DBD Grade Rewards 2022

In this content, we offer another dead by daylight guide. You can find the most updated DBD Grade Rewards 2022. Each level has different gifts. We also explained how this grade rewards system works.

Dead by Daylight Grade Rewards

Here you can see all grade rewards. divided by levels.

How do Grades Work in DBD?

  • Grades come in 5 Qualities.
  • Each Quality is subdivided into 4 Levels.

Grades progress ‘backwards’ in their numbering, with each Quality ranging from Level IV to Level I, creating a total of 20 Grades:

  • Ash IV I
  • Bronze IV I
  • Silver IV I
  • Gold IV I
  • Iridescent IV I

Grades are always reset to Ash IV on Grade Reset, which happens at every 13th of each month. Grades are changed based on a system called Pipping, but…

What is Pipping?

Each Grade has a set amount of Pips one must obtain in order to improve one’s Grade.

Depending on one’s performance in a Trial, one can either gain +1 or +2 Pips, remain at their current number of Pips, or lose -1 Pip.

Filling all Pip Slots, which are displayed underneath a Grade’s icon, will raise it to the next Level. While it is possible to lose all Pips in one’s current Grade by de-pipping repeatedly, losing all Pips will not lower the Grade to the previous one, as Ranks used to do. Once a Grade is obtained, it cannot be lost anymore until the next Grade Reset.

Table of Pips required to rank up per Grade

RankPips Required
Ash IV – III3 pips
Ash II-I, Bronze IV – I4 pips
Silver IV-I, Gold IV-I, Iridescent IV-II5 pips
Iridescent I3 pips
DBD Grade Rewards 2022

Grade Rewards 2022

Dead by Daylight Grade Rewards
DBD Grade Rewards 2022
Grade LevelIridescentGoldSilverBronzeAsh
Dead by Daylight Grade Rewards
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