Marauders FOV Fixing (Ultrawide)

In marauders the fov is in a very wide or very narrow range. Check out our guide to fix this fov.

Marauders How to Fix Ultrawide FOV

Make your game not insanely zoomed in when playing on 21:9 OR 32:9 aspect ratio.

Edit engine.ini for FOV Fixing

  • Navigate to C:Users[USER ACCOUNT]AppDataLocalRaidGameSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor
  • Right click Engine.ini and “edit”

Add these 2 lines at the bottom of the file

save the file

launch the game, and enjoy being able to see

How to fix ultrawide FOV

Suggestion from comments: Instead of manually navigating to the file, you can point windows explorer to the address below and the file will directly open.
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