Marvel’s Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Hero’s Heart Challenge Mission Guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Hero's Heart Challenge Mission Guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Captain Marvel Hero’s Heart Challenge Mission Walkthrough Guide and Hints. You can take a look at our guide for the challenge missions of all other characters except Captain Marvel; Challenge Mission Walkthroughs and Hints.

Captain Marvel Hero’s Heart Challenge Mission Guide

Captain Marvel’s Challenge centers on card combinations that take her Binary Mode into account.

  • Hint 1: As you might have guessed from the All In card that the Whisper of Memory is holding, Block is an important aspect of this Challenge. While maximizing isn’t necessary, ability timing is important to raise Block.
  • Hint 2: Her Binary Mode isn’t used for its double damage as is common in missions, it’s used more for the Block generation. Don’t over-commit to using Binary Mode as the finisher for this Challenge.

Primary Objective: Defeat the Crystal to acquire the Supernova ability card.

  • There are infinite Card Plays.
  • Redraw and Move are disabled.
  • The Challenge is failed if there are no more cards to play or the turn ends.


  1. Use Cosmic Ray on the Whisper of Memory.
  2. Follow up by using Quick Jab on it.
  3. Now use Knee Strike on it to generate a little Block and get the Go Binary card. Note that we could have maximized Block by waiting to Knee Strike during the effects of Binary Mode, but the gain is only an extra 5 Block and end result is the same.
  4. Use Go Binary to enter Binary Mode and gain more Block. Captain Marvel’s Block total is now at 34.
  5. Use Fists of Radiance on the Whisper of Memory, knocking it into the Crystal to defeat the enemy and damage the Crystal. This also acquires the All In card. This is where skipping the chance to maximize Block above evens out. The extra 5 Block is offset by the extra 5 damage the knockback dealt while in Binary Mode.
  6. Use One Step Ahead to draw 2 cards, Regroup and another Fists of Radiance. This is an important step because we need that Regroup to raise Block higher for All In.
  7. Use Regroup to raise Block, which results in a total of 48. This is also a great screenshot/photo opportunity!
  8. Use All In, which greatly raises Offense, but ends Binary Mode since Captain Marvel no longer has any Block.
  9. Use Fists of Radiance on the Crystal. There will be a warning that it’s immune to knockback, but that’s fine.
  10. Use Rain of Blows on the Crystal, destroying it and acquiring Supernova.
  11. Use Supernova on the newly-spawned Black Crystal to complete the Challenge.

What are Challenges?

Challenges are essentially solo character puzzles. Each character’s Challenge gives you a set hand, Offense stat, and even draw order to complete the mission, so don’t worry about character level or deck composition. The rules are generally the same (no Card Play limit, no Redraws or Moves, etc.), but they’ll all be listed in the sections below.

The first objective in most Challenges is usually to defeat certain enemies or destroy certain objects to add the character’s Legendary ability card to your hand, with the second objective simply an excuse to show the card off. Given the general nature of the first objective, the step-by-step walkthroughs aren’t the only solutions, but do solve the Challenge.

Completing a character’s Challenge gives you 2 rewards:

  • The character’s Midnight Sun (Legendary) Suit
  • The character’s Heroic (Legendary) card

Completed Challenges can be repeated for fun, but no longer award anything upon completion. Challenges only provide you with one copy of a character’s Heroic Legendary card. To obtain upgraded/modded versions of the cards, you must now either craft additional copies at the Forge or get lucky and find one in a Gamma Coil.

Challenge Mission Hints and Walkthroughs

Since you get Hunter’s Challenge first, theirs is at the top of each section of this guide, with the remaining characters in alphabetical order.

Unlocking Challenges

To unlock Challenge Missions, the Armory upgrade must be built in the Forge, which becomes available after completing the research project, “Forged in Hellfire.” The requirements to research it are:

  • The Forge must be at least Level 4.
  • Complete 4 missions with Ghost Rider (both Story and General missions count).

The Armory costs 175 Credits to build, which adds the “Challenges” option to the Forge menu. The Hunter’s Challenge is immediately available. Other than Hulk’s, every other character’s Challenge is unlocked once you’ve earned Level 5 Friendship with them.

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