Moving the VR Route Advisor without Mods in ETS2

Moving the VR Route Advisor without Mods in ETS2

How to move the in-game Route Advisor from the center of the screen without needing to install and maintain mods.


Why should you consider editing the config.cfg file rather than using mods?

  • Anytime SCS changes the format or location of the .sii file commonly used by mods to move the Advisor, the mods will break and either no longer function, or in some cases cause the game to crash. Using the variables in config.cfg should mean more reliable compatibility.
  • You’re limited to the positions offered by the mod author, or you have to manually tweak the values for dozens of entries in the advisor’s .sii file.
  • To my knowledge, mods have generally been limited to modifying the x and y position of the Advisor, where the config.cfg file now has the ability to alter pitch, yaw, and scale.


Compared to moving the Route Advisor with mods, there are a few limitations to using config.cfg:

  • Unlike mods, you can’t use this to hide elements you don’t want to see
  • This will also move the virtual mirrors, if you use them, as well as other in-game menus like Seat Adjustments and the Parking selection.
  • You can only edit the file while ETS2 is closed. If you edit the file while ETS2 is running, your changes won’t be visible, and the game will actually overwrite them with the previous values when it closes.

Editing config.cfg

Open the config.cfg file located in DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2
Within, you can edit the following variables (shown here with their default values).
I recommend first setting the size with fov_game, because the position offsets are relative to the size.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_pitch_game "0.0"  
- Pitch (updown) angle in degrees - positive values tilt down and negative values tilt up.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_yaw_game "0.0" 
- Yaw (right-left) Angle in degrees - positive values angle right and negative values angle left.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_y_game "0.0" 
- Vertical offset, 1.0 sends it pretty far up.  Negative numbers move it down.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_x_game "0.0"
- Horizontal offset, 1.0 sends it about three quarters of the way across the cab to the right.  Negative numbers move it to the left.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_static_fov "40"
- I haven't tinkered with this one.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_fov_game "100"
- Sets the in-game FOV for the Advisor and in-game menus and subsequently how large they appear.  100 is full size, 50 is half size.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_fov "80" 
- Sets the FOV for the menu and subsequently how large it appears.  100 is full size, 50 is half size.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_dist_game "0.5"
- Sets the distance away from the viewer for the in-game Advisor.  1.0 moves it a good distance away.

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_dist "0.8"
- Sets the distance away from the viewer for the menu.  1.0 moves it a good distance away.

Now, start up ETS2 and check out your positioning!


For instance, I used the following values to shrink the Route Advisor and shift it over to the side on my dash: (I also turned off my in-dash GPS.)

uset r_manual_stereo_ui_pitch_game "-20.0"
uset r_manual_stereo_ui_yaw_game "-20.0"
uset r_manual_stereo_ui_y_game "-0.2"
uset r_manual_stereo_ui_x_game "0.4"
uset r_manual_stereo_ui_fov_game "80"
uset r_manual_stereo_ui_dist_game "0.6"

Moving the VR Route Advisor without Mods

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