Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter Feeding

Hello in this Disney Dreamlight Valley guide, We will tell you how to feed the critters. Learn all about feeding critters by following our step-by-step guide.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter Feeding Guide

There are many types of critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley game. We’ll show you how to catch them and what dishes to use.


-Food Type-

  • Rabbits : Lettuce
  • Squirrels : Apples
  • Raccoons : Blueberries
  • Turtles : Seaweed
  • Crocodiles : Lobster
  • Foxes : White Sturgeon
  • Emerald Sunbird : Green Passion Lily
  • Red Sunbird : Red Bromeliad
  • Golden Sunbird : Orange Houseleek

*WIP multiple foods work for some animals right now due to a bug or rng, rude comments will be deleted*

How to Catch Critter

-Catching A Critter-

Each critter type can only be fed once per day, feeding the same type each day increases your chances of companionship!

Rabbits : Walk up to them, they will flee, do this 3x.

Squirrels : Walk up to them, straight forward no fleeing.

Raccoons : Walk halfway to them, when they crouch take a 1 step which will make them stand, be completely still until they crouch again, rinse repeat until you are close enough to feed.

Turtles : Walk up to them until they hide inside their shell, be still, wait for them to pop out of shell, approach to feed.

Crocodiles : Same as raccoon, except their animation will slightly differ from crouching(relaxed non threatened pose).

Foxes : Same as Rabbits, Make them flee 3x then approach

Birds : Same as Squirrels, walk up to them.

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