Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition Teleport Stones Location

We have described the location of the Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition teleport stones in this guide. You can now easily find the location of all teleport stones in the game.

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Teleport Stones Location

Below you can see all the teleport stones and their locations in the game.

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Teleport Stones Location
Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Teleport Stones Location

Silden Teleport Stone

Located on a stone surrounded by a stone circle. North of town.

Leave the building where you started the game. Go all the way down until you reach the entrance to Silden. Then head right and you will see the stone circle. Like Stonehedge It is also close to where you can find the scavengers that ate the healing plants for the alchemist quest.

Geldern Teleport Stone

On a stone next to some hunters, where Boris is. One the road to Trelis and the Orc Camp.

Trelis Teleport Stone

In the Castle area. Below the building in which you can find Ogit the Orc Shaman, in the cellar. Ogit is in the building to the right of Thorus

Montera Teleport Stone

On a table in a warehouse. If you enter Montera from direction of Trelis go forward and slightly to the left. You will see a tall building with an Orc Shaman. It is right next to the smithy.

Gotha Teleport Stone

In a treasure chest inside of a building with a watch tower.
If you come from Montera and walk past the rebel camps you will see a building with a watch tower, in front of which a rebel called Gabriel sits at a camp fire. Go in this building. If you are entering Gotha, you went too far.

In the original Gothic 3 Gorn was imprisoned in that building

There is also another stone in the smithy.

Cape Dun Teleport Stone

It is on a shelf inside a warehouse.
When entering Cape Dun, just follow the path forward. Eventually you will see the smithy. From there you will find the warehouse in front of you. In Gothic 3 Urkrass was inside of it. And you can find magic ore there too.

Faring Teleport Stone

On a stone inside a cave/collapsed mine at the town entrance.

If you go over the bridge coming from Gotha go uphill towards Faring. Before entering Faring you will see a cave on the right. Enter that cave and follow the path with snappers in it. You will then find a high level treasure chest. There you will find the teleport stone.

Ardea Teleport Stone

On a table inside Conz House or on the lower roof of the lighthouse.

If you enter Ardea from Reddock’s size, go to the first building to your left. Conz will usually sit in front of the desk with the stone.

Vengard Teleport Stone

In a cave in Gotha. Also, at an Innos statute inside the Innos temple.

If you enter Vengard from Gotha way walk forward until you reach a camp fire that leads two different ways. Then turn left, walk a little bit and turn right. You will then see the Innos temple, with golden inlays.

Reddock Teleport Stone

On the floor next to a treasure chest. That is if you enter Reddock, Outside the cave you will see a chest left to the cave entrance. Walk towards the chest. There are golems nearby.

Okara Teleport Stone

On a rock left to the entrance of the encampment.

Nemora Teleport Stone

In a chest at the right side of the northern entrance

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