Hollow Knight All Skills Location & How to Get

In this guide, we have explained the location of all the abilities in the hollow knight game and how to obtain them.

Hollow Knight All Skills Location & How to Get

All Skills and How to Get Them

The Hollow Knight’s abilities are:

  • Moth Wing Cloak;
  • Mantis Claw;
  • Crystal Heart;
  • Monarch’s Wings;
  • Isma’s Tear;
  • Sting of Dreams/Dream Gate;
  • Dark Cloak;
  • World Perception.

Mariposa Wing Cloak

This item gives you one of the first abilities in the game. To find it, you must get to the Green Path. Once there, have your first encounter with Hornet, a very important character in the Hollow Knight universe. When she appears, she will run away from you. Follow Hornet to get to this part of the map:

All Skills and How to Get Them

When you finally catch up with her, she will taunt you before starting a fight. This battle can be a bit difficult, because she has many fast attacks; she will jump in the air and throw herself at you, throw her fingernail in your direction, and even do an uncontrolled attack in circles. This challenge is far from the most difficult in the game, but it can be quite challenging.

All Skills and How to Get Them

After defeating her, Hornet will leave the place snorting. In the same area where you just fought, there is a corpse that looks a lot like you. On it will be the Moth Wing Cloak. This item will grant you the ability to run on the ground or in the air, which is very valuable in combat and platforming. Needless to say, you will be using this ability a lot, right?

Mantis Claw

Mantis Village is an area located in the Fungal Hermit region. It is home to a variety of enemies with fast attacks that can destroy you in the blink of an eye. When you arrive in Fungal Grass, drop down until you find the Mantis. Keep following to a place where the ground looks less fungal and more like wood. Go west, where a switch will be. Hit it and a seem will open up above you.

All Skills and How to Get Them

Come back and you can get to this new area by jumping onto a ledge. Make your way here avoiding any kind of fight against the Mantis, and you’ll arrive at a place with shelves and small hooks. In front of it you will see the Mantis Claw, which will allow you to grab hold and climb walls.

Crystal Heart

Essentially, the Crystal Heart gives you the power of flight. When you use it, you will gain forward momentum, which will get you over wide obstacles with ease. Also, you may end up colliding with an enemy when the effect wears off.

To get it, you need to reach Crystal Peak, a mine where the carcasses of several miners still collect mysterious crystals. This area is very dark and difficult to navigate, so you will need to buy a Lumafly Lantern when Sly opens his store in Green Path for 1800 Geo. Then head east from the Forgotten Crossroads and you will end up here:

All Skills and How to Get Them

With the flashlight, you will be able to see through the darkness. Pay the toll of 50 Geo to enter. Make your way through Crystal Peak until you reach this part of the map:

All Skills and How to Get Them

Now you will have to go through a difficult area filled with spinning platforms, lasers, and more. At the end you will see a deactivated crystal golem; simply remove the Crystal Heart from it and enjoy your newest ability.

Monarch’s Wings

All Skills and How to Get Them

When you reach the Old Basin, make your way to this area and fight the Broken Receptacle. This boss looks a lot like a sick version of yourself. He will make cuts, move around a lot, and throw infectious orange spots.

After beating him, go to the next available area, where you will find the Monarch’s Wings. Now you will finally be able to make a double jump.

Isma’s Tear

You have probably already fallen into the acid in Green Path, Fungal Herms or other areas of Hallownest. This is very annoying, we know, but there is a way to get through it without taking any damage.

To earn the Tear of Isma, you first need access to the Royal Waterway. Make your way through this area until you reach the battle against the Dung Defender. Defeat him and hit the lever on the right. Then go to this part of the map:

All Skills and How to Get Them

Use the Crystal Heart to cross this gap and reach Isma’s Woods. Fly through the puddles of acid ahead and deal with the enemies that will be wandering around. Passing through this area you will reach the Tear of Isma, which is hanging from some kind of branch. After that, the pools of acid will feel like a nice, hot bath.

Dream Sting/Dream Portal

Dreams are a very important part of Hollow Knight. With the Dream Sting, you can access the thoughts and dreams of friendly NPCs and certain bosses and enemies. You can even face optional bosses as you travel through the dream world. Cool, huh?

To get the Dream Sting, you will need to reach the Land of Rest (the name is quite appropriate, isn’t it?). There are a few different ways to access this area, but the easiest way is to get the streetcar pass. You can find it in an abandoned train car in the area of the Unfinished Tramway in Deep Nest. After getting the pass, go to this location of the Forgotten Crossroads:

All Skills and How to Get Them

Use the streetcar pass to reach the Land of Rest. Head east until you reach the house of a moth, known as the Seer. She will give you the Dream Sting, which must be “fed” with Essence.

After collecting 900 Essences, return to the Seer. She will give you another ability, called the Dream Portal, which is nothing more than a form of fast travel in Hollow Knight. You can use the Dream Portal in almost any location in Hallownest and simply teleport there. It is very useful.

Dark Cloak

By now, you may have noticed some strange walls with a kind of dark energy, called the Shadow Gates, that you can’t get through. To finally gain access to them, you need to obtain the Cloak of Shadow, which can be considered an upgrade from the Cloak of the Moth Wing.

First you need to find the Mark of the King. It can be found at the Kingdom’s Edge, in this exact location:

All Skills and How to Get ThemTo increase your Hollow Knight skills, you will need to survive another fight against the Hornet. After defeating her (again), you will reach the Abandoned Carapace, where you will pick up the Mark of the King. Now head to the Ancient Basin to this location:

All Skills and How to Get Them

As soon as you present the Mark of the King, the seal will open. You are now in the Abyss, which is a dark, difficult, and scary area of the game. Head east, where you will find a large sea of Void that you will not be able to pass through.

Climb the platforms and you will reach a lighthouse. Turn it on to get rid of the Tentacles of Void that will be in your way. Now use the Crystal Heart to fly through the sea and reach the other side.

Keep moving forward to a fountain of scary-looking black logo held by a large insect statue. Jump into the fountain and stay there until you absorb the power of the Dark Cloak. This will allow you to pass through the Shadow Gates and even get through enemy attacks.

World Perception

Many players of Hollow Knight may not even know this skill exists, as it is usually the last skill you acquire in the game. It is especially useful for those who want to complete the entire game, as it shows you the percentage of completion you have achieved so far.

All Skills and How to Get Them

To obtain it, it is quite simple. Kill the three Dreamers (Monomon The Teacher, Lurien The Watcher, and Herrah The Beast) and proceed to the Temple of the Black Egg at the Forgotten Crossroads.

The masks of the Dreamers will break the seal there, allowing you to enter. This is where you will start the final fight of the game. Just before the battle, you will see a bench with a Story Board. Inspect it, read the tablet, and the World Perception skill will be yours.

You will now know how much of the game you have completed when you return to your inventory.

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