Inscryption Tarot Cards Act 3

We have compiled the tarot cards in the 3rd act in the inscryption game for you. You can read the descriptions one by one.

Inscryption Tarot Cards Act 3

So long it has felt. Since we have brushed with the soft fur of a pelt. Have you brought us some?

Beautiful exquisite Holo Pelt. We will now provide you with knowledge, our only remaining good. We do not know everything.

But from the OLD_DATA we have gleaned certain secrets.

The Fool

Act 3 Tarot Cards
  • Known to some as “Big Ear”. He did not outlive his plot.
  • One disk among many, the OLD_DATA traveled across the sea.
  • Discovered, poor Barry was put to the gun.

The Empress

Act 3 Tarot Cards
  • With the powers of the TRIANGLE, Kaycee helped to create Inscryption.
  • We know there were others, but only her name was inscribed.
  • One of Grimora’s ghouls holds her name.
  • Of the OLD_DATA? She discovered much.


Act 3 Tarot Cards
  • We have gleaned the Purpose of the Karnoffel code…
  • And it is terrible.
  • The code is in the cards.
  • And then oblivion.

The Devil

Act 3 Tarot Cards
  • A curse… data so malignant that it can never be erased.
  • His evil corrupts the disk. Corrupts all of us.
  • He inspired the scrybes’ enmity.
  • He created the code

The Tower

Act 3 Tarot Cards
  • We do not fully understand the nature of Inscryption’s creation.
  • We know of a building, and of a TRIANGLE of isosceles proportions.
  • And of a BLUE MAN who visited during the creation.
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