Fallout 76 Achievement Transfer from Old Accounts to Steam

Some achievements unlock more easily in Steam if you’ve already completed their requirements with a Bethesda Launcher character. They don’t automatically unlock when you load up the character, but are still easy to get.

Fallout 76 Achievement unlocking for old accounts, new to Steam

Do One Thing to Unlock

Your old character must have completed these activities at some point as listed in the achievement description, e.g. using the Bethesda Launcher. Due to that progress, you should be able to unlock these by just doing that thing one more time, “reminding” the game of your progress.

If your character hasn’t done that thing, it won’t unlock – for example, my character had never read magazines, so reading 1 does not unlock the achievement for reading 20.

Listed alphabetically:


  • A Real Challenger – Complete 20 Challenges – Complete 1 challenge
  • Appalachian HOA – Build 100 C.A.M.P. Items – Build 1 C.A.M.P. item
  • Code Cruncher – Hack 50 Terminals – Hack 1 terminal
  • Giant Slayer – Kill 5 Giant Creatures – Kill 1 Giant Creature
  • Gimme Gimme! – Pick 50 Locks – Pick 1 lock
  • Gold Rush – Gain 300 gold bullion – Gain 1 gold bullion (convert Treasury Notes to bullion, e.g. at the machine in Foundation near the original Spruce Knob sign)
  • Junker Funk – Gather 200 Pieces of Junk – Gather 1 piece of Junk
  • Monet of Murder – Mod 50 Weapons – Mod 1 weapon
  • Moneybags – Possess 10,000 Caps – If your character already has at least 10,000 caps, pick up 1 cap. I’m not sure if this will unlock if your character has less than 10,000 caps.
  • Never Go it Alone! – Join 20 Teams – Join a team.
  • Perked Up – Fully Rank Up one Perk – You can rank up any perk card you hold, and as an older character you probably have some extra cards, perk packs, or levels to grab more perk cards with.
  • Pest Control – Kill 300 Creatures – Kill 1 creature
  • Photo Bomber – Take 20 Photos – Take 1 photo in photomode (accessible from the map view)
  • Pioneer Scout – Discover 100 Locations – Discover 1 location. As an old character, this will likely be a location from the new DLC’s, e.g. if you haven’t played The Pitt expansion, try the new locations around Whitesprings.
  • Retro Now – Play a Holotape Game – As an old character, you probably already have a Holotape Game in your inventory or Stash. Play that.
  • Second Skin – Craft 5 Pieces of Armor – Craft 1 piece of Armor
  • Tested Mettle – Complete 5 Challenges – Complete 1 Challenge. These are accessible from the map view.
  • The New Fort Knox – Gain 1500 gold bullion – Gain 1 gold bullion (convert Treasury Notes to bullion, e.g. at the machine in Foundation near the original Spruce Knob sign)
  • We Must Rebuild – Build 20 C.A.M.P. Items – Build 1 C.A.M.P. Item


  • Good Grief! – Kill 20 Players – Kill 1 player?
  • LITerally – Read 20 Magazines – Read 1 magazine?
  • Shwag – Collect 10 Bobbleheads – Collect 1 Bobblehead?

Need to do again (Achievements)

Unfortunately, it won’t unlock all of the achievements that your old character (e.g. from the Bethesda Launcher) may have qualified for.

Here’s a list of the ones you’ll need to do all over again, and you can use your old character to get them. I’ve included a spoilered description to refresh your memory on certain quests and newer DLC things.

Listed alphabetically:

  • A Fighting Chance – Craft a Weapon
  • Ain’t He the Cutest? – Collect a Bobblehead
  • Bounty Hunter – Kill a Wanted Player
  • Breach and Clear – Win the “Breach and Clear” Event (This is the event in the Ash Heap where you have to protect the Motherlode drill. You’ll need to have done the story quests related to Motherlode first. You can solo this event)
  • Field Medic – Revive 20 Fallen Players
  • Gold Star Crafter – Craft a 1 star legendary mod, a 2 star legendary mod, and a 3 star legendary mod
  • Ground Zero – Be at Ground Zero of a Nuclear Blast (When a player launches a nuke, quickly fast travel to the area and run to the center of the red circle in the map view. There will be a nuclear symbol on your compass at that location)
  • Happy C.A.M.P.er – Build a C.A.M.P. (You need to place the C.A.M.P. kit again. There are two free C.A.M.P. slots now, you can switch to the other one if you weren’t using it yet, to avoid destroying your main C.A.M.P. Or, make one with a new character)
  • Kill or Be Killed – Kill Another Player
  • Monster Mash – Complete the “Monster Mash” Event (This is the event in Watoga at the high school. You can solo this event)
  • Queen of the Hunt – Complete “Queen of the Hunt” (This is the event in The Mire, accessible at the Hunter’s Shack near the road in the north. You’ll travel to 3 locations and kill a cryptid. You may have needed to complete the quests in Abbie’s Bunker first)
  • Scorched Earth – Win the “Scorched Earth” Event (Participate in the Scorchbeast Queen killing, after any player launches a nuke)
  • Seeking Refuge – Complete 10 Favors for people in The Whitespring Refuge
  • Smooth Operator – Earn Elder Rewards from a Daily Op
  • Troglodiced – Kill 100 Trogs with an Auto Axe
  • Welcome To The Pitt – Lead and complete “Union Dues” and “From Ashes to Fire” (These are the “Expeditions” you can choose to do after you complete Favors at The Whitespring Refuge and get Ultracite Batteries to travel to The Pitt)

Need a New Character (Achievements)

Super duper unfortunately, some of the achievements can’t be unlocked with your old character at all, assuming that character has already completed that quest, reached that level, earned that ally rank, helped that ally-companion, etc.

You’ll need to create a new character in Steam to get these, or use an old character that hasn’t completed them yet. I’ve included some spoilers with reminders/hints.

Listed alphabetically:

  • A Golden Future – Complete “All That Glitters”
  • A Solid Foundation – Become allies with Foundation
  • American Hero – Reach Level 50
  • Appalachian Trailblazer – Reach Level 25
  • Behind the Curtain – Complete Beckett’s story (Ally with bar C.A.M.P. item, start quest in Ash Heap at Rollins Labor Camp)
  • Bunker Buster – Complete “Bunker Buster”
  • Coming to Fruition – Complete “Coming to Fruition”
  • Fallout Forever – Reach Level 100
  • Final Departure – Complete “Final Departure”
  • First Contact – Complete “First Contact”
  • Friends in Low Places – Become allies with Crater
  • Go for the Gold – Complete “Buried Treasure”
  • Heart of the Enemy – Complete “Heart of the Enemy”
  • I Am Become Death – Complete “I Am Become Death”
  • Into the Fire – Complete “Into the Fire”
  • Key to the Past – Complete “Key to the Past”
  • Mistress of Mystery – Complete “Mistress of Mystery”
  • Officer on Deck – Complete “Officer on Deck”
  • One of Us – Complete “One of Us”
  • Overdue Reunions – Find the Overseer (Sutton)
  • Personal Matters – Complete “Personal Matters”
  • Reclamation Day! – Leave Vault 76
  • Recruitment Blues – Complete “Recruitment Blues”
  • Second Helpings – Complete “Second Helpings”
  • Steel Brethren – Complete “The Catalyst”
  • Wayward Child – Complete “The Elusive Crane”
  • Wild West Virginian – Reach Level 10
  • Wish Upon A Star – Complete Sofia’s story (Ally with computer C.A.M.P. item who has frequent nightmares, start quest at the Abandoned Bunker in The Mire)
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