Can I Customize Wands in Hogwarts Legacy

Can I Customize Wands in Hogwarts Legacy

Can I Customize Wands in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can I Customize Wands in Hogwarts Legacy

Will you be able to customize your wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

Wand Customization has not been officially confirmedy yet. As for appearance, it was revealed that we can change the looks of our Gear by using Transmogrify: by collecting new Gear, combining Looks and stats into better looking Gear without losing any stat. However, as it is confirmed in Hogwarts Legacy that Wizards cannot change their wands after the ceremony, it would make no sense for Wizards to collect other wands as they are not able to use them. Given these circunstances the Transmogrify customization menu wouldn’t be available for Hogwarts Legacy or at least it won’t be the same as Gear customization.

Note: Witches and Wizards can customize their own Wands in Hogwarts Legacy. It is yet to be determined if this change is only a cosmetic change or also changes the customized wand’s properties. Such as increasing damage done, enhance certain Spell Types, or any other type of boost that they may receive from this customization.

Can I Change Wands In Hogwarts Legacy?

Wizards and Witches are able to select their Wand during the proper ceremony. Once players are locked into a Wand, that is the only one they will wield during the course of the game and they will be unable to change it for that character.

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