Acting Lessons Rena Route Guide

Acting Lessons Rena Route Guide

Acting Lessons Full Rena Route Guide.

Acting Lessons Rena Route Guide

The first choice that kinda matters:

– …going to the gym (Unlocks Athletic trait)

The next choice that matters:

Hanging out with Liam makes it easier to get the full route,m but isn‘t necessary. Just reject Melissa, if you go with Megan.

During lunch with Leah tell her:
– I‘m interested in someone else

During Episode 1 reject Melissa (easier with offering non-alcoholic wine)

During the night out with Liam:

– End the night and go home

During improv lessons do not tell Megan you love her.

And now the true route to Renas heart starts.

– Rena looks delicious
– Flirt with her
– (Remove shirt)
– Lift Rena
– Help Rena with light bulb
– Ice cream
– It‘s complicated
– Suitable name (doesn‘t really matter)
– Rena is right
– Hi ♥♥♥♥ (doesn‘t matter)
– You think her career is stupid?
– Fine, I‘ll walk

– You deserve better Rena
– It needs improvemet
– The kissing scene
– Help them
– Grab her waist or her ass, whichever you prefer (I am an ass man)

– Tell me about yourself
– Why are you so pessimistic?
– Relationship
– Hobbies
– We aren‘t a couple
– Kiss her mouth

Now a lot of choices won‘t matter again, until we get to the trip to the lake.
– Help Rena with the cabin
– Look closer or don‘t look, it doesn‘t matter (I chose to look)
– …and I like that.
– Yes

What you do next doesn‘t matter, I go swim with Melissa, because it never leads to a possible sex scene with the route I chose.

During dinner:
– Stop her

During volleyball:
– Angela
– Pass to…
– Hedwig
– Angela

– That sounds awful
– I‘m not mad
– Rock music
– Let her continue
– Compliment Melissa
– had anal sex (as I said, I am an ass man – this choice doesn‘t matter that much)
– Yes
– Let her be
– Don‘t smoke
– Dance with Rena
– Make out
You know you got the full scene if you get a another scene after the spooning (she lies on her stomach)

Another few chocies that don‘t matter.

When ♥♥♥♥ attacks you:
– Dodge and counter
– Tell her
– I think so

The tattoo scene is unimportant again.

When at Rena‘s:

– I was worried about you
– Make a move on Rena

– I like Rena, too

Another few choices that don‘t matter.

At Ana‘s place:

– I feel nothing for you
– Leave

When with Rena after Peter tried to rape Megan:

– Kiss her

During the camping trip don‘t tell Megan you love her.

At the concert:

– Confront them
– Yes…

That‘s it, you are done!

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