Affogato Cookie Topping Build in Cookie Run Kingdom

We are with you with our affogato cookie topping build guide. As you know, you can find the guides of the Cookie Run: Kingdom mobile game on our site. The affogato cookie is an epic bombardment cookie that absorbs debuff attacks in battle. In the cocoa kingdom he has gained the complete trust of the people, but behind it has a different purpose and character.

Affogato Cookie Topping Build in Cookie Run Kingdom
Affogato Cookie Topping Build

Now that the new Cookie Run cookie has arrived, it’s time to take a closer look at its capabilities. It will take you a little while to decide on the best topping for affogato cookies, but these are the toppings. You’ll want to use them right away if you already have them on hand. Before launch, we share everything we knew about Affogato Cookie before launch.

Although the new cookie was leaked well before the release date, we knew nothing about the new character’s abilities: an important factor that contributes to’s usefulness. Now that we’re done, it’s time to break down what makes them great and how you can use Cookie Run: Kingdom Affogato’s best cookie ingredients to make them better.

Affogato Cookie Topping Build
Affogato Cookie Topping Build

Sweet Scheme: Secretly curses the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first). The cursed target cannot receive any buff effects for a certain time (limited to buffs that can be dispelled). The cursed target will also receive inflicting periodic DMG to nearby enemies and themselves. If poison becomes dispelled, it will cause great DMG to nearby enemies.

Affogato Cookie Skills:

  • Curse Effect: Target can’t receive buffs for 10 seconds
  • Amplified Debuffs Duration: 30 percent for 10 seconds
  • Poison Effect: Inflicts DMG every 0.6 seconds for 10 seconds for a total of 500.4 percent DMG (+6.81 percent per level)
  • Area Poison Effect: DMG every second for 10 seconds for a total of 150.1 percent DMG (+2.04 percent per level)
  • Poison Dispelled Effect: 300.2 percent DMG (+4.09 percent per level) to nearby enemies

Affogato Cookie deals damage over time with the help of debuffs. This makes him an optimal character to use in longer battles, such as boss battles and the Guild battle. His poison is also dispel-proof, making him a great counter against opponents like Herb Cookie in the Arena.

Best Affogato Cookie Toppings

 Best Alternative Viable
Swift Chocolate x5Searing Raspberry x5Searing Raspberry x3, Swift Chocolate x2
Affogato Cookie Toppings Build

Until we get a better idea of how well Affogato Cookie performs in battle, a quick look at his ability would suggest that a full (or mixed) spread of Attack or Cooldown Reduction toppings would be best.

Attack will help with outgoing damage, but the debilitating debuffs of Affogato Cookie’s ability are a prime counter to recent powerhouses like Eclair Cookie, which would make cooldown reduction a major factor in cancelling out Eclair’s powerful attack.

As a primary DMG dealer, Affogato Cookie is best equipped with a full Searing Raspberry set to amplify his ATK. If you lack cooldown reduction, consider using three Searing Raspberries and two Swift Chocolates instead. Likewise, focus on these two stats when rolling for bonus stats.

Affogato’s best Treasures include the Squishy Jelly Watch for cooldown reduction, as well as ATK-boosting choices like the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and Librarian’s Enchanted Robes.

What toppings are best for Affogato?

 Best Topping For AffogatoAlternative Topping For Affogato Viable Topping For Affogato
Swift Chocolate x5Searing Raspberry x5Searing Raspberry x3, Swift Chocolate x2
What toppings are best for Affogato?

Where can I find affogato cookies

Affogato Cookie is the featured cookie in his own banner right now. If you have enough crystals or cookie cutters, just pull until you get him.

To avoid any confusion, Affogato Cookie is a male, not a female, so he’s peeved over people calling him a girl.

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