Barotrauma Terminal Guide

Create your own sub wide terminal chat that is separate from the in-game chat.


  • Terminal Titles for the room they are in
  • Light indicator for Incoming messages
  • Long-range Shuttle communication
  • Several terminals all linked to the same chat
  • In-game wiring friendly and expandable

Barotrauma Terminal Guide

There are 3 steps to this Guide, however each step will function without the next step.

  1. Connecting the Terminals together
  2. Naming the Terminals
  3. Adding an incoming message indicator

This tutorial is a beginner friendly guide which intends to introduce new engineers to Terminals and WIFI components. Each component used is explained, with pictures every step of the way!

Step 1: Connecting the Terminals Together

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]

Components Required:

  • 2x WIFI component
  • 2x Terminal
  • 4x Wire

WIFI Component – Allows remote communication between other Wifi Components that are using the same channel. The Range value indicates how far the signal can travel

Terminal – Outputs a user-submitted string. also displays string inputs.

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • Start by placing down a Terminal and a Wifi component.
  • First, we connect a wire from Terminal(Signal_In), to WIFI(Signal_Out)
  • Then We connect a wire from Terminal(Signal_out), to WIFI(signal_in)

Setting The WiFi Channel

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • Now, all we need to do is set the WIFI channel. This number is used universally for all connected Terminals, so use something memorable. i chose “1111”
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]

Repeat for a Second Terminal

Now, all we need to do is replicate the exact same process on a second terminal, and we now have a functioning chat! Step 1 is complete! (copy and paste in sub editor)

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]

See! Terminals and wifi isnt scary at all! its the REGEX you need to worry about 😉
Skip to Step 4 for “Adding extra terminals”

Step 2: Naming the Terminals

In this step, we will learn how to set a title for each terminal, so that we can identify which terminal is typing. We will be working on the basis that we have 2 terminals as per the last step.

Components Required:

  • 2 x Concatenation Components (Concat)
  • 2 x Memory Components
  • 4 x wires

Concatenation Component – Joins the inputs together and outputs the joined value (for example, the inputs “mud” and “raptor” would output “mudraptor”).

Memory Component – an electrical component used to store signals for later use.
in this instance we use it to store the Terminal Names.

  • Start by placing down a Concat component and memory component next to each other.
  • Entering the Concat settings, we find the “Separator” string and input what ever we will use to separate the title from the message. I use “: ” notice theres a space in that.
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]

Now for the Memory Component.

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • First we connect a wire from Memory(signal_out), to Concat(signal_in_1)
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • Then we find the “value” string in the Memory Component.
  • We change the value to the name of the Terminal. (could be a room, eg: Medbay)
  • If you want players to be able to change the value in game, Check “Writable”

Thats the memory component set up. drawing our attention back to the concat;

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • We MOVE the Terminal(signal_out) wire from the WIFI(Signal_in) to Concat(Signal_in_2)
  • to ensure you have done that correct, your WIFI should no longer have a signal_in cable, as it instead has been moved to the concat(Signal_in_2). Your terminal should now be connected to the concat.
  • Finally, we connect a wire from Concat(Signal_out), to WIFI(Signal_In)
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • We repeat these steps for the second terminal (or if in sub editor, copy and paste)
  • Dont forget to change the room name to the second terminals room!
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]

Thats Step 2 done! now when terminals communicate, they will have a name attached to them. keep in mind you cannot see your own terminals name.

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]

Step 3: Adding an Incoming Message Indicator

Components Required:

  • 2x OR Component
  • 2x Delay Component
  • 2x Lights
  • 8x Wire

Toggle Light On

OR component – Sends a signal if either of the inputs receives a signal. We are using this to turn our WIFI signal (which is our message string) to a single 0-1 signal

Delay Component – Delays all received signals for a specific amount of time. We use this to turn the light off after X seconds

  • Start by placing down a light and the OR component
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • We connect a new wire from WIFI(signal_out), to OR(signal_in_1)
  • The OR component does not need a second signal to work.
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • Entering the OR settings, we check that the Output: 1, and the False Output is blank.
  • Then, we connect a wire from OR(Signal_Out) to Light(Toggle_State)
  • Note that Light(Set_state) will not work correctly in this instance

Now, when a message is received through the WIFI component, it will toggle our lights state once.

Toggle Light Off After X Seconds

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • Start by placing down a Delay component.
  • We connect a wire from OR(signal_out), to Delay(Signal_in)
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • Then we set the delay to what ever amount of time you want the light to remain on for (in seconds)
Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]
  • Finally, we connect a wire from Delay(Signal_out), to Light(toggle_state)

Ensure the light settings has “is on” unchecked, then you can play with the light to display how you want! here are the settings i used.

Simple Terminal Chat [Beginners Guide]

We repeat this for our second terminal, and we now have a complete communication system!

[Extra] Step 4: Adding More Terminals

The process to adding another terminal is simple!

All the terminals run off the exact same components, with the only difference being the room name that is saved on the Memory component.

How to Add More Terminals?

In sub builder:

  • Simply select the entire machine, components and wires included, and copy paste to each location. Keep in mind too many high ranged WIFI components can cause performance issues.


  • Repeat the circuits in game. keep in mind that all components need the exact same values to function, except for the Room name Memory component.

Thats it! i hope you appreciated the guide, this is my second guide to apologies if there are mistakes!

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