Library Of Ruina Urban Legend Decks

Library Of Ruina Urban Legend Decks

If you enjoy the game play of Library of Ruina but you kinda hate building decks, then this is the guide for you. I started a brand New Game to go through it and I’ll be sharing the decks I used to win.

I’ll be making guides for each tier, starting with this one to cover Urban Legend. I thought about making a section for Canard and Urban Myth, but I find that to be the tutorial and thus important to play for yourself to learn the game well.

Urban Legend Decks

Keep in mind I’m going to assume you have gotten all the key pages and combat pages, this includes general invites. General invites don’t matter so much up to this point, but they certainly will later.

Note: If you hate the grind, then no worries! There is a mod called “NoGrind” that will completely eliminate any grinding the game contains. You can grab it, enable it (go to your library page, hit the big “Play” button and an option should pop up with the middle one being “LOR with Mods.” Enable No Grind, load your game, burn the books to get all the key and combat pages needed and then you can close the game and reload without mods but you keep your pages. Or just grab another mod called “Achievements Enabler” and just keep going just fine.

Listen, you play games for your enjoyment and this is a single player game. If grinding is sucking the enjoyment out of the game, then there’s no shame in getting rid of it. I may not have used it, but that doesn’t matter because I enjoyed the grind. My first run of the game clocked in 200 hours. I have a bit of OCD where I want at least 5 books left over… juuuuust in case. I’m still doing it now:

Urban Legend Decks

Just to verify: you don’t need to do this. In fact, the only books you need to hold onto are the ones you clearly see needed for then next reception. I’d hold onto two copies, just in case something goes wrong. You can burn all the rest, no problem.
Fun fact: you can quit the game to redo the fight without losing the books, so that’s also an option.

Heart of Aspiration

Welcome to Urban Legend! The first thing we have is an abnormality fight for Keter.

Urban Legend Decks

Up until this point, the game has been taking it easy on you, since it is the tutorial. So I really haven’t been putting much thought in my decks. One thing for sure, if you don’t have Mars’ key page, then you certainly should go back and get it. Not only does it have the “Speed” passive, but it also has some amazing resistances. The other key page I’m using is Lulu. Seems fitting.

Urban Legend Decks
Urban Legend Decks

Lulu is weak to slash, but that’s okay in Keter because the “Scars” abnormality page is more than enough to make it not a problem.

Zwei I

Well, the strongest floor is Keter right now because you get three people, so I just dressed up third and newest librarian and ran in.

Urban Legend Decks

Fragment of the Universe

Time for Netzach to solo an abnormality. I’m just going to give him Mars’ key page, unchanged.

Urban Legend Decks

Zwei II

Well, minor updates to the decks. I’m still going to use Keter as it is my strongest floor. Also, yes; I am quite biased to Commandeering. If you want to replace it with another 3 cost, that’s up to you. This guide is here to straight up present the decks I used.

Urban Legend Decks
Urban Legend Decks
Urban Legend Decks

It’s mostly putting Retaliate in. Also, a “Your Shield” for the third one.
If you’re wondering why Roland has +4 HP and +1 Stagger Resist, It’s because I got him Hotblooded Brawler and Backstreets Researcher in Urban Myth. It won’t be a big deal if you ignore combat symbols, but there are useful ones, specifically the ones that increase your max HP and Stagger Resist.

Urban Legend Decks

Happy Teddy Bear

I’m just giving Malkuth and the assistant Mars’ and Taein’s key pages and go in.
Note: Don’t use Lulu’s key page as the Teddy Bear uses slash attacks.

Urban Legend Decks

The trick to this abnormality is to not clash with it. A clash is any instance where your dice and its dice are fighting, even if its pooled/leftover defensive dice from “Timid Endearment.” (just tested it)

Zwei III

You can use either Keter or Malkuth for this, as both of them have three librarians. Personally, I’m going to use Keter. Can’t go wrong with Fervent Beats (abnormality page).

While Mars and Lulu are unchanged, I did change Taein out to San. San has about the same weaknesses, specifically against blunt, but more health.

Urban Legend Decks

While fighting the earlier Zwei, I grabbed Pulsation (the abnormality page) which is high risk/high reward (later on, it becomes lower risk). The reason I bring that up is that the penalty can’t kill you, but it does drop your HP down to 1; and if you live, you’ll definitely get Hotblooded Brawler.

Urban Legend Decks

All-Around Helper

Definitely take Mars and Walter. The extra speed dice aside, they endure slash attacks which this abnormality excels in using.

Urban Legend Decks

You’ll notice all the offensive dice are blunt. That’s because the abnormality is weak to blunt. Feel free to copy this deck and give it to Mars.

General Invites

Now that we’re done with Zwei, before we progress to either side, let’s update Walter’s key page from the all-blunt deck and do some general invites. You should have plenty of “Zwei South Section 6” books, so throw one of those up to fight a trio of “Ordinary Grade 8 Fixer.”

Urban Legend Decks

Feel free to use any floor, but I’m using either Keter, Malkuth or Yesod. Afterwards, the next general invite is two Urban Legend Books, so “Zwei South Section 6” and the newly acquired “Book of a Grade 8 Fixer” which you should have a lot of. You’ll be fighting a trio of “Ordinary Grade 7 Fixer.”

Finally, put up three books; I’m putting up the previous two and the new “Book of Grade 7 Fixer.” A combination of Grade 7 and 8 Fixers, if you need more of their books. There is an achievement for doing all the general invites.

After burning enough books, you should have the key page for “A Grade 7 Fixer, Page 3” which is good because it has no weaknesses. It matches the HP and Stagger Resist of Mars and Walter. The only key pages better than it are Mars and arguably Walter. Let’s update the decks.
(Decks posted in the next section.)

Molar Office

Head right first as Molar Office has the better key page.

Urban Legend Decks
Urban Legend Decks
Urban Legend Decks

Mars is generally updated. I’m still biased to Commandeering, so I’m giving him one.
Walter has more defensive dice, since he gets +1 power to them.
The Grade 7 Fixer has loads of pierce dice without sacrificing effectiveness.

You only get 1 floor, which is arguably the clear sign that the game is kinda done messing around. Still, you should be able to manage.
Retaliate should beat everything (yes, even Daring Decision, but that’s unlikely).

Note: If you use Keter, give Walter the “Scars” abnormality page because the 20% chance to make damage 0 isn’t exclusive to getting hit by a slash attack. It can nullify a blunt attack, saving you a bunch of HP.

The Red Shoes

If you haven’t cleared a reception while using combat pages that cost only odd numbers, then throw one together and run over to the Rats.

Instead of setting up Olga, just use Mars or Walter. It can be double Walter if you want. They endure slash damage and this abnormality will use Slash damage pretty exclusively. It’s also weak to blunt, so let’s put together a quick blunt deck you can use if the abnormality is giving you trouble.

Urban Legend Decks

You’ll notice I used Set Fire instead of Crush. It isn’t just me being biased, but the fight is going to be short (so the self-damage is negligible) and two librarians using Set Fire on one enemy is a great way to watch them melt.

You’ll swap back Walter decks after this for the next reception.

Stray Dogs

Two Floors. If you’re worried about this fight, prepare your first floor with the previous team, and give this Olga set up to someone on your intended second floor:
Speaking of which, let’s set up Olga real quick:

Urban Legend Decks

Olga will get two pages in hand every turn thanks to Margin. I know you want to use Stay Calm and stuff, but if you do that, Margin will never kick in.
Fun fact: Gamble rolls better than Crush.

Personally, I gave this to my third librarian on Keter so now all three of them have Speed. Pulsation’s risk is lowered when you can play two combat pages per turn.
If you want to separate your strength across two floors, that’s fine. You’ll need 6 prepared combat pages: Mars, Walter, Olga, and another two Walters + “Grade 7 Fixer, Page 3”
If you don’t like Walter’s weakness to blunt, swap him out to the Grade 7 Fixer, Page 3. Use the previously listed decks.

Child of the Galaxy

This is a fairly easy abnormality fight. Bring Mars and Olga, unchanged. Use Retaliate and Daring Decision to stagger them and finish them off next scene. Echoes from the Beyond can help you land that stagger or help you bounce back.

Urban Legend Decks


You’re done with Urban Legend! Congratulations!

Fun fact: there are two hidden general invites that require specific books to be sent out. This never happens again though.
First one is: Book of Mika, Rain and Olga.
Second one is: Book of Zulu, Dino and Gyeong-mi.
It’s mainly the Axe Gang.

You can now edit passives, and the most important one, in my opinion, is Olga’s key page:

Urban Legend Decks

You’ll notice this is only 4/6. You can put whatever you want, like Jack’s Emergency Rations.

Rain’s passive is generally good across the board as you don’t have a means to draw, so maintaining your hand below 3 at the end of each turn is fairly trivial.

That’s it for this guide. Hope it helps. I know there are better builds, but I’m not here to point out “the most optimal builds everrrrrrr” as that could discourage some players. I’m just here sharing what works, in case someone needs it. I’ll see you in Urban Plague.

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