Dead Space Maximize Income: Selling Ammo for Profit

Dead Space Maximize Income Selling Ammo for Profit

Dead Space Gudei to Maximize Income: Selling Ammo for Profit. What ammo to sell to maximize income? The answer is Force Gun.

Maximize Income: Selling Ammo for Profit

In the remake, just like in the original, Isaac only receives ammo from dead necromorphs for the weapons he currently has in the inventory. That means by moving specific weapons to the storage in the store and keeping others, you can maximize income from selling excessive ammo, because each ammo costs differently.

This will allow you to buy more nodes to upgrade faster, get more med packs if you need them, or get more ammo for the weapons you are actually using.

This is especially useful if you are doing a run for “One Gun” achievement where you are only allowed to shoot with Plasma Cutter, and may play a role on Impossible difficulty.

The data is from Hard difficulty, because that’s the difficulty I played. It might be dropping different amount of ammo or ammo costs differently on easier difficulties, but I haven’t checked.

Ammo Prices

GunChapterAmmoDrop SizePrice per 1Price per Drop
Plasma CutterCh. 1Plasma Energy6100$600$
Pulse RifleCh. 2Pulse Rounds2525$625$
RipperCh. 3Ripper Blades3250$750$
FlamethrowerCh. 3Flamethrower Fuel2535$875$
Contact BeamCh. 4Contact Energy5200$1000$
Line GunCh. 4/5Line Racks3350$1050$
Force GunCh. 6Force Energy3400$1200$


As you can see, Force Gun is the weapon you want to carry with you to maximize income.

The order in which you gain the weapons is pretty straight forward. Ammo for each new weapon costs more than previous ones each time. So until you get your hands on Force Gun in chapter 6, you can put your current weapon that you are carrying for ammo in the storage as soon as you get a new one.

But don’t forget that you must save that ammo, so remember to bring another weapon to actually use (aka Plasma Cutter xD)!

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