Acting Lessons A Little Lamb Achievement Guide

Acting Lessons A Little Lamb Achievement Guide

A Little Lamb Achievement Guide

The following guide is made to help all users to obtain the tricky ”A Little Lamb” achievement.
Follow all the steps in the description and you will obtain it.
Good luck!


  1. Chose the well reader trait.
  2. Make sure to get a well relationship with Liam, get ”Liam loves you like a brother” or ”Liam’s best friend”.
  3. Stay faithful to Megan during all the game, but READ WELL don’t kiss her in the acting scene ”Falling out love with Josephine”
    (reference to Being a ♥♥♥).
    In chapter 3 don’t confess your love to her.
    At the end of the chapter tell to Megan and Rena that the were great during the play.
  4. Flirt a lot with Leah (IN THE HOSPITAL AND ALSO AT FIRST DATE) and at the date tell that you are interessed in her (DON’T TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT MEGAN), after that make
    sure you get the full sex scene in the bathroom.
  5. Avoid all the sexual relationship, and stay friendly with Melissa and Rena (the smurf).
    At club Inferno reject Angela and Hedwig by returning at home before drink with them.
  6. In chapter 4 chose to swim with Melissa, and then hang out with Hedwig and Angela but leave before they proposed to have s*x.
  7. Reject the footjob from Angela at the lunch scene.
  8. Reject Rena, and refuse to smoke.
  9. Chose to find Liam.
  10. Accept Ana’s offer but leave before she has sex with you.
  11. Don’t tell your love to Megan.
  12. LIAM AND RENA CAN’T BE TOGETHER. So give up Rena.
  13. Chose to kill Peter. (YOU MUST SHOT HIM WITH THE GUN)
  14. Don’t confort Megan.
  15. Have sex for the last time with Leah and chose vaginal s*x. END!
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