Grand Piece Online (GPO) Codes (February 2023) rerolls, devil fruits

Grand Piece Online codes

Grand Piece Online or GPO is a very popular Roblox game published by Grand Quest Game. You can learn about Trading hub, which has been very curious about Grand Piece Online players recently, here.

Up-to date GPO codes give you many free in-game items. Using these codes, you can leave your opponents behind and get ahead of them with in-game items such as reroll, stat reset, devil fruits, drop rate, and more. In addition to the codes, you can find the roblox group page of the game, the discord page if available, and other social media pages.

Only game creators can create new codes. Please do not request new codes from us, because we only publish these codes, we cannot create new codes.

In our list of GPO codes you can find all the active codes and what reward they give. Starting from the last code in our code list, you can use all active codes and have many free items in-game. However, some codes may have expired, please let us know. If you want to be notified when new codes are added, you can add the page to favorites with the help of CTRL+D combination. Also use “Add to Bookmark” on mobile to favorite this page.

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All GPO codes

Make sure to check back often because we’ll be updating this post whenever there’s more codes! If there is a missing or no longer working code in the active codes section, please let us know.

The following is a list of all the different codes and what you get when you put them in.

  • There are currently no working Grand Piece Online codes.


In this section, you can find previously shared but expired codes. As we said before, every code has an expiration date. Therefore, if you follow our site regularly, you will not miss any code.

Expired CodesCode Details
720KLIKES32XRACEREROLLRedeem for 32 race rerolls.
phogivingRedeem code for a 24h Devil Fruit Notifier.
640KLIKES23XRACEREROLLRedeem for 23 race rerolls.
V2640KLIKES23XRACEREROLLRedeem for 23 race rerolls.
SUB2THIEFDAYZRedeem for a 15 minute 2x drop rate.
MistYuuTTRedeem for a 10 minute 2x drop rate.
GOROFLIGHTRedeem for a 15 minute 2x drop rate.
FREE2XEXPFROMTEABAQ1YTRedeem for a 10 minute 2x drop rate.
SUB2LAMARedeem for a 10 minute 2x drop rate.
RichestPlugRedeem for Devil Fruit Reset.
SUB2VZNITYRedeem for Devil Fruit Reset.
SUB2SCIGPORedeem for Devil Fruit Reset.
SUB2MUSCLEMUFFINRedeem for Stat Reset.
GPOZachMemesRedeem for Stat Reset.
2Y8ZTHEGOATRedeem for Stat Reset.
Havocthe3rdXTesterRedeem for Stat Reset.
SUB2CHASEAINETORRedeem for Stat Reset.
SURVIVORGR3GGRedeem for Stat Reset.
FruitResetCookieRedeem for Stat Reset.
DomlolXPhoeyuRedeem for Stat Reset.
Sub2HunterGodSlayerRedeem for Stat Reset.
sub2kamikazeqtRedeem for Stat Reset.
535KLIKES16XRACEREROLLRedeem for 16 race rerolls.
485KLIKESSPRESETRedeem for a stat reset.
470K14XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 14 free race rerolls.
480KLIKESSPRESETRedeem for a stat reset.
FREEDFRESETRedeem for a devil fruit reset.
FREE1HOUR2XDROPRATERedeem for a 1 hour 2x drop rate.
CHRISTMASDFNOTIFIERRedeem code for a 240m Devil Fruit Notifier.
CHRISTMASDFRESETRedeem for Devil Fruit Reset.
SPRESET1Redeem for Stat Reset.
SPRESET2Redeem for Stat Reset.
SPRESET3Redeem for Stat Reset.
SPRESET4Redeem for Stat Reset.
16RACEREROLLSRedeem for 16 Race Rerolls.
340K2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
345K2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
350K2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
355K2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
360K2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
325KLIKES2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
335KLIKES2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
130KSUBSSPRESETRedeem for Stat Reset.
DAHNOOBDFRESETRedeem for Devil Fruit Reset.
315KLIKESSSPRESETRedeem for Stat Reset.
320KLIKES2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
125KSUBSDFRESETRedeem for Devil Fruit Reset.
120KSUBS2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
115KSUBSPRESETRedeem for Stat Reset.
305KLIKES2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
100KSUB2XRACEREROLLSRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
290KLIKESDFRESETRedeem for Devil Fruit Reset.
285K2XRACEREROLLRedeem for 2 Race Rerolls.
280KLIKESSPRESETRedeem for Stat Reset.
Expired GPO codes

How to redeem codes in GPO

If you’re not sure how to redeem codes, please follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Grand Piece Online
  • Click the Set Sail option
  • Hit the ‘M’ key and open the menu
  • Click on the cog-like settings symbol
  • Type codes to the blank area. (you can copy paste these codes)
  • Hit “Enter” button to use codes.

Where do I get more codes in GPO

You can always find all roblox codes of Grand Piece Online on our site. If you want more codes, you can be informed by following the game’s discord server and social media accounts. But for the codes you missed, it is best to follow our pages.

Discord and YouTube links for Grand Piece Online.

When will new GPO code come

We do not determine the new upcoming GPO codes. We only share these gift codes published by the developers of the game with you. The developers of the game regularly share these codes on social media channels and the game’s discord server. Although it is not clear when they shared, we usually see new codes on special days and holidays.

So this has no exact date, so bookmark our site and check it every day.

Is there a Grand Piece Online Trello?

Yes there is. You can find all the information about the game on the GPO trello page. All information contained herein has been published by the game’s administrators and is constantly updated. That’s why you can find the most up-to-date and accurate information on the GPO trello page. You can think the GPO trello page as a wiki edited by the game’s creators.

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