MergeCrafter tips and tricks for beginners


How to spend less resources? What to aim for? Which item chains to ignore and which to cherish? You will find out here!

Merging tools properly

Merging 5 tools of same type together produces 2 tools of improved quality, but at the same time they COMBINE reforge levels. For example, take 5 axes and reforge 4 of them for 5 coins each (overall it costs 20 coins) > after merging you get 2 strong axes with ‘reforge-2’, if you would like to turn 2 reforge-0 axes into rank 2, cost will be 5+15 for each and that is 40. Merging reforged items is cheaper!

Now, there is Max Gold Capacity, which can be increased by crafting storages. That is not an easy task: storages take time, space, prescious glass and provide small boost to Max Cap. Imagine having only 1000 coins Max Cap, the highest tool level you can reforge is ‘VI’ for 750 coins. But there is a trick — if you reforge basic tools to max possible reforge (limited by Gold Cap) and merge them by 5x, their reforge rank will go higher than your Gold Cap would allow to create.


  • you have tools of lowest rank-1, reforged to max possible lvl (let’s say VI);
  • after merging get tools of rank-2 ‘VII’, now create 2 more of those and ’empty’ one, merge;
  • you get tools of rank-3 ‘VIII’, repeat;
  • rank-4 ‘IX’;
  • rank-5 ‘X’;
  • rank-6 ‘XI’.

Doing that allows to surpass gold limitations by incredible ammount, as well as saving some % gold.

Reforge lvl1 item cost4 items cost2 items of next rank from zero (income)
I52040 (+20)
II1580110 (+30)
III35220280 (+60)
IV85560770 (+210)
V24515402270 (+730)
VI75045405270 (+730)
VII15001054012270 (+1730)
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