can have this.

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