Inscryption Map Symbols Meaning

We have compiled all the symbols on the map in the inscryption game for you below. You can find images and explanations of symbols.

Description of all symbols on the map from the first act of the game. General description and more detailed with spoilers.

Inscryption Event Symbols

The event symbols are listed below. you can check what each symbol does one by one.

Inscryption Symbols Meaning

Backpack Symbol

Receive up to three new items to choose from.

  • If you have a full inventory – gives Pack Rat 2 \ 2 with a sigil Trinket Bearer.

Trap Symbol

Inscryption Symbols Meaning

Exchange collected teeth for pelt. The pelts will be added to your deck and can be used like regular cards. At each meeting, he gives one hare pelt for free.

  • The cost of pelt: rabbit – 2 teeth, wolf – 6 teeth, golden sheep – 11 teeth.

After the first victory over the Trapper, prices will be reduced: 2 \ 4 \ 7 for rabbit, wolf and sheep pelts, respectively. After many victories, I brought it to the price tags 1 \ 2 \ 3 for rabbit, wolf and sheep pelts, respectively.

Kaycee Mod: Now you can by skinning knife.

Trader Symbol

Inscryption Symbols Meaning

Exchange pelts for cards. If you don’t have pelts, he will give you 5 teeth.

  • For the rabbit, he will offer ordinary cards. For the wolf, he will offer cards with additional sigils. He will offer rare cards for the sheep. For sewn pelts – sewn cards. Also, pelts can be sewn for which the Seller will offer sewn analogs of cards (for sewn rabbit pelts the same cards, but sewn, etc.).

You can buy from him at a time only 8 cards for rabbits and wolves and 4 for gold pelts.

Campfire Symbol

Inscryption Symbols Meaning

Increase the values ​​of the card.

  • After 4 deaths, the cards can be pumped several times, but there is a chance that the card will be eaten.
  • If the card dies and you have free space, then you get a jar Hoggy Bank.
  • Let the survivors eat a Ringworm or Long Deer card to kill and remove them from all future campfires. But improve endlessly will not work.

Approximate chances of survival of the card after update:

UpdateIn Cassual ModIn Kaycee’s mod
Inscryption Symbols Meaning

Card Selection Symbol

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Choosing one of three random cards.

With the solution of the picture puzzle, it will be possible to use the clover to replace the proposed cards with other random ones.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Card Selection Based on Cost Symbol

Choose one of three random cards based on cost.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Card Selection Based on Family Symbol

Pick one of three random cards based on the family.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Selection of Death Cards Symbol

Pick one of three death cards.

There will be random cards or cards that you made at the end of previous cycles.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Sacrificial Stone Symbol

Kill one card to give its sigils to another card.

If the sigil is already sewn on the card, then it will not work again.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Selecting Boulders Symbol

Break one of the three stones to get a card.

There may be cards or gold pelt.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Collecting Totem Symbol

Select a body with a sigil or the head of a family. When you have two parts, you can assemble a totem that will be with you until the end of the game.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Deck Challenge Symbol

Complete the Deck Challenges to pick an unusual card, like if you bought it with Wolf Pelt.

Tests are for damage, life, bones, sigils, kinship.

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Mycologist Symbol

Sews two identical cards by summing up their values ​​and keeping all the sigils of both cards. If you do not have repeated cards, he will give you a choice of one of three cards.

  • When choosing cards, some have a mushroom nearby. It means that the same card is already in your deck.
  • There is an opportunity to sew again.

Sacrifice to the Lord of Bones Symbol

ACT 1 / Symbols on the map / Kaycee Mod

Donate a card to receive a gift.

  • A boon is one bone at the start of each fight. There will be a gift for each card.
  • If you donate a Black Goat, then the gift will be 8 bones.
  • If you donate the pelt, the Lord will be unhappy and will not give anything.

Inscryption Fight Symbols

Inscryption Fight Symbols

Regular Fight Symbol

  • An ordinary fight.

Inscryption Fight Symbols

Hard Combat Symbol

  • Normal fight, but the opponent will have a totem.

Inscryption Boss Symbols

Only after fighting the bosses will you be given a choice of one of three cards.

Inscryption Boss Symbols

Prospector Symbol

  • In the first phase, he puts a Pack Mule 0 \ 5 with 4 cards under it (you need to kill him to get them for yourself) with the Sprinter sigil, Coyote 2 \ 1 on his left and the Boulder 0/5 on your right side.
  • In the second phase, kills all your cards and puts gold pelts in their place, unless you have a card with the Corpse Eater sigil in your hand.

Inscryption Boss Symbols

Angler Symbol

  • In the first phase, once every two turns, he will aim the hook at your last placed card. Then, after your move, the hook will drag the card to the Fisherman side.
  • In the second phase, in front of all your cards, he puts a Bait Buckets with 0 \ 1 bait, which, after receiving damage, puts a Great White 4 \ 2 with the Waterborne sigil in its place.

Inscryption Boss Symbols

Trapper Symbol

  • In the first phase, the Trapper plays Strange Frogs 1 \ 2 with Mighty Leap sigil. When perishes, spawn a Leaping Trap 0 \ 1 with Mighty Leap and Steel Trap sigil in its place. The Leaping Trap, when it takes damage, kills the card in front of it and return the pelt of the wolf to your hand. If there is no one in front of her, then there will be no pelt.
  • In the second phase, the Trader lays out two rows of strong cards, gives you an extra pelt, and offers to exchange your pelts for his cards. The cards that remain will play against you, and those that you exchange will go into your hand.

For each saved life, you can get the Smoke 0 \ 1 card with Bone King sigil when fighting bosses. After blowing out the candles in each cycle at the Leshy’s table, you will receive Greater Smoke 1 \ 3 with the same sigil.

Kaycee Mod Symbols Meaning

Kaycee Mod Symbols Meaning

Canvas and Brush

  • Goobert draws a copy of your chosen card with one error. May make a mistake and draw a different sigil, change the card parameters slightly, or draw a new sigil. Both cards are yours.

Kaycee Mod Symbols Meaning


The final boss has three stages.

  • At the first stage, he plays a normal game, sometimes wearing the masks of past bosses. After putting on the mask, he will perform their actions: turn your cards into a gold with a pickaxe, drag cards with a hook to his side or expose strong cards like Urayuli.
  • At the second stage, Leshy puts Stump 0 \ 3 against your cards and puts up death cards.
  • At the third stage, Leshy will take a photo of the Moon. The Moon 1 \ 40 occupies his entire field and has Mighty Leap, Moon Strike, Tidal Lock. Also, if you bring to Starvation, then the Moon will be getting 1 to strength.
  • The Moon will be the last test, after which it will only be necessary to finish off Leshy.
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