Assault Spy Achievements Guide & Tips

Assault Spy Achievements Guide & Tips

Complete achievement list (including ones that was added after initial release) with some tips on getting them.

Assault Spy Achievements Guide & Tips

I’ve made this to avoid confusion on how to get all of the achievements in Assault Spy.

Story related

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listProject Kick-off!
Start the game as Asaru.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listHere, have my business card!
Defeat Officer Diamond as the last boss of the Office level.
Helpful tips: despite animation still going, his Round Trip attack (briefcase throw) can’t damage you anymore after perfect evade or counter-hit, use this time to attack. Watch for the uppercut after his one-two hit combo, it goes with solid delay.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listWhat a pain… Quit running off!
Defeat Officer Spade as the last boss of the Rooftop level.
Helpful tips: can be a real pain in the second phase, run around his projectiles in an arc, actively use Overclock and Card Rush on Asaru and Ebon Thunder on Amelia to close distance and get some hits on him.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listHe’s definitely a musclehead!
Defeat Officer Club as the last boss of the Courtyard level.
Helpful tips: yellow glow in the one-two combo means he is going to finish it with third swing, which releases homing wave. Consider to interrupt this particular attack with Overclock as Asaru and to run away as Amelia. Definitely can be caught during aerial attack, if you feel skillful enough.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listSee? It can’t read minds after all!
Defeat Officer Heart as the last boss of the Underground level.
Helpful tips: i think it is easier to jump over horizontal swing than dodge (both swings easily blocked by Amelia though). Also you have to actively dodge, block or counterattack heart projectiles, usually you can’t outrun them.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listYou’re an agent too, right?!
Meet Amelia for the first time. Unlocks after you defeat Heart, Club or Spade as Asaru. Amelia is now available as a playable character.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listSuper Amateur Spy
Defeat Kazama as the last boss of the Back Lot level (Asaru story, 3rd Kazama encounter).
Helpful tips: prioritize clearing summoned robots. Tends to spam whirlwinds in the second phase – distract him with Kanoko.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listLast One Standing
Defeat Chidori as the second to last boss of the Executive Area level (Asaru story, 2nd Chidori encounter).
Helpful tips: demands a lot of patience. As penguin mentioned, best time to attack is after her triple teleport combo.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listTime Out!
Defeat Mr. Showtime as the last boss of the Asaru story.
Helpful tips: fairly easy boss. Remove orbs with umbrella hits (check your range). Overclock gauge is infinite after the cutscene, so abuse it as hard as you can.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listWell? Let’s hear the truth!
Defeat Irene as the last boss of the Back Lot level (Amelia story, 3rd Irene encounter).
Helpful tips: block, block, block again and abuse Super Amelia mode’s invincibility to get rid of the shields. Careful with Super Charged Smash – she can dodge or facetank it with hyperarmor during some of the moves, which leaves you vulnerable.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listOverclock Overcome!
Defeat Mr. Assault as the last boss of the Executive Area level (Amelia story, 2nd Mr. Assault encounter).
Helpful tips: demands a lot of patience. Block regular swings, run or dodge away from consecutive judgement cuts (he uses them after jump or charge attacks, you can spam block through them, but this method is highly inconsistent). Also you have to survive through the Mr. Assault’s Overclock (block spam is enough, but if you for some reason still don’t have it, any attack with many consecutive hits should work – dodge+punch ora-ora-ora move, charged smash etc.). If he is not using it in about 15-30 seconds after getting into 2nd phase – reload checkpoint, he will stay with one hp forever due untriggered script event.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listCurtain Call
Defeat Officer Joker as the last boss of the Amelia story.
Helpful tips: focus on surviving until cutscene. You can topple boss over with Overclock, using this to do damage or simply buying some time. After the cutscene use Amelia’s Ebon Thunder to close distance, abuse Asaru’s Overclock, get rid of the shield as fast as possible (Asaru’s umbrella swings or Amelia’s full charge laser cannon death sentence thing helps a lot). Boss would be toppled over with every hit after shield is broken, so go ham.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listAssault Spy - Complete Achievement listIt’s because you got in the way of my job / Super Duper Robobreakerman
Defeat 100/1000 enemies, pretty straightforward.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listWipe ’em out all at once!
Destroy 3 enemies at the same time. Easily achievable with umbrella moves or Super Charged Smash in the middle of the group. Should come naturally though.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listInstall Directly to the Brain
Buy your first skill from free Wi-Fi skill shop, available basically everywhere, starting with Offices level.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listAssault Spy - Complete Achievement listFully Installed / True Assault Artist
Buy all of the Asaru / Amelia skills. Yes, Kanoko too. Will require at least 1,5 walkthroughs for each. Refunded skills still considered purchased for the achievement btw.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listSuper Stylish Spy!!!
Get SSS Gangimari rank in combat. Key is obviously in moves variety and not getting hit, but there also a trick: hitting large group of enemies at once highly increases style meter, even when spamming the same move.
Somewhat unrelated notes:
a) only way to get S rank for a fight or a level is to not get hit even once.
b) spamming one move decreases not only style meter, but damage outcome as well.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listUnexpected Strength
Defeat all 4 Officers in Executive Area during scripted loss fight. Way easier with Amelia due consistent shield break healing and invincibility mode. Bosses that are off camera will not use any skills, but will gradually move toward you. Fight ends with you reaching 1 health, moving you to next checkpoint, so i recommend restarting from checkpoint at 2 health remaining. Also keep in mind that this area is way larger than Spade original boss fight arena, making him barely reachable in 2nd phase, so try to break shield and kill him before he can move. For Asaru i can recommend using Kanoko to distract Officers that are not in your focus right now, using Overclock to push them off camera, chip away their health with fully charged Card Rush spam and basically git good, there is no proper way to cheap out with Asaru.


Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listBusiness Favors
Rescue a Negabot employee. First one would be standing at the end of the corridor right after you talk with Irene through a robot for the second time.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listThank you! You’re amazing!
Rescue all 50 Negabot employees. 25 for Asaru, 25 for Amelia, not that hard to find, especially after addition of employees indicator (top left corner). Game also plays a certain sound when you enter a room where employee located and indicator will be blinking until you find all of them. Few of them are tricky to find, some hiding in the plain sight. You also need higher jumps and/or longer dashes to reach the one in the first room of Asaru’s Underground level.
Refer to penguin‘s guide to see exact locations.

Extra game modes

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listHard Worker
Finish the game with Asaru and Amelia on Hard Work difficulty.
Unlocks after finishing the game on Easy or Normal. Unlocks separately for both characters.
Main differences: 4 health, enemies have more health, shields are harder to break, harder enemies (Red Quadcopters, Ninjas, Officer Prototypes etc.) appear more frequently.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listDue to personal reasons, I must resign from being a human as of today.
Finish the game with Asaru and Amelia on EXTREME!!! difficulty.
Unlocks after finishing the game on Hard Work. Unlocks separately for both characters.
Main differences: only 3 health, enemies have even more health, shields are way harder to break (especially bosses: barely possible to break with Asaru and way harder with Amelia), even more annoying encounters (including more Armored Monitors, Armored Cones and Big Monitors with shields and homing rockets). Since you considered constantly low on health, almost every kill drops food.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listAll jobs have an end!
Clear Death March mode.
Local Bloody Palace, available from the beginning. Normal difficulty, 50 floors with occasional boss encounters. Fairly easy after full upgrade, just remember that Mr. Showtime fully heals after reaching 30% health and you don’t have infinite Overclock this time.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listSay goodbye to your bosses
Clear Boss Rush mode.
Unlocks after clearing the game on Easy or Normal with both characters. Hard Work difficulty, 10 floors, character switch available. You have to force Officer Joker to Lethal mode this time to break shield easier.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement list???
Defeat secret ??? boss.
Unlocks in Extra after clearing the game on Hard Work with both characters. Normal difficulty, 6 minutes, character switch available. Not exactly hard, can’t even give any proper tips.

Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listReport: Mission Accomplished—Spy did not die
Clear Spy Must Die mode.
Unlocks after clearing the game on EXTREME!!! with both characters. Hardmode Death March. EXTREME!!! difficulty, every boss encounter (except Officer Joker) is paired (two of every Officer, Irene and Kazama, Mr. Assault with 2 Officer Prototypes, Chidori and Mr. Showtime), lot of hard enemies on normal encounters, character switch available. All i can say is good luck. Remember keeping one of the bosses offscreen, don’t risk – consider going through tough waves with fully charged card rush spam-explosion combo (you can explode cards while still throwing them, which resets damage decrease)


Assault Spy - Complete Achievement listThe Assault Spy
Unlock all other achievements, including all of the extra modes added after initial release. Now you are truly THE Assault Spy!

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