Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: Best Fruits Ranked

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

In our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List guide, I will give you general information about all the fruits in the game. Although this information is not 100% accurate, most of it is correct and will lead you to success in the game. I will rank all the fruits in the game with the Fruit Battlegrounds tier list guide.

All the fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds are quite powerful. But of course some fruits are rarer and stronger than others. For example, according to some arguments, Ice = S tier, Gura = A tier. But A tier and S tier both mean the strongest fruits in the game. The B tier represents the mid-level fruits in the game. C tier and D tier represent the worst fruits in the game. If everything is clear in your mind about the tier list, now we can move on to ranked the fruits.

If you wanna make your own tier list here you go: Tier Maker Fruit Battlegrounds

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Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Quick summary for the tier list:

  • S tier – Best fruits in the game
  • A tier – 2nd best fruits in the game
  • B tier – mid-level fruits in the game
  • C tier & D tier – Worst fruits in the game


  • Gravity – Big AOEs, Big Range, and the most recent update made Push guardbreak making it a much better fruit.
  • Quake (Low S/High A) – Fat damage, Big Hitboxes. Also has a good transportation move Slam. Now has guardbreaks.
  • Phoenix – When transformed, this fruit has really easy to hit moves that deal ridiculous damage. The fruit has decent transportation with its moves providing speed buffs and very good combo game. At lvl 105 when transformed, the 3rd move does 100+ damage which is insane. Basically Phoenix when transformed is ridiculous. In base form without being transformed is a bit weaker though but still has some good combo game as you can do 3 + 1 or 2 + 3 + 1 and base form would be an A tier.
  • TS Rubber (Base AND Transformed) – In base form, the 1 and 2 deal high damage while combo extending and combo starting. The damage isn’t low either with the moves being pretty easy to hit due to the range. While transformed, the damage is ridiculous and the moves have very long range while being easy to hit. The only downside is in base form the 3 and 4 are somewhat hard to hit. While transformed the only downside is you stand still during your moves.
  • Dragon (Base & Transformed) – Every move does ludicrous damage with massive AOEs in base and transformed. Don’t even gotta explain much further than that.


  • Ice (High A/Low S) – Inf Combo simulator, every move has some fat freezy cheesy stuff. Nuff said.
  • Paw – Insane combos, insane mobility, long range. Some downsides though are the moves can be somewhat hard to hit, it’s countered somewhat by soru, and charging the ult is too long. However, it still has probably the best mobility in game, some crazy combos, and a very good stun. If your a trackstar this fruit is good for you.
  • Bomb – All Rounder, mobility, ragdoll, big moves, Pretty damn solid. Also very spammy.
  • Rubber (Gear 2nd) – Fast and Devious combos with gear 2nd. Pistol is super fast with a very low CD and auto aim, and gatling damage is very high. Without gear 2nd Rubber is C tier.
  • Light – Entire play style can make you immortal if played right. More of a zoning / poking type of play style where you camp in the air. The downside is the flight drain huge amounts of stamina and the moves are slightly hard to hit.
  • Magma – Low EXP gain, 2nd move does INSANE damage and can stack burn damage really easily. The moves all have solid hitboxes and it’s a very good fruit.
  • Flame (High A/Low S) – High EXP gain, Solid Damage, Very good GB, a Flight move, and counters Pika playstyle due to sniping with beam. Overall very very solid All Rounder.


  • Darkness (If used right Low A) – Pretty Solid for combos, the moves are decent and biggish. The dark pull is very well and can counter air campers such as Light Users. The only downside is the damage is lower than most fruits.
  • Smoke (has 1 move thats SS tier) – The moves are pretty fast, a decent GB, and a decent fruit. The combo potential is pretty good and the damage is super solid even at low levels. It does have 1 move that does insane bonkers damage. Only downside is the fact theres some large endlag, and requires you to be up close. Also the rarity makes it look much worse than it is
  • Sand – First move has huge AOE and a low CD. The 3rd and 4th move combo into each other and both do moderate damage. We don’t talk about the 2nd move.


  • Barrier (S rank in terms of “annoying your enemy”) – It’s a fat barrier bruh. It can do some funny stuff but generally it’s not that insane.


  • Chop (C-B rank if u can drive) – bruh it’s chop fruit. goofy fruit that turns you into a convertible. It is one of the most fun fruits to play though. Running over big men kinda sus doe tbh.

All Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds

List of all current fruits in the Fruit Battlegrounds and also; TBD ones are fruits that are planned to be added to the game in the future.

  • Sun God – Hito Hito No Mi (Mythical)
  • Dragon – Uo Uo No Mi (Mythical)
  • Phoenix – Tori Tori No Mi (Mythical)
  • Gravity – Zushi Zushi No Mi (Legendary)
  • Quake – Gura Gura No Mi (Legendary)
  • Timeskip Rubbery (Legendary)
  • Flame – Mera Mera No Mi (Epic)
  • Light – Pika Pika No Mi (Epic)
  • Magma – Magu Magu No Mi (Epic)
  • Paw – Nikyu Nikyu No Mi (Epic)
  • Dark – Yami Yami No Mi (Rare)
  • Ice – Hie Hie No Mi (Rare)
  • Bomb – Bomu Bomu No Mi (Rare)
  • Rubber – Gomu Gomu No Mi (Uncommon)
  • Smoke – Moku Moku No Mi (Uncommon)
  • Barrier – Bari Bari No Mi (Common)
  • Chop – Bara Bara No Mi (Common)
  • Sand – Suna Suna No Mi (Common)
  • Gravity (Awakened) – Zushi Zushi No Mi (TBD)
  • Operation – Ope Ope No Mi (TBD)
  • Rumble – Goro Goro No Mi (TBD)

Note: This tier list is mostly accurate, and things are subject to change. With the balance changes and updates in the game, the ranks of the fruits in the tier list may change in the future. After updates, the tier list will be changed and updated if necessary.

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