Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Guide (Update 01/2023)

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Guide (Update 012023)

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough for last update. (Includes a map for level 1.1!) A short guide with my notes for those who want to know whats in store for the new update.

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Guide

This isn’t an official walkthrough with every tip and trick about the game, its just a collection of notes I’ve written down as I’ve played through each of these areas.

New controls

C will show your badge, which will help with identifying the Skin Stealers in the game.
I will open your inventory. On the right side is a bar representing your sanity.
F will let you interact with items and doors.

Level 0

Much the same, the enemy will spawn after a minute so you need to find the ladder.

Brief walkthrough

Once you collect the pieces of the ladder (scattered around where the base of the ladder) you will be able to interact with it and get a key. Exit that small room and turn right, a short distance away is a wooden door where you’ll be able to open it with the key. Once open theres a short minigame where you need to balance across some short platforms. If you fall there are black arrows pointing to a staircase that will take you to the end of the level.

Level 1

This is a new level, taking place in a parking garage setting. There are 2 skin stealers in the second part of this level, and they are unable to open doors.

Brief Walkthrough

First you will need to get the code for the elevator. Its possible to brute force as theres only 1 number per line. The code is based off of the color and count of the cars in the garage. Once you go down the elevator you’ll have to deal with the 2 entities as mentioned before. In each of the rooms are cabinets where you need to find 4 keys. They spawn randomly, and you may have to juke the entities to get to the door they patrol around.

Level 1 (Sublevel)

This level is very difficult, being that the whole level is dark and there are a few entities. You need to find a door somewhere in the 4 dark levels. There are 1 skin stealer per floor (except floor 1, the first dark floor you come in on.) Closets are everywhere, be sure to use them (The exit spawns randomly, in the walkthrough I have a map for the spawnpoint I’ve encountered the most)

Brief Walkthrough

The exit (as far as I can tell) spawns in the same place. I have attached some maps to try to help players find the exit first time.

WALKTHROUGH 01/2023 update

The Hub

This is a safe level, the only danger here is a multiplayer bug where if more than 1 person uses the terminal to the MEG base they will get stuck and soft locked. There are 2 areas in the map, and for the most part its self explanatory, but I’ll leave a walkthrough below if you get stuck.

Most of the doors here correspond to levels, and can be unlocked by finding their matching doors in the respective levels.

Brief Walkthrough

First you need to enter the second area and find a door labeled MEG, there is a terminal next to it that requires a passcode. When activating it there is the code required on the right, which can be found and matched by scrolling through the 3 sections left of it. Left click to select the code and it will lock that section, repeat for all 3. Inside there is a terminal to the right that you need to interact with to turn on the power to the room. Afterwards, use the password “itheardyou” on the computers and run program Gate.exe. This will unlock the next subarea back where you came in.

The Hub Sublevel

This is the area was used pre-update. Smilers will attack if you stay in the dark, so stay in the light and be sure to check the side doors for drawers and items (and the exit)!

Level 2

This area only has 1 entity but 2 choices. Going left will take you to the Station level, and going right will take you to level FUN. An entity will spawn if you attempt to go to level FUN before level 3.

Brief Walkthrough

Just pick a direction and walk until the entity spawns and chases you. During the chase there will be an open doorway to the level you picked.

Station level (Level 3)

This level is a long one. You need to find 9 breaker boxes (they have red lights above them) and activate them to open the exit. Be sure to check shelves for energy bars, almond water and flashlights. This level is divided up into 3 sections, with 3 boxes each, with dogs in sections 2 and 3. They can be blinded by flashing a flashlight which causes them to pause for a second.

Brief Walkthrough

The first section is safe, just find the 3 boxes and activate them to unlock a big room near the start of the map. This room will be your gateway to sections 2 and 3. After a room with 2 flashlights and a few boxes there will be a long hallway where a dog will spawn. Run back to the room you came in on and close the door to cause it to run away and despawn. Continue through the level as normal until you come into a hallway with 3 doors, one being a metal hull door. Behind the door immediately next to the metal door is a dog and likely 1 of the fuse boxes. Wait for the dog to wander deeper into the room before attempting to find the box.

Section 3 is much more difficult, with dogs in most rooms. Use the stun mechanic to keep them back as you check each room for the randomly spawning fuse boxes. These boxes have puzzles, the 2 I encountered was matching wires and matching colors. Once you have all 9 boxes return to the start of the level to enter level 4

Level 4

This level has a ton of items and as far as I’m aware no entities. Search around and fill up your inventory before continuing. When entering, go straight into a large, empty room then move to the left wall to open the exit to the hub.

Brief Walkthrough

There are two puzzles in this level. The first using 4 venting machines. On these vending machines are pictures of items in that room, click the number that matches how many of that item is in that room. After, you will come across a big button that is labelled “Reset cameras”. This is reset the 4 cameras in this map that you will have to avoid. Turn right from the button and attempt to make your way through the level to find the security room and exit. You can use side rooms to evade the cameras, which you need to avoid getting spotted by or the exit door will close.

Level 5

This is a hotel split up into 3 sections. The first is safe, where you can find more items and bug spray. Some intuition will be needed to get through the first puzzle and fetch quest.

Brief Walkthrough

The buttons below the paintings in the first room need to be activated in order of youngest to oldest. Next, take the bug spray and spray the deathmoths to get Bug Jelly. Feed this into the dumbwaiter to get keys to unlock the door to the next section.

Level 5 Section 2

This is a continuation of level 5, but darker and full of rooms. There are 2 entities (a dog and a skin stealer) that roam the halls. You can enter most rooms and inside you can find letters, you will need these to get to the next level. Smiler’s will occasionally replace the paintings, but they are harmless.

Brief Walkthrough

When you first enter there is a PO box furnish with 7 boxes open. These room numbers have letters in the corresponding rooms. Room numbers start at 201, which is to the right of where you first came in on. Find and grab all of these letters and bring them back to the PO box furnish. Once they are all in they will spell out “Look Up”. Looking up the code will appear on the ceiling to the door just to the right of it.

Level 5 Section 3

This level is a is not as bad as previous levels. Use the thermometer given to you at the start to navigate your way through the level. There are (female) deathmoths (which can actually harm the player) and fake doors in this level.

Brief Walkthrough

This level is just a maze. Use your thermometer to detect female death moths and fake doors as both give off heat. It is more or less wander until you find a new checkpoint (there are 3 counting the initial spawnpoint), and there are several sections where you will need to sneak past deathmoths to get to the next floor).

Level FUN

This level revolves around hiding under tables to avoid the entities in this level, not much else.

Brief Walkthrough

When you first enter you’ll be forced to get the entity’s attention in the first room they’re in. Simply run back and hide under the table and they will return to their original position allowing you to sneak past them. You will then come across 3 of them, which you can sneak past by hugging the right wall. Once you get past those 3 there will be a big room full of creatures. Move to the back wall and you will see a long hallway. Trigger the entities and head down this hallway to find a table. This will get the entities facing away from you so you can sprint through the big room to the other side and down a hall until you see a table on your right. All that is left is to sneak past the last guy and you’ll be home free to level 7

Level Poolroom

This level is safe and imo pretty peaceful. So long as you stay in the white-tiled areas you’ll be alright. Your sanity wont drain here, so do feel free to wander around and take in the sights.

Brief Walkthrough

To exit just keep taking right turns until you come to the “Level !” door.

Level !

Nothing to really say about this level, run to the end of the hall while dodging carts, opening doors, falling lights and general clutter. Theres a portion where you need to duck into a hallway on the left, but other than that this level is pretty simple.

Level 9223372036854775807

Cool staircase, would really blow to have to be the one who walks up all those… oh wait…

Brief Walkthrough

There will be a note on the wall, go to the floor depicted then jump down the center of the staircase

Level 94

This level is fairly big and safe, but it does have entities (they come out at night). Be sure to be inside and hiding when night starts to come.

Brief Walkthrough

Your goal is the King’s castle, which you can reach if you follow the road right at the first fork you reach. Just keep following the right most roads until you see the castle in the distance.

Level 94 Section 2

This is a fairly simple section, so long as you keep a flashlight on you, and you aren’t afraid of clowns. The first room is a shape puzzle with the boxes on the ground.

Brief Walkthrough

The section begins with an empty room with 4 boxes on the floor. Match the boxes to the corresponding shapes on the ground. After, you’ll be put into a “boss battle”. All you need to do is swivel your flashlight around to dispel the clown, as he cant get close when you look at him. Repeat this until the timer for the roller coaster in the center reaches 99, where you can then get in and escape.

Level 6

Level 6 is a dark level, where flashlights don’t work beyond a certain point. There are no entities in the area where your flashlight works but there is a scare, where an entity appears then walks away. There is a checkpoint with a motion sensor / dot light combo before you enter the dark(er) area of this map.

Brief Walkthrough

From what I can tell, all the hallways lead back to the checkpoint, so take some time to gather items before continuing on. The dark area can only be navigated with the tool provided, where you can press left mouse to splay the walls with dots. The motion sensor will show where entities are, and they cannot see so crawl to reduce sound! The creature wanders back and forth through the only hallway that goes to the exit, so you will need you hug the wall to sneak past it. After, it is a maze to find the exit to level 7

Level 7

This level is very short, with an exit back to the hub up the stairs and the ending cutscene trigger down the stairs. This is all for this update! Thank you for reading.

Commenters that added helpful information

Ilikepizza – very useful information for getting through level 6
Glitch – help with pointing out the randomly spawning exit in level 1.1

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