Inscryption Hidden Card Effects

In this guide, we will show you the hidden effects of some of the cards in the inscryption game. If you do not know these hidden abilities, your opponent will give you difficulties or even beat you. because you can’t predict what your opponent will do when.

Inscryption Hidden Card Effects

Below we have listed the hidden effects of common and rare cards for you. I hope this guide will be of great help to you.

Common Hidden Card Effects

Some of these cards are very common cards. Here we have listed which common cards have hidden effects.


If sacrificed 9 times, it will lose the ‘Many Lives’ sigil, but gain 3 in attack and 5 in health (Totaling 3 attack and 6 health if unaltered) which is almost on par with a Grizzly.

Inscryption Hidden Card Effects

Ring Worm and Adder

At the campfire, you will likely be able to boost its stats up to 4 times without it getting devored by the survivors. If it does get eaten, the survivors will permanently die, and then the next time you come across a campfire, any creature you have could be boosted without any danger of losing it, giving it completely busted stats. You automatically pass the ring challenge with the Ring Worm.

Inscryption Hidden Card Effects

Black Goat

If sacrificed at an altar (The one with the large bovine skull), you will get a more powerful upgrade than a 1 bone bonus at the beginning of each encounter. You will get the bone lord boon which grants 8 bones in stead. As an honorable mention, that card can and will look different if you picked the goat eye after severing out your eye with the knife.

Various Common Cards

Ants with the ‘Fledgling’ sigil will become Ant Queens; Mantises with that same sigil will become Mantis Gods and Moles with once again the exact same sigil will become Molemen.

Rare Hidden Card Effects

Here we have listed the hidden effects of extremely rare cards. It’s rare to get these cards in-game, which makes them special.


Ok, so you likely knew that Ouroboros gains +1 in both health and attack after dying, but did you know it keeps those stats permanently too? I did not know, but anyway because it keeps the bonuses after each of its deaths, it can reach absolutely phenomenal power levels in the game, like 999 – 999. It is effectively the Exodia of Inscryption, if you take the time of day to train it that is. Much like the Ring Worm, the Ouroboros will pass the ring challenge if it is in the player’s deck.

Inscryption Hidden Card Effects

Child 13

Will switch from “defense mode” to “attack mode” and vice versa whenever it is sacrificed, obviously that means it has the ‘Many Lives’ sigil too. In “attack mode”, it has the airborne sigil and a +2 attack bonus. If given the ‘Fledgling’ sigil, it will change its name from Child 13 to Child 14 in the next turn. If sacrificed 13 times, it will turn into a card simply titled “Hungry Child” which has no use in the game and acts mostly as an easter egg.

Cards with unique hidden abilities

Long Elk

Same effects as the Ring Worm at campfires. Moreover, the card will change its appearance frequently, sometimes you will only see the neck of the Long Elk, sometimes you will see its head.

The Daus

If the chimes of this fella are struck, it will attack directly the offender(s). With several health upgrades, this becomes a very good card. It will likewise react if the card of the Bell Tentacle is struck.


Always affected by the player’s totem when played. Because it is considered as every species in the game simultaneously, ant cards have increased damage bonuses from the Amalgam.

Cards with unique hidden abilities

Card with Just Statics

Transforms into a random card.

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