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Welcome to our Era Of Althea Trello Wiki and Link topic. This guide has all the information you need to play Era Of Althea. Our wiki page with lots of useful stuff like maps, codes, weapons, armor and accessories.

Era of Althea is a roblox game by Ahwoken Studios. In the game you can explore, complete quests, and much more. Strengthen yourself with new gear, band together with friends and organize a guild, there is lots to traverse in the realm of Althea.

Era Of Althea Trello Wiki
Era Of Althea Trello Wiki

Era Of Althea Traits

Traits are passive abilities a player can obtain. Different traits each have their own benefits, except traitless. Traits are obtained when rolling when you first play the game or when you spend spin(s) to reroll your trait.

TraitlessCommonDoes nothing
Blade Master?Increased damage while using weapons,gain sword mastery X2 faster
Resilient?Double stamina which can be used for blocking
Eleven Blood?Significant increase in mana capacity
Game Addict?50% boost in exp gain
Smith?10% Decrease in forging failure rate
Alchemist?Potions and other items are used much faster
Era Of Althea Trello

Era Of Althea Magic

Era of Althea Trello has many different snaps and pages. Snaps are the magic types of the game while pages are the spells. Each snap has its own pages that can only be obtained from each specific snap. These pages can be obtained by completing quests, although it’s not guaranteed. Cleverness increases the chance of obtaining these snaps. There are also pity levels, which are guaranteed to grant you a page after you level above that level and finish any quest. These levels include 10, 25, 40, and 65. On another note, there are also pages that can be obtained from defeating a boss, finishing a quest, or just simply buying them(e.g. Lumos).

Magic Snaps

  • Common: Fire, Water, Dark, Wind, Light (65%)
  • Uncommon: Frost, Explosion, Healing (15%)
  • Rare: Gravity, Heavenly Body, Compose (5%)
  • Legendary: Demon, Sound, Spatial (3.5%)
  • Mythic: Anti-Magic, Time (1%)
  • Boss Drop: Necromancy (only if the Dark Snap is equipped)

Era of Althea Races

  • Human
  • Noble
  • ELF
  • Liger
  • Jakkon


  • Physical Strength: X5
  • Magic Amount: X 5
  • Snap Control: X 5
  • Cleverness: X 5


  • Bonus: Increased Magic Amount
  • Physical Strength: X 7
  • Magic Amount: X 7
  • Snap Control: X 7
  • Cleverness: X 7


  • Bonus: Increased Magic Amount (Higher than Noble)
  • Physical Strength: X 3
  • Magic Amount: X 10
  • Snap Control: X 10
  • Cleverness: X 6


  • Bonus: Increased Speed
  • Physical Strength: X 5
  • Magic Amount: X 5
  • Snap Control: X 5
  • Cleverness: 5


  • Bonus: Increased Health Physical Strength: 10
  • Magic Amount: X 5
  • Snap Control: X 5
  • Cleverness: X 5


  • Bonus: Increased Cleverness
  • Physical Strength: X 5
  • Magic Amount: X 5
  • Snap Control: X 5
  • Cleverness: X 10

Era Of Althea Equipments

Era of Althea has a few categories of equipment; weapons, shields, and armor. Equipment can give extra damage, defense, or speed. You can buy most armor and weapons from the shops located within town. Keep in mind though, there are unique pieces you can only obtain from doing a particular quest and/or from mob/boss drops.

Era Of Althea Trello
Era Of Althea Trello


  • Mana Potion(s)
  • Health Potion(s)
  • All Purpose Crystal
  • Revival Crystal
  • Teleport Crystal
  • Lean Crystal


Era Of Althea Trello
Era Of Althea Trello
  • Enigma Sword
  • Eternal Spear
  • Exodus Greatsword
  • Ahkdar Sword
  • Black Iron Greatsword
  • Calamity
  • Blindstrike Spear
  • Obsidian Spear
  • Stell Greatsword
  • Steel Sword
  • Zionas Sword
  • Deserted Spear
  • Dungeon Dweller
  • Elucidator
  • Halbred Sword
  • Hleam Greatsword
  • Iron Sword
  • Kazeikari Sword

Weapons Classes

  • Sword Class
  • Spear Class
  • Greatsword Class
  • Scythe Class

Weapons Skill’s

Era Of Althea Trello
Era Of Althea Trello
  • Sword Skill
  • Spear Skill
  • Greatsword Skill


Era Of Althea Trello
Era Of Althea Trello
  • Sylph Armor
  • Sylph Chestplate Armor
  • Undine Armor
  • Vanguard Armor
  • Igneel Armor
  • Licht Armor
  • Light Chestplate Armor
  • Militant Armor
  • Plated Armor
  • Salamander Armor
  • Silverthread Armor
  • Solus Armor
  • Ahkdar Armor
  • Black Cloaked Armor
  • Cursed Mythril Armor
  • Eternity Armor
  • Spriggan Armor
  • Steel Plated Armor


Era Of Althea Trello
Era Of Althea Trello
  • Wooden Shield
  • Star Shield

Era Of Althea Accessories

  • Black Dotty
  • Black Headband
  • Canon
  • Eyepatch
  • Fairy Wings
  • Gucci Headband
  • Halo
  • Large Shuriken
  • Luffy’s Hat
  • Pina
  • Red Headband
  • Shuriken 3a0
  • Spirit Wing
  • The Hleam Eyes
  • The Totem of Rog
  • Tribal Necklace
  • White Headband

Era Of Althea Controls

Keyboard Controls:

  • R = Bring out fist
  • F = Bring out weapon/shield ( Requires weapons and fist can’t be pulled out)
  • E = Summon Grimmoire
  • C = Pick up player
  • B = Grip player
  • Alt (left) = Shift lock
  • Shift (Hold) = Run
  • M = Open Menu
  • ` = View Grimoire pages
  • Q = Dash

Mouse Controls

  • M1 = Hit
  • M2 = Blocking

Era Of Althea Quests

Quests are the main way to gain experience and Yul in the game. Most quests require you to defeat a certain amount of an enemy.

After completing a quest there is a chance you will get pages.

Mazushi Village

  • Dangerous Wolfs (Lvl. 1+) – “Find and Defeat the Wolves. They have been feasting on nearby civilians.” (574 (?) Yul + Xp)
  • Dire Wolf (Lvl. 15+) – “The leader of the Wolf Pack has awoken. Locate and defeat him.” (1716 (?) Yul + Xp)
  • Atreyu Labyrinth (Lvl. 25+) – “Find and clear the Atreyu Labyrinth.” (From 5000 to 6000 Yul + Xp)

Town of Tōku

  • Rocky Attack (Lvl. 15+) – “Find and Defeat the Golems. They’ve been out of hand lately.” ( Around 1000 Yul + Xp)

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool that allows people to write and edit cards that contain useful information. Roblox developers have used these quite often as a way to get important information about the experience to players of the game. Trello boards have a variety of uses and can be used for free, which makes them quite appealing to the Roblox crowd.

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