Art of War Legions Best Formation Guide 2022

Art of War Legions

Building the best formation really takes expertise. In our Art of War Legions best formation guide, we’ve covered how to build a good formation for us. Of course there are better ones, I would be happy if you share them with us.

Art of War Legions Best formation

Building the best formation in the Art of War Legions game is not an easy task; since there are lots of troops in the game, it would be confusing who to add and who to avoid. The first thing is to choose a great hero(read the heroes’ guide for more details on which hero is the best). The next thing is to choose the troops and place them strategically on the formation; front, mid and rare. Placing the troop units strategically is one of the important things to do while building the best formation.

We recommend adding the melee and mage units in front (melee troops are the units that attack from a close range; for example – bandits, iron guard, infantry, etc. – all these units use melee weapons). Placing mage units in the front can help you divert the enemy’s front-line troops. And, placing melee units in front help you guard the mid-row troops. In the mid-row, add the ranged-troops; the troops with long-distance attacks. For example; archers. In the rear/back row, add mages and tanks. To deal with ghost assassins, add mages in the back row.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Your ranged troops inflict high damage – they must be protected; you can use melee or tank units or mage units to deal with enemies so that they would not target the ranged-DPS units
  • Tank units in the front or some in the back help you soak the damage from the enemies
  • Melee units help you stall the enemies targeting the troops in the back row
  • Mages can help you divert the enemy troops’ attacks

Formation tips for winning

  1. Write down the name of enemies who you can easily defeat and to who you constantly lose, especially those who bring/deduce more points. You may notice that the opponents you can attack in the arena may repeat more often the higher your rank is.
  2. Do not rush to attack immediately. Look for the best opponent to attack! Remember that you can always exit the PvP fight without losing tries or points if you don’t press “fight”.
  3. Check your enemies’ formations, especially of ones that you want to revenge. If you notice that your enemy is using a weak hero (due to farming with Hohenheim or other scenario), then consider attacking them.
  4. Try to revenge players who attack you if they are not much stronger than you. Usually, revenge often leads to victory, especially when you manually control the hero’s skill as opposed to using auto.
  5. Pay attention to troop count advantage. The more 9-load troops you have the bigger advantage you may have, even if your opponent has more rare single load troops. Also, remember that Undead Soldiers can revive once during a battle so they can be considered as an additional troop (or unit).
  6. Pay close attention to the enemy’s strongest troops. For example, how many Demons, Golems, Paladins, Undead Soldiers, and Assassins they have.
  7. Very important! Try not to attack or revenge people that have much less ranking points than you – they will bring you very little points (1-3), but deduce more from you if somehow win you (possibly strong but not too active user).
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