Forspoken Secret Shop Location

Forspoken Secret Shop Location

Forspoken – Secret shop’s location guide.

Forspoken Secret Shop Location

Secret Shop Locaion

What does it sell?

  1. Gravity Lantern 16 – You can collect Mana wider range.
  2. Comfy Pillow 16 – Get a buff after sleep.
  3. Crafting Pot 24 – Convert Natural Resource to another form of resource
  4. Compass 48 – “Forage” Option on camping. It will collect near area’s resource (once )
  5. Sweing Kit 60 – You can craft new clocks and necklaces.

Currency – Old Coin.

What do you need to go there?

  1. Unlock Sila’s spell
  2. Zip spell is necessary.

I found this myself by an accident (I was going somewhere to find an item and it was on the way).

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