My Little Terrarium Panda Guide & Hints

My Little Terrarium

In this guide you will find Panda’s appearance requirements, favorite/unfavorite food, item conversation and how to talk to panda. The Panda is a large animal with a white body, black arms, legs, ears, eyes, and nose. It is seen eating a leaf from the bamboo plant.

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My Little Terrarium Panda

My Little Terrarium Panda Guide
My Little Terrarium Panda

Panda food

All the animals in My Little Terrarium have food preferences. If you the animal’s heart is full, he will stay in the terrarium. If you do not want your animals to disappear, it is very important to feed them, the food they like. Here you will find Panda’s likes and dislikes.

  • Favorites: Noodles and Warm stew
  • Unfavorites: Blueberry tart and Scorpion cake

Appearance requirements

The Panda will only appear in your terrarium when surrounded by 4 small plants.

Talking to the Panda

  • Isn’t the name mantous so cute??
  • The dumplings I make are vegetarian dishes with tofu.
  • To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.
  • The noodle shop boy, he’s become a great martial artist. In the old days, he was a little boy who only eats a lot of dumplings.
  • There are no coincidences in this world.
  • Dumplings were invented during the Three Kingdoms period.
  • It is important for martial artists to stay calm.
  • One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.
  • If you touch my bamboo… I’ll shoot you in a strong wind. You’ll be in a state of inactivity.
  • Your mind is like this water, my friend.
  • One needs warm foods like noodles and stews to feel full. Cakes? Tarts? They’re nothing.

Item conversation

Puppy Cushion:
The riverbank is good because it’s breezy and cool! I wish I could go in a walk with him! I’d like to go on a walk with you, too, but he might come back while we’re away… So instead, I’ll give you this, it looks like me!

Rice Cake:
Thank you for giving me tasty snacks instead of him! Of course, His snacks are better… Oh, never mind! Oh, this is his favorite, sweet rice cake. I’ll give you some.

I know he isn’t coming back, ever… But I still have happy memories here with me. So I can wait a bit longer. This…is a ball he and I used to play with. I feel a bit sad when I have it… Really? Are you sure? … Thanks! I played so much thanks to you! You can have this.

This is all the information about Panda in the game My Little Terrarium. If you think that this information is inaccurate/missing, please write us a comment.

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